Four Unethical Dispatches From The 2016 Post Election Ethics Train Wreck: #2

...and that mission is "Make sure children are raised to be afraid of Republicans."

…and that mission is “Make sure children are raised to be afraid of Republicans.”

[This is the second of four posts exposing recent screeds and missives that demonstrate  various degrees and kinds of ethics rot spreading from the 2016 Post Election Ethics Train Wreck. The first is here.]

II. The Evanston/North Shore YWCA

Karen Singer, the CEO of the Evanston/North Shore (Chicago) YWCA sent a post-election letter that read in part,

Dear Friends,

We walk through our doors at the YWCA Evanston/North Shore each morning determined to make our communities more just and equitable, determined to work for women’s empowerment and equality, for a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body, for freedom from violence, and for people of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, cultures and religions to feel that they are embraced, have opportunity, are respected and that their lives are valued.

Yesterday morning, we walked through our doors and felt that instead of a glass ceiling shattering, the floor had dropped out from under us. We sat and grieved together for what seemed to be a national affirmation of everything that is antithetical to what we aspire to and hold as our most cherished values.

We are all searching for an explanation; a way to get our heads around something we are struggling to understand. How can the climate and rhetoric of hate, racism, violence against women, and fear have been given its ultimate validation?

Mia, a staff member who answers our domestic violence crisis line, wrote something yesterday that especially resonated with us:

“(My son) stayed up with me until 12:30 am. He went to bed knowing it was probably over, but saying that maybe it wasn’t. There was a tiny bit of hope in his heart. The Cubs taught him about late night miracles last week. Still, I could hear the despair in his voice when he said, ‘I don’t want to go to school tomorrow, Mom.’”

“In the morning I came downstairs immediately after hearing him get up. I hugged him long and hard, with tears in my eyes, tears that are still in my eyes as I type this. I said, ‘I love you.’ And then I said, ‘You have to go to school today. You have to go to school for all those girls and Latinos and blacks and gays and Muslims at your school who were just told by America that they are not valued. You have to show up for them.’”

“To all of us who were told by this election that we do not matter, that our rights are irrelevant, I will show up for you. I will stand with you and I will fight every injustice I see. I will continue to use my voice as best as I can. For all of us. Even for those who voted differently. Because their rights may come under attack as well.”

Mia speaks for all of us at YWCA Evanston/North Shore….

She does, does she?

I wish I voted for Trump, so I could speak for the 65 million plus that voted for him.

What a pompous, self-righteous, biased, divisive, disrespectful and unfair statement to make, and to poison a child’s mind with so that he too can grow up fearful, hateful, and intolerant. How dare this woman not only make blanket assumptions about the character and motives of half the nation, but ascribe those motives to the basic act of voting?

  •  A citizen who voted for Donald Trump because he believes that the nation’s laws should be enforced and borders kept secure was saying that women and minorities “do not matter,” that their “rights are irrelevant?
  • A citizen who voted for Donald Trump because she believes that a woman who had repeatedly proven dishonest, corrupt and untrustworthy should not be the first women President merely because of her chromosomes was saying that women and minorities “do not matter,” that their “rights are irrelevant?”
  • A citizen who voted for Donald Trump because he believes that a party that engaged in campaign dirty tricks, rigged its own nomination, showed no regret when its chairwoman was revealed to have helped Clinton cheat in televised forums twice,  was saying that women and minorities “do not matter,” that their “rights are irrelevant?”
  • A citizen who voted for Donald Trump because he believes that the Democratic Presidency of Barack Obama has been inept, incompetent, unaccountable, illegal and dishonest and does not deserve to be endorsed by electing a candidate sworn to continue the same failed polices was saying that women and minorities “do not matter,” that their “rights are irrelevant?

These women have taken a complex personal decision,  a vote in an emotionally charged election, involving hundreds of interests, statements, policies and controversies, and deliberately attributed despicable motives to that vote in order to justify their own biases.

