Okay, We Know The Shooter Was A Member Of “The Resistance”…Now What?

You can now see the shooter’s anti-Trump, pro-Bernie Facebook page, since he has been identified. It’s filling up with so many hate messages so quickly that the thing crashed my browser. In the realm of brazen virtue signaling, writing hateful messages to dead people on their Facebook pages ranks high.

James T. Hodgkinson III, 66 (above), whom the Post formally calls “the suspect” (he was shot while firing at the Republican Congress members who were at their baseball practice) appears to have fit one of the three categories of potential shooters I unfairly, impulsively thought would be responsible for the attack.  He was a member of “the resistance,” the “Not my President” group including many prominent public figures, celebrities, pundits, the Democratic Part leadership, distinguished professional and educators, millions of students  and Hillary Clinton ,who have vowed to undermine, block and remove President Trump by any means necessary, using fear, inflammatory language, rumors, Big Lies, trumped up accusations, absurd legal theories and unprecedented insults and ridicule to poison public opinion.

Hodgkinson could have been a random madman, but he wasn’t.  What does this mean? What conduct does it suggest on the part of the public, the nation and its leaders?

1.  One can credibly argue that it is unfair to connect this incident to the non-stop hate focused on President Trump, and by extension his party, since November 8. One could also credibly argue that man-made pollution hasn’t been proven to influence climate change.

All I know is that I have, as Ethics Alarms documented the extraordinary push to “otherize” this President since the election and the disgraceful efforts to undo the will of the people as expressed at the ballot box, repeatedly warned that this was dangerously divisive, destructive to society and our democracy, and that if it didn’t stop, violence was all but inevitable. (I have been far from the only one to issue this warning, both here and elsewhere.) I concluded that if “the resistance” continued demonizing President Trump, and by extension his supporters, this kind of thing would happen. It happened. It happened shortly after the violent imagery surrounding the President had escalated in recent weeks. Maybe it is a coincidence. I doubt it.

I expect progressives of integrity to cease their denials and address the issue honestly, as they have largely failed to do so far.

2. Republicans need to avoid duplicating the approach used by Democrats after Rep. Giffords was shot. They should not be calling for a moratorium on criticism from the Left….that was the Democratic tactic: “Criticism of Democrats leads to murder.” The GOP and conservatives should be calling for an end to “the resistance,” and its appeal to violent revolution. They should call for a modicum of respect to be extended for the office of the President. They should express disapproval of the increasingly common practice of framing political policy decisions in extreme, exaggerated  and apocalyptic terms, calculated to frighten the less discerning members of the public, as with these reactions to Trump withdrawing from the Paris climate change agreement:

“Pulling out of the Paris Agreement would be a massive step back for racial justice, and an assault on communities of color across the U.S.”—The ACLU


“If Trump is pulling out of Paris, he is turning his back on the public in every single US state.”—The Sierra Club

“Trump just declared war on the very idea of life on earth.” —-Grassroots organizaer Trita Parsi

“If Trump pulls the US out of the he will be committing a traitorous act of war against the American people.”—-Billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer

Boy, someone should kill this guy—you know, like in that play in Central Park! If not him,  then the Republicans who are stopping us from impeaching him!

3. This shooting in my virtual backyard swallowed several planned posts. One was about this poll, in which a plurality of those polled thought that the President should be impeached for “obstruction of justice.” Gee, I wonder why they think that, given that almost none of them understand what obstruction of justice is, have read the statutes involved, know the standards, and most objective legal analysts agree that the claim is a stretch at best?

They think that because they have been bombarded by propaganda designed to make them think that. Similarly, Democrats have increasingly talked recklessly about impeachment as if it is just a numbers game, and there are no Constitutional requirements to remove a President other than “we don’t like him.” This drumbeat has been followed by a counter-point: “Don’t look now, but impeachment may not happen—unless we can get a majority in the House!” This is not a responsible nor Constitutional campaign strategy, and should not be represented as one.

