Is It Unfair To Say That The Democrats Favor “Open Borders”? Ten Reasons Why It Is Not.

My sister, a smart if feisty woman who I plead guilty to using on Ethics Alarms like as William Saroyan used his bartender,  was annoyed at my statement in a recent post that the Democratic Party, or which she is a member, though perhaps not quite as proud a member as she once was,  had become the party of open borders. She’s a lawyer, and combining that with the increasing tendency on the left to deny the elephants behind them (“Elephant? What elephant?”) whenever the metaphorical beast starts to stink and squash things, she’s pretty good at blurring such issues. On this one she says, “Obviously the Democrats don’t support open borders. Nobody has ever proposed open borders. We will never have open borders. Obama deported a lot of illegal immigrants.”

All true, and all deceitful. The policy advocated by Democrats and the rhetoric they use in the process creates a modified open borders policy, if an astoundingly stupid one. An open borders policy of any kind for a nation like the United States is suicidal in the long term, destructive in the short term. Progressives and Democrats resort to hilariously consistent talking points when confronted on their hypocrisy and dishonesty: “The system is broken, and we need comprehensive immigration reform.” Quiz them on what that pat phrase means, however, and you get humming. Yes, the system is broken. Democrats, for one illicit reason, and business interests, aka Republicans, for another, broke it long ago, and both have intentionally tap-danced, lied, and intentionally muddied the issue to keep it broken. Now, if my sister objected to my labeling of the Democratic Party as the party of open borders by a arguing that it is unfair to  leave the GOP out of that box, okay, I’ll concede the validity of that in part. The problem is that the Republicans have a President in office who is unequivocally opposed to open borders, to say the least, and who is trying to end the nonsense. Democrats, not Republicans, are blocking him.

The totality of Democratic party and progressive conduct and rhetoric equals a desire to keep out southern borders porous, which means “open” in reality, if not political double talk. Among them, in no particular order since I am rushed and want to get a pots up before I have to do a 7:30 am tech check here in San Diego:

1. Creating incentives for illegal aliens to come here. Among them:

  • Not eliminating the automatic citizenship that accrues to the children of illegal immigrants, a true Constitutional loop-hole, since it was written before the US had illegal immigrants;
  • DACA, which makes it worth breaking the law for foreign parents who want their children to grow up in a better country than the one they are in, as well as giving children who grow up here as perpetual law-breakers the fuzzy feel-good label of “Dreamers,” and
  • The Obama policy that breaking the immigration laws doesn’t count as long as an illegal immigrant doesn’t break any other laws of substance.

2. Sanctuary cities, all Democratic party governed, that interfere with just enforcement of the immigration laws and send the message that restricting immigration is immoral.

3. Intentionally blurring, in speech and through the news media, the material distinction between legal immigration and illegal immigration, and thus encouraging the belief that there is no difference, or should be no difference.

4. Advocating the abolishment of ICE. True, the Democratic Party as a whole has not endorsed this position, but only Democrats argue for it.

5. The position that enforcing immigration laws is racist.

6. The propaganda put out by Democratic news media—that is, almost all news media—romanticizing illegal immigrants and their families, celebrating their courage,  fawning over their quest for a better life, and painting as heartless villains those who would be so mean as to force these wonderful, loving people to pay the consequences for violating our laws to get here.

7. Local laws in Democratic run states and cities that allow illegal immigrants to become licensed attorneys (California),  legally drive automobiles (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia)—yeah, a Republican state snuck in there; must be a Mormon thing….and, a rising threat, vote in local elections.

8. Using sentimental and emotional attitudes toward children to demonize efforts to  apprehend illegal immigrants using their children (or other children) as a form of human shields against law enforcement.

9. Habitual references to the poem on the Statue of Liberty as the established national position regarding immigration, though the poem was only relevant to its period (The 19th Century), when there were no restrictions on immigration.

10. The opposition to Trump’s “wall.” I have no idea whether a wall of any kind will be effective; during the 2016 campaign, I thought it was a ridiculous proposal, more symbolic than serious. Now I think the symbolism is enough to justify it, specifically because the Democratic rhetoric encourages illegal immigrants to break our laws. Democrats are saying, and loudly, “We really want you here, if you just want a better life. We’re a nation of immigrants! We admire you! As long as you won’t break any more laws, then welcome! And, of course, we expect you to vote for our candidates once we find a way to get you amnesty, right? Right?” In other words, our borders are open if you’re courageous enough and want to come here badly enough, and you’re a good illegal immigrant! It’s like college hazing, I guess. What a disgraceful, idiotic way to handle border security and citizenship: make it a contest.

The wall, whatever it costs, will be valuable if all it does is say, “You’re not welcome, no matter what you hear the open borders Democrats saying.”

