From The “A Nation Of Assholes”* Files:

Stay classy, Democrats!

The protester is Jim Gargan of Akron, Ohio as the President arrived in Youngstown for his campaign-style rally yesterday.

For the unenlightened, this is what we call an ad hominem attack.

*Reference here.


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34 thoughts on “From The “A Nation Of Assholes”* Files:

  1. Eh, I think the general trend of modern lib character runs on the self-righteous ass hat side buuuut it doesn’t seem fair to tar them all based on this guy. Maybe as an aside in a morning roundup (which I love btw) but not a stand alone post.

    • How about a white guy (or, I don’t know, a black guy?) holding a placard saying “Confident, Large Dicked Black Guys for Obama (or Hillary)?” Or “ Supports Obama (or Hillary)? That would be okay? I guess so. There seems to be a new golden rule: “If someone or some group is deemed powerful, you can say about them whatever you wish.”

      I found this guy’s stunt a little mind-boggling. And confusing, frankly. At first, since he was at a Trump event, I assumed he was a Trump supporter who was engaging in a little self deprecation saying, “I don’t care if you think my hands are small and I’m white and therefore I’m not sufficiently manly enough to be a liberal lefty Democrat, I support Trump’s policies and what he’s trying to accomplish.” Guess I was wrong.

      Besides, Jack has total and absolute editorial control. Christ, he’s doing this for less than nothing.

      • He is a Trump supporter. Albeit an ineffective one, if penis size matters. And, clearly it matters to him. He certainly reflects the weenie wag mentality that drives Trump. How I wish we could turn back time and have elected Mitt Romney for this joker to dick around with.

        • But wait, if he’s insecure about his equipment’s size, why is he advertising it? Aren’t Trump supporters supposed to be swinging dicks and masters of the universe? Now I’m really confused, wg.

          • I’m lost in the analogy. And, I’m aware of the dangers inherent in the discussion of penis size.

            The whole Trump presidency seems to me to be an out-of-control weenie wag. From my small experience with local politics and school politics weenie wags are supposed to be about size (power) but are mostly about insecurity and pettiness. If Trump’s administration is really about massive weaponry it would come as a surprise to me.

  2. Click to access Propaganda_Information_Packet-1.pdf

    Do not direct propaganda against the opposing side’s rank-and-file. Hate Propaganda must be directed only
    against the enemy leaders. They are the people whom you want to persuade to cease resistance, malinger,
    desert, mutiny, or even change sides. Highly effective wartime propaganda seeks to drive a wedge between the
    other side’s leaders and its rank-and-file members.
    For psychological warfare purposes, the enemy is defined as: (1) the ruler, (2) the ruling group, (3) unspecified
    manipulators, (4) any definite minority. The rank-and-file member of the opposing side is not the enemy. He or
    she is a victim of the enemies suggested by Linebarger. Linebarger states:
    The [skilled] psychological warfare operator will try to get enemy troops to believe that the enemy is
    really their own leadership—the King, the Fuhrer, the elite troops, the capitalists, etc. . . . The message
    is, We’re not fighting you. We are fighting the people who are misleading you.

  3. Frankly, I am encouraged by this moronic behavior. The more the anti-Trump sector shows itself to be populated by uninformed (and uninformable) ideologues who will stoop to any depths to insult the President of the United States, the more their Byzantine arguments and hate mongering will be grouped in with the absolute, ignorant assholes this guy represents. Go guy! You are doing Trump a favor, you moron!

    Frankly, I liked McCain’s admonition this morning: Paraphrasing…”The press does nothing, contributes nothing. It is up to us [Congress] to forget about what the press thinks of us and do what we know is right!” It fell on deaf ears, I know, but still, I’d like to send this penis-absorbed idiot a letter thanking him for his unintentional support of Trump.

  4. But I have to give this guy credit: the signs imply the size of his own wedding tackle. It takes large brass cojones and super confidence to hold signs like these in public.

      • I didn’t get a rise out of this post at all. I guess I need to bone-up on propaganda skills, but that might be too hard. I think the guy shown is an authentic Trump supporter, not a false-flag operator.

  5. I’m fascinated that EA devotes privileged space to shit like this, while ignoring truly important national issues which arise on an almost daily basis. C’mon, Jack, get back to basics.

    • You mean like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz/DNC IT staffer Imran Awan (still getting paid after raising more red flags than you’d see in Red Square on MayDay) getting pinched at Dulles Intl trying to skeedaddle with $12 large on his person & after wiring $283,000 in cash to Pakistan?

      Yeah, I’d like to have see something on that too. Maybe Jack was following the lead of the Lefty Nets/Cable who were tending issues of FAR greater significance: the dead baby orca & the 20th Anniversary of Lady Di’s death.

      Since it’s now been broached, any comments or nothing to see here?

        • I provided no links for a reason, and FoxNews wasn’t the only source I didn’t include.

          It and all, I mean ALL, the others were EVIL Righty sites.

          The back story has been on the periphery for a while, Lefty would prefer it just go away; we’ll see.

          • I see NBC News and WaPo covering it at the moment on the first page of my Google news search for “Debbie Wasserman Schulz.”

            • Chris; google search first page this morning has 10 entries; 5 on the IT guy & 5 just DW-S.

              My favorite? “Why Don’t People Like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?”


              Oy, let me count the ways. Reckon we ought file THAT under the “War-on-Women,” am I right.

              A career Lefty’s response to my posting it to our local paper:

              “You know, Crotch, if you had the brains Dog gave a gotchroach, you’d know that DWS was and is despised by the left.”

              Assuming I’m “Crotch,” mercy me! Hell hath no fury like a Lefty’s scorn!

              Tex (below); “I thought Democrat voters were usually caught sneaking INTO the country?”

              Heh, THAT gets you on the Gut Laugh Leader Board!

              • What? For the same series..

                Why don’t women like Milo?
                Why don’t airlines like Ann Coulter?
                Why don’t Republicans think Samantha Bee is hilarious?
                Why don’t people appreciate diarrhea?
                Why didn’t Ed Wood win any Academy Awards?

        • ”I thought Democrat voters were usually caught sneaking INTO the country?”

          Sudden acute homesickness…um…triggered by a basic human aspiration: self preservation? He may have foreseen a weight-lifting/private aircraft ”accident” or a self-inflicted (wink-wink-nudge-nudge) gunshot in the back of the head.

    • Surely you are not going to run afoul of the ol’ (and specifically condemned in the Comment Policies)…”don’t write about what you think is important, write about what I think is important” offense? EA is not subject to a zero sum game…it it’s worth an ethics discussion, I’ll get around to it in my own sweet time.

      There are over 8000 posts on the blog.

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