Wow, if we can’t impeach this monster, and we can’t win enough Congressional seats, how else can we get rid of all those damn Republicans?

4. Then there was yesterday’s story about the NBA champion Golden State Warriors deciding to boycott the White House and refuse the traditional honor extended by Presidents to winning teams and professional and collegiate sports. It seems that the story wasn’t accurate, and that no such decision has been made. Still, this kind of act has become a pattern of “otherizing” this President, refusing to acknowledge that he is the nation’s elected leader, and withholding the formal respect that the President is owed by all Americans when he is acting in his ceremonial role as the nation’s representative.

One half of the nation refusing to acknowledge the legitimate status and authority of a President is dangerous, and that danger can express itself in many ways—as when an unstable “resistance” member decides to shoot Congressional members of that President’s party.

5. The irony is that Democrats retreating to professionally appropriate, civil and less inflammatory speech will help their cause overall.  If Tom Perez can’t make his case without saying Republicans “don’t give a shit about people,” he needs to find another profession. A prominent Democrat or ten should have the integrity to tell Rep. Maxine Waters that speeches like her recent

“He is not my president. He is not your president. He lies. He cheats. He’s a bully. He disrespects us all…You deny, you disrespect, and you will find that there are people who have the courage to organize and to take back whatever needs to be taken back. We resist this president because he stands for the worst of everything. And guess what, I know that people may not quite be ready. I know some are a little hesitant. I know some are saying I’m not so sure, Maxine, that what you are saying is the right thing, but I’m saying, impeach 45. Impeach 45!..And I know that we are going to take our country back from him. I know you have the strength. I know that you have the courage. I know that each of you knows you have the power! Stay woke!”

…are not acceptable political discourse from a Congresswoman, and risk inciting violence. She can make her case without this demagoguery.

6. Expect rationalizers on the Left to argue that President Trump had “blood on his hands”  because his campaign criticism of illegal immigrants and Muslim terrorists was followed by random attacks on some Hispanic and Muslim Americans.  Ignoring the ethical principle that what Person X does cannot mitigate Person Y doing the same thing when it’s unethical for both, the President has dialed back his rhetoric considerably since his election. Moreover, impugning law breakers and terrorists with reckless rhetoric is not in the same category as striking matches around the kerosene of  murder, assassination, revolution, and civil war.


Sources: The Federalist, Newsweek



77 thoughts on “Okay, We Know The Shooter Was A Member Of “The Resistance”…Now What?

  1. When the “resistance” started the template was set and eventually it worked its sad way to this. Of course, we had stops along the way such as bloody heads, street riots’ idiotic comedians, Democrats without any common sense, and murder in Central Park. Plenty more that have been on this site and many others. Unfortunately, they have been absent from far too many left of center sources. For condemnation. Now a shooting.

    This is just a taste of what eventually will surface since now those who may be displeased with and swing to the left can react – they will react tenfold. I mentioned that months ago and said we may not have a full-blown civil war but will be damn close.

    Those who remember know I am an ardent ant-gun person, but now circumstance may force me to actually get armed for my own self-preservation. Opinions change as facts change and that has certainly happened.

    • Those who remember know I am an ardent ant-gun person, but now circumstance may force me to actually get armed for my own self-preservation.

      If you still have not taken gun safety classes and made your purchase in all this time since you said that, I fear you never will. Start TODAY. Learn from experienced shooters, even if you have to pay for the privilege. It can save your life.

      Opinions change as facts change and that has certainly happened.

      You will also learn about guns, and likely change your mind there too! 🙂

      • I live in an armed community that has a per capita gun license rate as high as any community in the state. All of my male children have guns. I never interfered with their choices. I am probably the only person on my street without a weapon. Plenty of options including local rod & gun clubs – one a few miles away. I also have shot many, many types of firearms.

  2. Jack asked, “Hodgkinson could have been a random madman, but he wasn’t. What does this mean?”

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I’m seeing a pattern of people being consumed by the propaganda of the day, this is an example of being completely consumed.

