Fake Nudes

Rep. Octavio-Cortez tweeted this morning, “For those out of the loop, Republicans began to circulate a fake nude photo of me. The @DailyCaller reposted it (!) and refused to indicate it was fake in the title as well.”

Here is the “fake nude photo”…

How long will it take before nobody believes anything this silly woman says, or trusts in her judgment regarding anything? How much common sense and judgment does it take to realize that trying to insinuate a scandal based on describing an image of someone’s feet as “a nude photo” guarantees ridicule and diminished respect?

Whatever amount it is, it appears that the young Congresswoman is grievously short.


32 thoughts on “Fake Nudes

  1. Today’s edition of “The Daily OKoz.”

    “Fake” in what sense? It’s an actual picture but she was wearing a bathing suit therefore it’s fake? It’s not her, therefore it’s fake? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Hmmm, not on the Daily Caller website just now. Perhaps it’s a twitter thing. The only Octavio-Cortes article on the Daily Caller is a fairly generic article about her campaign being fined for not having had required workers compensation coverage for her campaign employees. Pretty standard “Big Government Socialist Fails to Follow Government Requirements” news.

    • I saw the article via an outraged lefty article that linked to the Daily Caller. The Daily Caller posed the picture and said, essentially, “Here’s the picture that’s at the center of this controversy.” I guess that bit of straight reportage is verboten these days. Maybe the lack of spin or outrage incensed AOC?

  3. Is SHE even real? A report circulating in the Kremlin today strongly hints of her recent attendance at a secretive cloning center under the Getty Museum. She must be trafficking in feet fetishes as we speak. She should be paddled with a holey ping-pong racket. shakes my head. laughing out loud.

  4. When I was at school and our form had to translate a line of Virgil in which the term “nudo pede”* occurred, the various schoolboy howlers that ensued occasioned some mirth.

    * barefoot.

  5. How long will it take before nobody believes anything this silly woman says, or trusts in her judgment regarding anything?

    Here’s hoping she’s just a short-lived fad, as she has nothing to offer America that is in any way good.

    Except, I guess, occasional comic relief. I like Instapundit’s characterization of her: New socialist “it girl” continues to pay dividends [for Republicans].

        • … less easy, though not impossible, to prove with DNA evidence. She doesn’t fall into other people’s traps, she likes to dig her own and jump in.

          • ”she likes to dig her own and jump in.”

            Ya think, PA? A quality I’ve always admired in the opposition; I almost feel guilty piling on.


            “there may be something to that.”

            Perhaps OB. Oy! Were she to chug a pint of Mogen David like Warren chugged a barely pop on youtube, might it enhance her cred?

            My nephew, a Jewish career Lefty and pretty sharp kid (of course he takes after his Uncle, and NO you need not ask which one) ain’t buyin’ it.

            Neither is his Father/my Brother, a converted Nouveau Jew.

        • Well Paul, there may be something to that. According to one of my Cuban high school buddies, any Hispanic name that ends in “Z” is Jewish. Evidently large numbers of Jews fleeing prosecution on the Iberian peninsula during the Inquisition relocated to Cuba. In less politically correct days, Cubans were known as “The Jews of the Caribbean.” My wife’s and my landlord in Miami was Isaac Bichachi. He lived on Miami Beach, drove a gold Lincoln Mark IV with the gold package and owned a dress factory in Hialeah. Gold chains, silk shirts, silk trousers, alligator loafers, the whole kit. We managed the apartments for him. There was a sewer backup and we called Isaac to ask him who his plumber was. He drove over, pulled a snake out of the trunk of the Conti, rolled up his silk sleeves and announced, “Soy plomero.” He was known as a, you guessed it, “Jewban.” Many of the Jewish guys I knew from school are either super prosperous or in jail for trying.

        • All of Latin America can ‘claim’ Jewish ancestry. There were lots of Marranos in the New World. So what? In her talk she goes on to describe that Puerto Rican identity, according to her, is ni chicha ni limonada, (nor fish nor fowl), and thus meaningless. A gloriously deadening multiculturalism. Woo-hoo!

          A little of this, a bit of that, and nothing specific. Therefore nothing potent. It is a perfect metaphor for this pitiable, mindless goof.

          She should do more dance videos!

          If she is attempting to claim that this makes her in any meaningful way, in any sense Jewish, then she understands nothing. If that is the case her *Catholicism* is also an empty shell.

          Oh God, Oh God, I’m going to lie down for a few minutes . . .


            • From their wiki page (which is very interesting- lots of slamming of cultural appropriation, of course):

              British Socialist Workers Party member and Marxist writer Mike Gonzalez believes the ensemble provoked a backward glance to “timeless, sensual places where dreams and desire merged in a comfortable, evocative music”. Gonzalez asserts that the aura evoked did not represent “the real Cuba” before the revolution of 1959, nor Cuba in the modern era, but that the Cuban government were happy for the tourist industry to “enjoy the fruits of this confusion”. The American Historical Review suggested that the Buena Vista Social Club’s mise en scène fueled nostalgic, idealistic feelings not only of many Americans and Cubans in the United States who remember the Havana of the 1950s, but also of Cubans in Cuba. The result was a reminiscence about the pre-revolutionary era—dominated by the politics of Gerardo Machado in the 1920s–30s and then General Fulgencio Batista until 1959—which “no longer seems so bad”.

