Welcome To Grandstanding And Virtue-Signaling Creep!

A San Francisco 49ers cheerleader “took a knee” during the National Anthem ahead of the team’s Thursday night game against the Oakland Raiders yesterday.

She should be fired. She isn’t employed to indulge her personal political leanings in public, and this is no more appropriate than raising a sign advertising a candidate for office or one extolling the value of Cheetos. There is no right to appropriate one’s workplace on the job for an expression of personal social or political views.

How can the 49ers fire her, though? They haven’t punished any football players for taking the same, arrogant, intrusive liberty. The team would be called sexist. Other cheerleaders would kneel in solidarity. The players would also rally to her support. Next the team will have vendors and ushers kneeling. President Trump will probably tweet some offensive comment, like “Fire the bitch!”

All of this, because the 49ers didn’t have the guts, foresight, commons sense and respect for their paying customers to discipline Colin Kaepernick the first time his knee hit the field, and lay out the basic conditions of his employment in case he was under some delusion that he had a right to do such a thing.


7 thoughts on “Welcome To Grandstanding And Virtue-Signaling Creep!

  1. At this point I’m happy to watch the NFL strangle itself with this sort of stupid unforced errors. (And I say that as a former hardcore fan who still watches the stray Dolphins game)

    • Same here… and I used to watch the Cowboys.

      (Full disclosure: I still will, if it involves family gatherings at Holidays where my abstinence causes friction and grief. My ethical stance on the issue)

  2. I wish the other players would have stood in front of Kapernick blocking him from view on the same grounds as his own free speech. That’s social justice.

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