    Was this predictable, yes in a general sense and no in a specific sense. Yes, with the levels of hateful vitriol towards Republican out there this was a predictable outcome and I believe it has been generally predicted. No, it’s not likely that anything like this can be specifically predicted.

    Unless an event, like this, shocks the bloody hell out of the anti-Trumper resistance crowd this kind of thing will happen again.

    I’ll be real curious to see how partisan pundits on both sides of the political aisle will be talking about this in about this for the next month or two.

    • Zoltar do you have any predictions?

      Many of us have been poo pooed about concerns we had right out of the gate, after Trump’s win. Months ago on this blog for example I said I was concerned when a rap star had depicted in his video, Trump being shot. The response was – it’s no big deal. Taken as a single event, such a video was no big deal, taken in context of the last 7 months, it was in a sense a real threat. I have my thoughts on where all this is going. But I know many here are wiser than me so I’d appreciate any food for thought big picture perspectives.

      • Many of us have worried about an escalation of violence to accompany some of the strident rhetoric. We’ve seen some of that, but nothing like this.

        I confess to worrying much more now than yesterday…

      • I wouldn’t worry about escalation. The probability and statistics hold true for tomorrow for the same activities you participated yesterday. Now, I wouldn’t go to any “rallies” or “protests” of any kind and I’d be extra careful to avoid such things, but normal day to day isn’t changing. Certainly, there won’t be any type of mass “civil war” type movement. That’s all pipe dream type stuff and we live in a sufficiently large police state that such things won’t happen.

        • You may be right Tim, and I sincerely hope that you are. However, I recall be ridiculed on this site a couple years ago when I said that I thought we were engaged in a cultural civil war. That opinion is no longer so outre here.

          I believe that we will not have an armed conflict with two sides shooting across the green at each other. But I believe that we will see quite a bit more politically motivated violence as time goes on. I think that it will be more of an insurrection than a hot civil war – though our cold civil war will continue apace.

          • I see this as more of an “Anonymous Cyber War” and it’s fought for the hearts and minds of the internet collective. Forget the incidents involving “wackos”. Is general assault and vandalism trending upward?

            If this is a war (or becomes one) it will be the most pathetic war of anyone’s lifetime.

    • That may be so, Zoltar.

      I have to ask, though — what can be done? First Amendment, and all.

      I have a theory, or… well, a maxim, anyway, that I am responsible for my own actions, not the words of others urging me to do this or that or making me angry enough to bite through battle steel. I have to be responsible for my actions. I can’t blame it on the rhetorical exegesis of others.

      Although I must say, this exegesis is bad for us all, no doubt. And it may well happen again, because there is no way in hell this didn’t encourage the fringe on the Left. It also might galvanize the fringe Right to try to respond in kind. That would lead to what I’ve been fearing, and this could be the first shot in major civil unrest.

      God knows, I’d love to see de-escalation. Congress could lend some moment to this, but will they? Will the comedians stop with their profane, subversive rhetoric? Or are we all doomed to repeat the violence of, as someone mentioned, places like Northern Ireland?

      What I suspect is that if we don’t find a way off this ledge, the next step is going to be a long and bloody one.

  3. “appears to have fit one of the three categories of potential shooters I unfairly, impulsively thought would be responsible for the attack.”

    That “unfair impulse” turned out to be correct.

    Would an “unfair impulse” lead one to opine that President Trump will tweet something inane about this or that Lefties (most not all) will parlay it into some or another 2nd Amendment abridgment meme?

    Some objective measure suggests he, and they, will, and I guess I don’t see that as being unfair as much as being a logical conclusion based on experience and past performance.

    Per my Dear Brother, ”humans are hard-wired to generate patterns from raw data. Turns out this confers an evolutionary advantage, since the one who can see two eyes somewhat hidden in the underbrush and mentally draws a pattern of a hungry sabre-tooth tiger tends to live longer and have children versus one who sees only the two isolated eyes and doesn’t give it another thought.”