There are more, but ten is a nice number for a list, and I’m out of time.

14 thoughts on “Is It Unfair To Say That The Democrats Favor “Open Borders”? Ten Reasons Why It Is Not.

  1. The policies being advocated and Democrat party talking points, whether explicitly open borders or not, all serve to devalue citizenship and the institutions protecting citizens rights. The ethical question to keep pondering is, to what end. I’m sure they would argue their positions are humanitarian and those who oppose them favor less humane policies or outright inhumanity.

    Problem is, their policies never seem to consider or offer solutions for the effects on the people here legally, improving processes to allow people here legally or, most importantly, the impacts on actual citizens. Particularly problematic are their policy arguments against voter ID and further relaxing laws governing who can vote, no matter their origin. This should cause reasonable people to at least consider their policies are not built on being humane, rather on electoral dominance or overwhelming the current legal voting populace via less than legal means by defeating, not improving, the current system.

    When posing ethical questions to students, mine are offered four simple criteria which can apply here:

    Is is legal? Nope.
    Is it just? Nope.
    Is it transparent? Nope.
    Is it socially responsible? If you’re considering both sides, it clearly isn’t.

    So, even if the policies advocated are not explicitly open borders, they are de facto parallel to it and, therefore, unethical.

  2. Long ago, I figured out that when a politician stated that he or she was in favor of “comprehensive immigration reform” I could safely surmise that that expression was a complete dodge of the issue, as if to say, “my position is too complex and nuanced to explain, so just trust me.”

    As I understand it, the United States is the number one desired destination of potential immigrants from around the world. This was measured by Gallup a few years back based on a sample of interviews of over a half million people from 154 countries. This survey estimated about 138 million people would come to the U.S. if they had the opportunity. The reasons are simple and understandable… freedom, safety, and economic opportunity. There are other good countries in the world to live, but for whatever reasons the U.S. is the number one preferred destination.

    In reflection of these aspirations, the U.S. is also the number one country in receiving legal immigrants averaging about 1 million legal immigrants per year during the period of 2007 to 2012. Because of our large geographic size, large population and national wealth, it could be argued that we should be receiving even more legal immigrants (for the same period the much smaller and poorer Turkey brought in about 400,000 per years). But that is a topic for political debate at some other time.

    Some factions in U.S. politics seem to be intentionally blurring the line between legal immigration and illegal immigration. It appears that the motive is short sighted political advantage. However, no civilized and sane nation state on earth can long survive unless it controls its own borders and regulates immigration in some kind of rational fashion. We have long suffered politicians who hide behind the easy dodge “comprehensive immigration reform.”

  3. Reading about the establishment of Ellis Island in 1892, even then Congress recognized that something had to be done to screen the vast number of immigrants that were coming into the USA seeking economic opportunity and freedom from
    oppressive regimes. Immigrants that were likely to become public charges and those with incurable diseases were deported back to their home countries. The Democrats in their shortsightedness seem to have forgotten this fact.

      • They very ones who they intend to replace will be those who die from these diseases… current American citizens. Allowing the diseases in is a two-fer, from a progressive point of view.

        (After all, we won’t have to worry about space in the death, er, reeducation camps for those already dead…)

  4. How come someone doesn’t ask: ” Why do you Democrats want to allow white supremacist Neo Nazis, descendent of the original Nazis, free entry to the country?”

    Let’s face it, if you want open borders you have to be happy to take them too!

  5. #1: Not an incentive, but something that should certainly be considered along with ending the broken birthright citizenship issue: Stop including the census count of illegals in the apportionment of congress and electors. California alone would be down 3 or 4 representatives if not for their illegal residents.

  6. “The Obama policy that breaking the immigration laws doesn’t count as long as an illegal immigrant doesn’t break any other laws of substance.”

    Trump would be the first major Republican that doesn’t concur. Different motivations, their financial supporters do it for access to the cheap labor. But their positions did not materially differ.

    I will also disagree with the “laws of substance.” I will concur that is what pro open border folks will call it. But I dare you to falsify an I9 form, commit identity theft, open bank accounts with false records, and fail to ever file a tax return. I guarantee the IRS won’t call it lacking in substance when they go after you.

    • My late wife once worked as the Personnel Director for a local Wal-Mart. She once hired a woman who gave her a social security number and a copy of a driver’s license. My wife was required by law to verify both. A month and a half later, when the responses came back…you guessed it…no such driver’s license in Texas and the social security number was bogus as well. The woman, however, having collected two pay checks, was long gone. Turns out, her address was phony, too. But illegal aliens are not criminals, right?

      • Coming from a retail industry background, those crimes documented by your wife were most likely the tip of the iceberg. They won’t know the full damage until they audit and inventory the entire store. I’ve seen it 100’s of times. Just another good reason to adopt a national ID program.

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