“A Nation Of Assholes” Update: Wait, I Thought TRUMP Would Be Teaching Our Kids To Be Vulgar And Boorish Jerks

Politico informs us of this charming development….

With children on stage behind him, Perez told an audience in Las Vegas this weekend that Trump “doesn’t give a shit about health care.”
Perez, President Barack Obama’s former labor secretary, made similar comments earlier this year. “They call it a skinny budget, I call it a shitty budget,” Perez said in Portland, Maine.

Wow. I assumed that it would be the President, the man who set new lows for uncivil discourse during his campaign, who would vulgarize the American culture, teach our children that rudeness and gutter language is appropriate, and generally coarsen our society further, when in fact it needs to move in the opposite direction. Nope: it’s the official leader of the Democratic Party.

Says Ann Althouse,

“Derangement syndrome. I can’t believe they think this is a good idea.”

Oh, I absolutely can. After all, the Democrats think undermining democracy and the institution of the Presidency is a good idea. They think advocating the impeachment or removal of a duly elected President based on their certainty that electing him was a mistake is a good idea. They thought trying to over-rule the Electoral College was a good idea, and setting new records for hypocrisy by refusing to accept the results of the election after excoriating Donald Trump for suggesting that he might do the same.They thought making certain that the filibuster option for opponents of Supreme Court candidates would be eliminated was a good idea. They think going out of their way to ensure that a dangerously divided nation becomes more divided is a good idea. Deciding to take the lead in making “shit” normal public discourse, soon to be followed by “fuck,” “motherfucker,” and “cocksucker”? That’s nothing. Not to these people.

That T-shirt is for sale on the party website, by the way. But of course the* makes it all genteel, right?

Glenn Reynold writes,  “It was just a few months ago they were going to the fainting couches over Trump. Remember?,” noting the hypocrisy in light of Hillary’s “Our Children Are Watching.”

Ethics Alarms already identified what this is. In March, I wrote,

“The Democratic Party has turned itself into the Asshole Party. Depressing. Disgusting. Despicable.”

However, even then, I did not anticipate that the party would lead the way to destroying any semblance of dignity, decorum and civility in our government.

20 thoughts on ““A Nation Of Assholes” Update: Wait, I Thought TRUMP Would Be Teaching Our Kids To Be Vulgar And Boorish Jerks

  1. You can already buy t-shirts that say “First they came for the Muslims…and I said “not this time, motherfuckers!””

    I actually own several controversial printed shirts, including “armed infidel,” “72 virgins comin’ right up!” “41 for Freedom,” etc. No one gives me grief at the gym or otherwise, although they would if they were loaded with foul language. That said, the place is frequented by cops, firemen, and blue collar conservatives. I’m sure most libs would go right into pearl-clutching mode if they saw some of these slogans, but they have no problem with this foul language because it’s perfectly ok for them to curse to drive home a point they feel strongly about, you see. And hey, if it teaches kids to start cursing early on like Sarah Silverman, so much the better, since she is such a great advocate for liberal causes.

    As I have said at least three times here, if not for double standards the left would have no standards at all. We on the right are supposed to keep it zipped, lest we trigger someone, but it’s ok for them to talk like a cross between Samuel L. Jackson and Tony Soprano both having a bad day.

  2. I will add one other word to Jack’s list and that is the “P” word that is thrown around now like the “F” word and justified by blaming Trump for saying it in private while they shout it out from the rooftops for children, men, and women to hear. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  3. The Democrats have almost four years left in which to learn to live in an actual representative democracy. As of right now, I’m not sure they’re up to it. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has only a bit less than 4 years to overcome a life-time of being a loud-mouthed, boorish pig. I KNOW he’s not up to it.

  4. The defense for this obnoxious unethical behavior seems to be “Trump did it first so that makes it ok for us to do it.” Funny, I cannot remember Trump dropping any F bombs during his speaches or being caught on camera using any profanity. The Billy Bush incident was a private conversation and not meant to be aired in public.

    • I agree. I think Trump has really toned down the snark. I think he’s too conventionally Catholic to be foul in public now he’s actually president. The bragadoccio is still there, but I think he’s toning it down a little.

          • He’s been greatly influenced by Norman Vincent Peale, a famous Presbyterian minister who wrote *The Power of Postive Thinking*. Definitely not an Evangelical, Trump seems to have an optimistic view of what he can accomplish as president despite the left detesting him.

            • Don’t kid yourself, pardner…the Left would have detested ANY Republican who defeated their Golden Girl. Probably with all the riots and violence, as well.

                • I don’t want to see him taken anywhere however if one is a Christian, they should stay sober & watch. This man believes in an apostate god & this alone makes him worthy of careful scrutiny.

  5. No doubt I’ll have to endure seeing this tee worn all over town soon enough. Yesterday in a 20min span at a bakery I saw 2 “And she persisted” tees, a “Not my president” sweat shirt, and a “Fuck Trump” purse.

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