    Is this that much different?

  4. Call me jaded and suspicious, but CNN has apparently instructed its talking heads to describe this shooter as “a madman.” Can’t call him “a Bernie supporter” or a progressive—it was all insanity, not politics.

    • It may have been, but given all the political stuff he was into, I’m afraid I can’t imagine that it wasn’t politically motivated.

      But what’s chapping you and me both about that is that it’s an attempt at a “nothing to see here” when it comes to the primary motivation of the shooter, primarily due to his ideology. Further, it’s a transparent attempt to permit the continued “otherization” of the president by CNN and other media outlets by downplaying the conclusion he was “driven” to his murderous rampage by anti-Trump rhetoric.

      He was a full grown, mature adult man capable of distinguishing right from wrong. Blaming the shooting on the rhetoric is going to happen, but I blame it 100% on him. But someone younger might well be “driven” to the same kind of behavior, where this guy should not be able to make that claim due to his age and clear experience.

      • Progressives do not believe in self discipline nor accountability for your actions; you are correct in that this is on the shooter’s head, but you have to take into account their ideology when assigning blame to those who constantly stoke the fires.

          • Presumably, going to Europe every year isn’t practical for you due to circumstances outside your control. But stopping yourself from using bigoted slurs is perfectly within your control.

            Of course, I was talking about what I want, not what you want, and I can’t control your behavior. Do you want to stop using bigoted slurs? If not, why not?

  5. “Now what?” Oh, this (assassination, or attempt) WILL happen again. It might not involve targeting of elected representatives. So it might not be an attempt, or a deed, that media will associate with that “a word.” But, that’s what the attempt or deed will be: ASSASSINATION, motivated by strongly held motives stemming from political, ideological, or religious beliefs. Is that too cryptic for you? Well, then, go get an abortion, and feel good about it. You know, because equality and racism and for the children and the planet.

  6. Can you recall how many times we’ve felt the genuine need to discuss, one way or the other, the ethics surrounding things that depict the the hanging of Obama and Clinton as a Halloween costume, the decapitation of President Trump TWICE in the name of art, the stabbing to death of a President Trump look alike in live theater in the name of art, and the vitriol and constant barrage of attacks against Trump (Fascist, Nazi, etc) and the political right from the anti-Trump resistance that’s consumed by their hate since the Presidential campaign started. Now we’re talking about a person that didn’t appear to those around him to be anymore consumed than any of the rest of them and he chose to put the rhetoric into action and tried to massacre a bunch of Republicans. I know that correlation does not equal causation; however, when people have been literally saying for months that there is a really serious problem with the rhetoric from the left that’s going to erupt and there’s going to be blood in the streets and now we’re actually talking about the blood in the streets; the predictions might not have been scientific but they also weren’t wrong.

    I know lots of everyday looking people just like James T. Hodgkinson III that have gone over to the resistance, I’m concerned about everyone that’s part of the resistance and appears to be consumed by their anti-Trump anti-Republican hate. Is there anyone out there that thinks my past concerns about the obsession of anti-Trumpers were out of line now?

    Right now my immediate concern is copycats.

    I don’t care which side of the political aisle you all reside; please be observant of your surroundings and keep yourself and your families safe.

    • Two days ago I stated, “If these people can’t find some kind of solid foundation of underlying human commonality to build on, other than thinning the herd to get rid of the virus, this divisional hate is going to get a lot of people killed.”

      I’ll bet there is a bunch of you that have similar statements around here.

    • I know that correlation does not equal causation; however, when people have been literally saying for months that there is a really serious problem with the rhetoric from the left that’s going to erupt and there’s going to be blood in the streets and now we’re actually talking about the blood in the streets

      And then should we talk about the rhetoric in this comment section when Psych-O-in-NJ eventually goes on his shooting rampage?

      • valkygrrl,
        Just like everyone else around here, including you and I, Steve takes his lumps about his “out there” comments and, just like you and I, he also inserts some valuable input into some of our conversations.