              Historical revisionism elevates Fulgencio Batista out of the trash bin of history! In Cuba! Hah! Shazam!

    • Notes From Under the Floorboards

      Glen Logan wrote: “Here’s hoping she’s just a short-lived fad, as she has nothing to offer America that is in any way good.”

      I would humbly suggest that this is not the case at all. In fact I would suggest that the battle lines are only beginning to be drawn. However, arriving at an accurate and realistic viewpoint is not easy.

      It seems to me safe to say that huge political and cultural struggles will take shape in the near-future. One has to identify what that struggle is and the factions that will participate in it.

      Right now it looks to be a struggle between the Brown Masses (I am trying to be realistic here, not sensationalist and not *racist*) and — I do not know the proper language and terms to use but will do my best — *the original American demographic*. The description that seems to be allowed is the ‘coasts’ vs ‘the interior’.

      Or: the present liberal-democrat economic and governing regime (which includes ‘conservatives’) vs. a kind of unconscious, unfocused, ‘mystified’ flyover country average American (in the majority of European stock).

      ‘Trump’ is a complex symbol of this Submerged America. My theory is that he is ‘ugly’ and also ‘wounded’ (which is what makes him so strange but at the same time attractive to ‘wounded America’). I do not know if he could understand his ‘symbolic role’ (but I assume that he is smarter and more aware than people imagine). At the same time he is an active and participating member of an ultra-elite economic class and though he definitely plays the populism-card, how could he serve anything but his own *class*. (And this is the same class I would describe as “the present liberal-democrat economic and governing regime”).

      The present trajectory of America is ‘democratic’ and ‘demographic’ and will be determined by the same. They know this, the *establishment* knows this, everyone knows this, and there is an acute conflict about ‘what to do about it’. Ideologically, nothing can be done because it all has to do with the New Definition of What America Is. It has been redefined and recast as a ‘multicultural democratic republic’.

      This is what *you* wanted. This is what *you* advocated for. It is what you thought was *right*. Now, you are seeing the result of those choices. The ‘chickens have come home to roost’ and now they are going to tell you what comes next. But you do not come next! Just as *you* agreed to allow a New Definition of America to come into existence — you gave it entity! — that New America will continue the process of the reengineering of America and to model it on its own Image.

      You cannot create a Multicultural Republic, shift the demographics, and imagine that these new people will not advocate for themselves in that strict ‘identitarian’ sense. You cannot do this in a delicately defined Republic with a *subtle*underpinning philosophy, invite in all the *oppressed brown people* who have *suffered at your hands*, and imagine that they will play by the former rules! No. They will rewrite all the rules. And they will tend in the direction of what they always advocate for: socialistic forms. I think that what that means is basically ‘getting something for nothing’ or having what was taken from me returned to me. (I can definitely attest that this is a common attitude in Latin America).

      I believe that the signs can clearly be distinguished already. “AOC” as she is called is an example of it. What Other Bill quoted: “timeless, sensual places where dreams and desire merged in a comfortable, evocative music” is a sort of metaphor for the rising of a New Mind in America. But it is in that contrast between ‘the sensual mind’ and ‘the intellectual mind’ that a huge part of the struggle is found. The sensualists, just like the sexual deviants and the porn-addicted, are having their day. They are on the rise. And they are rising up to destroy everything that has been created, and the possibility of creating it, that was created through ‘restraint’ and ‘intelligent focus’.

      All parts in the body politic connect, one to the other.

      This phrasing interests me: “…she has nothing to offer America that is in any way good”.

      The question though is ‘What is good?’ (philosophically: What is the good?) The seduction of a culture, the seduction and undermining of civilization and a regression into ‘barbarous forms’ is, in fact, what is going on on meta-social and meta-political levels. But who can bring this into focus? Not the American Establishment. Perhaps the only person that speaks of it is Pat Buchanan? In fact, he has written about it. And why saying it, he is ‘cast out into the outer darkness’. As far as I am aware the people who are speaking in meta-political terms are those who are characterized as being ‘on the lunatic fringe’. Going beyond the sensationalistic and largely irrelevant ‘Alt-Right’ (a dead term) one can only find the Meta-Political conversation among a New Right or a New Philosophical Right (with an idea center in Europe).

      As long as things are not brought into focus, and as long as those in America of European descent both somatically and intellectually and culturally (how else shall this be described? I mean really?), there is no way that things not continue as they are now: day by day; always mired in confusion, always ‘hot’ and impossible to decide.

      The ‘short-lived fad’ is no such thing. It is the direct evolution and progression of a long causal chain.

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