The letter is an ugly exercise of stereotyping, bigotry and mass demonization. It attempts to turn half the nation into the “other” to be feared and reviled. It is despicable, but it is not unfair to conclude that this is the attitude among far too many progressives and Democrats. They see the election as an act of virtual violence against them and their unassailable agenda. Support our corrupt candidate, or we will know you hate us, and we will hate you back.

A nation can’t survive with half the nation thinking this way about the other. The warped priorities and unbearable self-righteousness of the Left have been allowed to strangle common sense, logic, empathy and fairness, and like weeds choking the garden of ethics, need to be cut back to let society breath. If the Trump Presidency can just accomplish that, it will be worthwhile.

Meanwhile, who at the YWCA will have the courage and integrity to call Singer into an office, close the door, and ask, “What the hell is the matter with you?” People like Mia and Karen Singer are spreading fear and hate. This is not good citizenship. It is not good parenting, or good leadership.

It is incompetent, and irresponsible.


21 thoughts on “Four Unethical Dispatches From The 2016 Post Election Ethics Train Wreck: #2

  1. I don’t blame the Hillary supporters, I blame the mainstream media who deceived them. I see much more clearly now that I’ve been brainwash box free for years. They were not allowed to see the real issues. They were not given an opportunity to hear the voices of the “enemy” who was, after all, only their suffering neighbor who had lost his job or business because of these horrific trade deals and the monstrous corruption on Wall Street. The DNC arrogantly decided to “elevate” Trump because they thought they could knock him down. They were so tone deaf to the pain of the people, they had no idea that every time they wailed about Trump’s latest blech, they were infuriating the people who admired his political incorrectness and perceived that to be honesty.

    • Ray. You must be willing to accept the media’s truth. People are simply looking for authority figures to validate their own ideas. Both the media and its audience find comfort in their echochamber

  2. When did polemics infect everyday citizens.

    One other point. I wish people would stop using the phrase “wrap our heads around this” you wrap your arm sd around something as in embrace an idea. Unless one’s cranium is pliable it is damn hard to wrap it around something

  3. The burgeoning genre of articles with titles like “How to Talk to Your Children About Donald Trump” and “My Letter to My Daughter Who Will Come of Age in Trump’s America” is a mini Ethics Trainwreck in its own right. I can’t stop reading them. Some are fair-minded and admirable, but a lot more of them contain descriptions of children trembling and in tears. I don’t mean teenagers or even preteens who actually have some idea what’s going on; I mean *little kids* whose parents have taught them that Trump is the Bogeyman who now believe that he is going to do terrible things to them personally. When I was six, I was delighted that Bush (père) won because I loved shrubbery – and I was a kid with precocious intellect and abstract reasoning skills, whose favorite show after “Gummi Bears” was “20/20.” There are children who really will be left psychologically damaged by the election, because their own parents set them up to be – and those same parents now have the gall to blame Trump and his supporters for shattering their children’s innocence. Almost as disturbing is the fact that, whereas the majority of these articles were written this week, a few of them go back as far as late 2015. What kind of weird parents felt the need to sit down last year and talk to their elementary-age children about *one man* out of the vast pool of Republican hopefuls?

    • Drives me crazy as well. I’m tempted to whine like Tom Hanks, “There’s not crying in Politics!” These are little kids. Obama has been president for their entire lives. Have they even figured out what presidential terms are? I can remember as a little kid thinking, “Ike isn’t president any more? What’s that all about?”

      And now we get women crying about Hillary losing and Hillary crying about Hillary losing and how it’s a tragedy. Reminds me of the old SNL skits with Gilda Radner who was always “verklempt.” Oy.

      • Oh yes. Hillary Clinton seems to have won the popular vote, she won several demographics and several states by a huge margin, and she was only a couple percentage points behind Trump in several of the states that he won, but she lost because *ohnoez* everyone hates vaginas, and how is my daughter ever going to believe she can achieve her own dreams?

