Look: An Illegal Immigration Ethics Fractal!

This story is the migrant caravan and the “good illegal immigrant” media narrative in miniature, with exactly the same fallacious ethical reasoning!

Here is the misleading lazy, dishonest and fake news version of a recent incident as reported in two New York papers:

White House turns away foreign students on tour with class

A group of seventh-graders from Henry Hudson Regional School in Highlands braved a snowstorm on Nov. 15 for a long-awaited bus trip to Washington DC.

The bad weather and treacherous road conditions added hours to the drive and left no time for anything but their visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Even lunch on the White House lawn was canceled.

But the snafus didn’t stop there. Months in advance, the school had to send the White House visitors office a list of all students and adults expected to take the tour.

After making it through an initial checkpoint, Secret Service agents stopped three Henry Hudson students who didn’t have their passports or other identification required for non-US citizens.


Because the students “braved” the bad weather and their teachers screwed up, the White House was being mean, and probably racist, to enforce the security requirements that have been in place for decades for White House visits. Think of the children!

I feel sorry for the students, but the United States should and cannot waive laws because it feels sorry for the would-be law-breakers. I feel sorry for everyone who lives in Mexico and Guatemala, too. Also China, Somalia, France, Russia, Greece, Togo, and Canada, among many other countries, in fact about all of them that are not the United States. I feel sorry for lots of criminals as well. Laws still have to apply the same way to everybody, or there is no law.


Fractal (frac·tal): [Mathematics] noun: fractal; plural noun: fractals:

A curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. Fractals are useful in modeling structures (such as eroded coastlines or snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth, fluid turbulence, and galaxy formation.


Pointer: Victory Girls.

6 thoughts on “Look: An Illegal Immigration Ethics Fractal!

  1. I will bet if the teachers involved had gotten a better raise last year, this wouldn’t have happened. That is the explanation we get here. Teachers intentionally perform poorly unless they get the money they want, so raise taxes and pay up!

  2. What level of incompetence is required for the organizers of the trip to not make sure the students had their passports on them before getting on the bus?

    I did a number of trips and exchanges when I was a wee little one and our chaperones always checked we had everything needed on us. I even remember the little list of things to carry and the wallets they gave us to keep our documents in.

  3. And all of the people in the ‘caravan’ have ‘braved bad weather’ and have inadequate information, so ‘exceptions should be made?”

    Separate from the poor kids, my liberal friends think we should let everyone in: and it seems as if ‘everyone’ does. (And will those same liberals want to pay the cost? Real money, I mean. Most just want the cheap labor open borders provide, but won’t admit it.) At the same time they berate our horrible nation which is so cruel and self-serving. If the US is so awful, why does everyone seems to want to be here?

  4. I spent years working at a summer camp with clearly communicated rules for what medical/permission/registration forms were needed to participate in specific activities. It never failed- if the group leaders didn’t read our very clear rules or forgot to pass them on to the families, angry parents blamed us for being unreasonable.

    I think under any administration, the school’s screw-up here would have been overlooked in favor of blaming mean old Security for doing their jobs. It’s just extra juicy because it furthers a narrative.

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