The Great Ethics Alarms Theme Hunt Continues

I apologize for the lay-out and design instability of late. The last iteration was superficially the closest to the original design, which WordPress will no longer support, but after a few days of posting I found a lot of anomalies–fonts, weird ways of posting quotes—that were driving me crazy. Unfortunately, one has to work with these things for a bit to learn how well they work.

Please bear with me.

8 thoughts on “The Great Ethics Alarms Theme Hunt Continues

  1. If you’re taking user feedback into account, a few things I liked about the previous interim theme were the way it displayed nested comments (in alternating-color boxes) that made it really easy to track who was replying to whom, and how on the main page the direct-link to the comments was shown in a little speech bubble to the side of the title (in the old theme you had to scroll past the preview of the post to see the comments link, and in the current one it’s too subtle).

    Carry on the good fight.

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