        I am curious; exactly why do you think that Steve is capable of going on a shooting rampage?

        Are you a psychologist or psychiatrist sharing your professional opinion of someone you have not professionally evaluated or just another political hack trying to find another way to attack someone who opposes your points of view? Maybe we should have your Constitutional right to own a firearm taken away from you and have you incarcerated based on the comments you post?

      • valkygrrl wrote, “And then should we talk about the rhetoric in this comment section when Psych-O-in-NJ eventually goes on his shooting rampage?”

        Serious question valkygrrl, why didn’t you include someone like fattymoon in that assessment? Are there more that you think are capable of a shooting rampage? How about me; we are generally on different sides, I’m very blunt with people, I use forceful language, and I even use innuendo and bad language sometimes too; so, do you think I’m going to eventually go on a shooting spree based on my comments here?

        Personally I think your comment about Steve-O-in-NJ is out of line and I don;t think you are a good judge of character. So shoot me.

        • No I don’t think you’ll go on a shooting spree. I could be wrong of course, but you haven’t been posting violent fantasies, you certainly haven’t bragged about threatening people, or mused about wanting to injure other commentators.

          You haven’t talked about how people’s children should die.

          If fattymoon’s done that, I’ve missed it.

          • valkygrrl wrote, “No I don’t think you’ll go on a shooting spree. I could be wrong of course, but you haven’t been posting violent fantasies, you certainly haven’t bragged about threatening people, or mused about wanting to injure other commentators. You haven’t talked about how people’s children should die.”

            Maybe you missed it but James T. Hodgkinson III didn’t do those things either.

            valkygrrl wrote, “If fattymoon’s done that, I’ve missed it.”

            James T. Hodgkinson III was thoroughly obsessed with his hate of the political right, fattymoon seems to fit that category quite nicely and especially so with regards to President Trump.

            Again, I think your comment about Steve-O-in-NJ is out of line and I don’t think you are a good judge of character.

            • She’s not a good judge of character, Zoltar. She’s not really a good judge of anything, I hate her, she is a vicious, bitter, evil little so-and-so but I am not afraid of her, because she is frankly out of her league against me. She’s already been dinged once by Jack for a ridiculous comment, I hope he keeps a progressive disciplinary record. I would also note that she talked about wanting to physically torture several political figures, notably Majority Leader McConnell. Hello kettle, my name’s pot, you’re black. She also has at least three times gone off on raging tangents that sound like her 12yo angsty daughter has gotten her password. Obviously I’ve gotten under her skin. I really don’t give a damn if she thinks I’m going to go on a shooting rampage, because I don’t plan to. Jack, I leave it to you as to how to handle this. I’m quite capable of fighting back myself, but I’m not sure we want the blog littered with insults and threats and other rage.

              • but I’m not sure we want the blog littered with insults and threats and other rage.

                Oh, so you’ll be leaving then?

                Or at least stop being a complete asshole and spell my name correctly when you refer to me?

                Didn’t think so.

                So going to threaten more violence against waitresses and again wish someone else’s child dead then?

                  • Oooo gendered insult. I wish Zoe were here, she’d get a kick out of that one.

                    And six feet under, huh. Is that a threat Psych-O?

                  • I think it’s time to force Steve-O-in-NJ, valkygrrl, and fattymoon to STFU with a temporary time out. This crap needs to stop, and it needs to stop now!

                    Okay you three, I just painted a bulls-eye on my forehead, shift your point of aim accordingly.

                  • Can I interest you in soul-based insults? I’ve got several slurs referring exclusively to character traits:

                    Axolotl, for people who are terminally immature. See also “neotenous”.
                    Scrabbler, for people who let desperation and fixed mentality get the better of them, using the “I have no choice” rationalization to dodge responsibility. I interpret “Untermensch” to be synonymous, but most people would get confused, so I stick with “scrabbler”.
                    Gearlock, for people who are stuck in a particular mindset, therefore having only a metaphorical hammer, and to whom everything looks like a metaphorical nail. Also known as Elementals (capital E).
                    Homunculus, for people who are addicted to a particular vice (a form of experience or control), inspired by both the cortical homunculus (a caricature of a human body representing brain space dedicated to sensation and motor control over certain areas) and by Fullmetal Alchemist.