        I feel sorry for the girls whose parents unwittingly encouraged them to pin their entire sense of self-worship to a Clinton victory. My heart does break a little when I read about the women born before the 19th Amendment who wanted to see a female president in their lifetimes and know now that they almost certainly never will. Everyone else needs to stop whining. Hillary Clinton has demonstrated that a woman can make a darn good showing and still lose on her own merits, or lack thereof. That does more to convince me that we as a society are moving beyond sexism than if she had actually won.

        • And … that was “self-worth,” not “self-worship,” except that apparently Autocorrect has a passive-aggressive bone to pick with the narcissism of modern American society.

    • Bouncin’ here and there and everywhere, high adventure that’s beyond compare…

      Seriously, I was around when Nixon resigned, and my parents didn’t feel the need to explain all of that, or the Vietnam conflict to me, it would have gone right over my head. They definitely didn’t cast any political figure, not even the Soviets, as boogeymen. Gads, what kind of parents are the next generation?

      • Dashing and daring, courageous and caring! No, wait, that’s the Gummi Bears. The current generation of parents with young children was, collectively, never taught how to think, and instilled with an unhealthy sense of self-worship (and that wasn’t autocorrect this time). They have almost no sense of discretion or restraint, and their children are suffering for it.

        • Bingo. And yes, I was playing with the Gummi Bears theme because you mentioned the show. For an 80s cartoon it wasn’t bad, and it had a certain sense of humor that kept it from being yet another saccharine “something cute this way comes” show.

    • Kids started being afraid of Trump last year when his rallies were news. Mine didn’t hear it from me, but from the multi-cultural school she attended. I didn’t preach at her (she’s 11 now), but she formed her own opinions based on the world around her. They don’t get the nuance of perhaps he *isn’t* racist, just spouted racist stuff and used it to get elected (what many people are saying now). But when you’re part of a group he’s denigrated, out loud, it’s not illogical to be fearful that he might come for you. He won’t be coming for us, we’re middle-class suburban white folks. But that morning when she woke up after the election, this self-centered (11-yos are all self-centered, it’s the age) kid didn’t breathe between fear for the world at large (incuding climate change) and the list of friends she fears are going to be targets. And we have talked about privilege in this country, and what our particular corner of it is actually like (really diverse- #3 in the country). And now she’s seen the backlash against the Trump supporters in her school, which has been a lesson in itself. Because we talked about our duty to call out ANY form of derogatory behavior, no matter who was the target. All that to say, though I haven’t talked to my 5- and 11-yo kids saying he’s a devil, some kids are thinking he is because they take him at his words.

  4. The progressives have been acting like this for years, it is just far more destructive as it is concentrated and more people are paying attention. I don’t know if they truly think this behavior and attitude will help them or if they are just so delusional that they don’t care about the impact. The Democrats better get this under control soon or they may find that the Democrats and independents who voted for Trump will no longer consider their candidates an option thus dooming the party. This is unprecedented, the party and candidate are normally the targets of such derision, this time the actual voters are under a constant barrage intended to shame and demean them. To those Democrats and independents there is no doubt to who the party of bigots are. They and the Republicans resent being labeled with the most vile of names, republicans have had their missteps after elections but nothing even approaching this level. The damage this is doing to the nation, the wound this is creating may never heal.

  5. I got through raising children with Bill Clinton appearing on the news every night talking about oral sex and what “is is. And, my kids never asked to miss school for anything except spelling tests and legitimate illness.
    If only it had been cool to go out and break car windshields and kick people who might have voted for him. It would have been a nice emotional outlet.

  6. I am ashamed. As a woman and as a progressive. This is not the way to move forward. We need to raise the bar of good will, not break it asunder to fall to the depths of humanity’s baser instincts.

    I have been hugging a lot of people who are afraid. How can anyone take someone who is already afraid, or someone who doesn’t yet have fear about a situation, and put fear into their hearts?

    It’s our duty to build up, not tear down. Progress requires it.

  7. What responsibility, if any, does Trump have in creating a climate of fear? Is it all progressive exaggeration, or has he played some part in making women and minorities feel like their rights don’t matter?

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