Senator Feinstein’s Chinese Mole

In hindsight, Senator, that flag he kept putting on your limo should have tipped you off.

This month we learned that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) had a Chinese spy on her staff for about 20 years, including while she headed the Senate Intelligence Committee . (Wait…did you learn that? See the poll below…) The mole was listed as an “office director” on payroll records and served as her driver when she was in San Francisco. Meanwhile, he reported to China’s Ministry of State Security through China’s San Francisco Consulate.

Confronted with this embarrassing information, Feinstein virtually pronounced it a “nothingburger.” (Current definition of “nothingburger”: any scandal involving the Obama administration or a prominent Democrat office-holder that would be headlines for weeks if the officials involved were Republicans.)  “Five years ago the FBI informed me it had concerns that an administrative member of my California staff was potentially being sought out by the Chinese government to provide information,” Feinstein said in a statement. “He never had access to classified or sensitive information or legislative matters.”

It’s not that simple, and if Feinstein really thinks that, then she was an extremely incompetent chair of the Intelligence Committee. In a Washington Post opinion column—the paper barely mentioned the story in its news pages–Mark Thiessen revealed what he was told by several former senior intelligence and law enforcement officials. The consensus: this was a significant breach:

A former top CIA clandestine officer explained to me what the agency would do if it had recruited the driver of a senior official such as Feinstein. “We would have the driver record on his phone all conversations that Feinstein would have with passengers and phone calls in her car. If she left her phone, iPad or laptop in the car while she went to meetings, social events, dinners, etc., we would have the driver download all her devices. If the driver drove for her for 20 years, he would probably would have had access to her office and homes. We would have had the source put down an audio device in her office or homes if the opportunity presented itself. Depending on the take from all of what the source reported, we would use the info to target others that were close to her and exhibited some type of vulnerability.”

“In short,” this officer said, “we would have had a field day.”

So why isn’t this a huge news story, while the Times and the Post and CNN are breathlessly following the Manafort trial as if it has anything to do with Russian interference in the 2016 election or  the Trump campaign, which it doesn’t? As of three days ago, no major network other than Fox had covered the story. Meanwhile, Senator Lindsay Graham had a pointed question worthy of coverage, which he asked on Fox:

“I didn’t know about it until yesterday… apparently about five years ago the FBI told Dianne Feinstein that one of her employees may be an agent of the Chinese government. And that was the right thing to do. And she fired him. We are going to send a letter to Director Wray next week and ask him, what is the policy? Why didn’t you tell President Trump that you had concerns about Carter Page? Is there a double standard here? If this is a counterintelligence investigation not a criminal investigation, the FBI should have told President Trump that they had concerns about Papadopoulos and Paige. Why didn’t they do for Trump what they did for Feinstein?”

Good question, though I think the answer is obvious, just as I think the answer to why the mainstream media is burying the Chinese spy story is obvious. It makes a powerful and prominent Democrats look bad.  Can’t have that!

Here are two polls:


Sources: Washington Post, NewsbustersSan Francisco Chronicle

14 thoughts on “Senator Feinstein’s Chinese Mole

  1. Leaving the journalism issue aside, why was the mole not prosecuted 5 years ago? Could it be that AG Lynch was concerned about appearances?

    This is what causes distrust in our justice system. If it was a nothingburger as described why not be open about the claims made in the conservative media? Why was the alleged mole removed from the position at the time? She says he was fired but other reports suggest he was allowed to retire and will recieve a federal retirement package.

  2. “Confronted with this embarrassing information, Feinstein virtually pronounced it a ‘nothingburger.’ ”

    Does there not exist precedent that it’s possible that her driver wasn’t classified as a spy at the time or the header from his job classification was removed?

    • Funny this never rose to the level of needing a FISA survellance warrant 4 times.

      It may very well be nothing as Feinstein describes. Nontheless, Trump should have been advised to the same degree. Prosecutorial discretion does not mean selective prosecution.

        • Some of us are. Frankly, I hope a LOT of us are. I’ve about had a bellyful of a supposedly ‘unbiased’ law enforcement agency that only prosecutes the right. And WARNS the left, bending over backwards to NOT prosecute them.

  3. This is not only ridiculous, it may be fatally dangerous. A highly-placed government official has a spy on her staff for 20 years, and the political ramifications of reporting this outweigh the security concerns? We are truly doomed.

  4. “The consensus: this was a significant breach” Of course it was a significant breach – 20 years of service which must have started when she was 65. We saw how tech savvy these Senators and Representatives are during the Congressional Facebook hearings.

  5. I’m used to the mainstream media shamelessly spinning stories. I’m used to them omitting important details, burying them way at the bottom, and drowning them out with an avalanche of irrelevant references meant to frame the issues as suits them. But the complete blackout on this is beyond anything I’ve seen before, and it’s disturbing.

  6. So, Feinstein has a Chinese mole. She lives in San Francisco which has a huuuuuge Chinese population. Ergo, Diane Feinstein is colluding with the Chinese. Why else is she so against tarrifs on Chinese goods.

    Ok FBI why is this not as plausible as Trump and Russians.

  7. Read about this a couple weeks ago in the Epoch Times. My current understanding is China is a bigger threat to our democracy than Russia in various forms including technology, media, pharmacology, etc. The Feinstein debacle appears to be yet another symptom of leaving the Communist Chinese threat under or unreported.

    • Absolutely. Even if China was not illegally appropriating American IP, or clandestinely engaging in cyber warfare, their holdings of US debt can give them the ability to manipulate currency values and thus energy prices. What makes us vulnerable is that we think short term because the electorate thinks short term and is unwilling to forego anything unless the threat is at their door. Our adversaries are ideologues that seek to dominate over years or decades of slower but more sustainable progress.

    • China steals all of the personal identities and information of thousands of U.S. veterans and federal employees. Obama: “Meh.”

      Russia steals and shares emails exposing corruption in the Democratic Party. Obama: “Grave threat to our democracy! We must make them pay! Salt the earth!”

  8. Here’s another talking point the president can take to the polls.
    “Democrats, I mean seriously, you can’t trust them with America’s safety, you just can’t. Take a look, Fienstein, she had a Chinese spy for 20 years. 20 years! Just picture that! The Chinese probably knew what she had for lunch everyday, not to mention the top secret info. Top secret! Just picture it! We learn about this just now? Where was the fake news media? Safeguarding the American people, like they do, with fake news!”
    Hypothetical Trump rally speech talking point
    (Ok, he wouldn’t say “safeguarding”, just roll with it)

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