                    Then there’s the usual insults based on the lack of intelligence or mental effort, like moron, idiot, imbecile, fool, buffoon, halfwit, dimwit, nitwit, X-(for)-brain(s), X-head, dumkopf, baka, idiota, and dipstick, as well as adjectives like stupid, asinine, thoughtless, and adjective forms of the preceding nouns.

                    It helps to be able to read souls, but that should give you something to go on. What do you think?

              • valkygrrl,
                I didn’t attack anyone; context you idiot, context!

                I fully understand that correlation does not equal causation, and I’ve stated it many times around here, it’s painfully obvious to me that you don’t understand that concept.

      • Sadly, rhetoric on Ethics Alarms has a vanishingly small effect on the public.

        Actually, EA has had only one regular commenter who raised concerns about his resorting to violence by the violence of his choice of words.

        I wish him well.

        Out of my neighborhood…

        • None of us who got involved should be particularly proud. I decided to sling a deliberately provocative response, partly because I was angry, partly because the thought of someone asking anyone’s political affiliation and then opening fire like the Untouchables at the bridge should scare the stuffing out of anyone. Lately a great deal of overheated rhetoric, which I would characterize as, in some cases, frothing with hate, has been coming from the left, and all of the people I named are left, in a couple of cases far left. Two of them have posted some fairly outrageous stuff in their own right, any way you slice it.

          Launching a direct attack, as I did, was not going to come without a response, which was predictable both in the fact that it came, and its extreme nature. I responded in kind, and you know the rest. Frankly I was no better than the bully giving his target a hard time, inviting him to throw the first punch, then when he finally can’t take it any more and takes a swing, giving him a beat down.

          I am not the biggest fan of Chris, as I said, he is a pain in the backside who always has to have the last word, and he and I are never going to agree, but at least he is intelligent and articulate. The others, forget it, a bitter, hateful woman who’s read too much sci-fi and a guy with obvious problems. I do think I should apologize to Jack and to the other readers who read those exchanges and had to ask just WTH that was all about. There is no right to condemn hatred in others when you froth with it yourself.

  7. I’m not sure what worries me more, the fact that four out of five of those reactions under Item 2 actually assume that Trump is a cartoon supervillain from Captain Planet, or that the one from the ACLU is trying to make climate change and existential risk into a race issue. It appears they have decayed from their original purpose. (“Communities of color”: It’s not all about you, you know! When bad things happen to you, it’s usually not because the world is out to get you. You’re literally saying that Trump is destroying the planet to hurt ethnic minorities. Do you even hear yourself when you speak?)

    I mean, I knew humans could be stupid, but it appears I’ve underestimated the human capacity for stupidity once again. You win this round, Quote Attributed To Albert Einstein.

    At this point it’s just humans making human noises to reinforce group affiliation, with a large helping of “that demon tribe over there is blighting our crops!” thrown in. It’s like education never existed at all. Maybe if we taught people how to solve problems and resolve conflicts, they would be able to do something more productive than broadcasting their… for lack of a better word, “thoughts” at maximum volume.

    • Extradimensional Cephalopod wrote, “Maybe if we taught people how to solve problems and resolve conflicts”

      That would require an education system and adult parents that are currently leaning more towards out-based education to reverse their course and start instilling critical thinking into our youth again. My perception of how our youth are being educated in today’s world is that they are being taught to regurgitate information they are taught and react to everything with over sensitized emotions based on politically correct indoctrination’s of the day. Dumbed-down is an understatement.

    • “Maybe if we taught people how to solve problems and resolve conflicts, they would be able to do something more productive than broadcasting their… for lack of a better word, “thoughts” at maximum volume.”

