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  1. There is more than an objective reason I am a huge supporter for those who suffer from severe concussion/TBI and what they go through every day of their lives. Not to mention what their families go through. It is a helpless feeling and can just devastate a family. I know first-hand as I have had more than a few concussions and at least three TIA’s and lost my family as they simply did not get that my darkness and moments of despair were not optional. Even though I was a very good father, they chose to not only throw me away, but attacked me during my fight to even want to continue with my life. It is not their fault, but rather just ignorance on an issue that young adults just cannot or chose not to understand.
    There is good news though, I was blessed to discover a very powerful light therapy device and began to self-treat my brain. It did not happen overnight, but within a few months I started seeing significant improvement in my life and after just short of a year, I became a productive member of society again and founded Advanced Neurocare Systems. I continued to treat the entire time and still do and I must say, I am not 100% back, but very close to feeling completely normal. As you may know, all neurological disorders including concussions, TBI and neurological disorders all have one thing in common, lack of blow flow which is the essence of life and certainly is what it takes for the brain to repair itself. The FDA has cleared my devices for Blood flow, pain relief and wound healing. So, after repairing my own brain, I dedicated to dedicate my life to making this technology available to the millions who do not even know that it exists. The following is an article you may have seen on Tim Krumrie who is smiling again and is just one of hundreds that have successfully treated their brain. I have a decent amount of before and after brain scan and a significant study to support that this remarkable technology is the answer for neurological disorders. The sooner one begins to treat, the better the results.
    An article worth reading

    David Christenson

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