      Obeying and respecting the law goes a very long way toward this. It seems to me that there are about three different levels that guide our interactions: (1) personal feelings; (2) formal codes of behavior, such as religious or philosophical beliefs; and (3) the law. If (3) is respected and observed, then the first two can be competitive, and even benevolent, instead of antagonistic.

    • From the only audio I’ve heard of the shooting so far, the rate of fire doesn’t mesh with the notion the shooter got off some 50-100 rounds.

      At the rate of fire I heard, it sounds to me like 50 rounds would be a MAX, and a stretch at that.

      I posted a list of accuracy-reducers above (though the shooter’s experience may mitigate some), and to it, I’d add:

      what obstacles were present that would impede shots?

      Can anyone find a source stating how many shots were actually fired…people under fire are understandably inaccurate in these estimates.

      And also how far the shooter actually was?

      Seems to me like 4 hits out of a couple dozen shots on moving targets, eventually receiving return fire really is a believable ratio.

      • I might agree except none of the shots appeared to be directed to center mass, and one of them hit a security team officer in the ankle.

        Obstacle-wise, there were some, but the shooter’s view of at least four or five people was unimpeded, apparently.

        That’s some really, really poor shooting for such an accurate weapon at such short range. Just seems very odd to me.

        • Glenn Logan wrote, “I might agree except none of the shots appeared to be directed to center mass, and one of them hit a security team officer in the ankle.”

          I talked about earlier, hitting one target in the hip and another a target in the ankle are significant pieces that likely add up to the front sight post was not visible in the rear sight aperture – bad sight picture. I have seen this exact kind of thing happen to Privates and Cadets in stressful shooting situations, they swear they were aiming center mass and yet they are visibly hitting the dirt/floor/windowsill at the bottom of the targets. I’ve seen it so many times I know the problem exists, you can train it out of “most” people, but it takes observation of the problem then applying training techniques appropriate to the observed problem.

          This guy might have been a decent shot with that very weapon at a fixed range; however, he obviously wasn’t trained for stressful situations like direct combat where you must shooting another living person or being shot at. This guy was an ignorant consumed-with-hate doofas, a movie Rambo wannabe. I guarantee that there are more just like him, the question is do they have the guts to act on their hate and that might very well depend on the simple self perception that they don’t have anything left to live for – rock bottom.

  8. Oh the horror! We have Democrats calling for Trump’s head — literally and figuratively — and a highly organized effort by the Hillary-ites to not only marginalize him but do whatever is necessary to get him out of office. Their arguments are emotional, specious,and come down to one thing: “We lost, we just can’t take it, an we will do whatever to get him either out of office or make him a non-person” — again literally and figuratively.

    Hearken back to the Marshall post on the response to Lincoln’s election. If Trump would take Lincoln’s course (bribery and more to get the 13th amendment passed notwithstanding) — that is, take the high road and ignore to the extent possible the hysterical negatives from the other side — he would fare better. I hope.

    But now, since all this has extended too all Republicans, the Hillary-ites have to find a way to distance themselves from the shooter — despite the fact that he is a direct product of their outrageous behavior.

    It is not civility any more: it is basic decency, honesty, and a belief in the US system. The Democrats have neither, and at some point it will come back to haunt them. This will only escalate, and they will be finished. Eventually, and if rational people — and I hope, Trump — wait it out.

  9. UPDATE:

    Apparently, the shooter wasn’t using an M4 (or AR-15), but rather an AK-47 style rifle shooting 7.62×39 ammunition. That would go a long way to suggest why the shooter might have been so inaccurate, as the AK is a much less accurate platform than the AR.

    In addition, it might explain why Steve Scalise’s wound is so much worse than originally thought; the 7.62×39 is a bigger, more powerful round than the 5.56×45/.223 NATO ammunition fired by the AR platform.

    • Correction: Apparently the gun he had was an SKS, which shoots the same cartridge as an AK-47 but is not an AK variant. Don’t know much about that firearm.

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