“Never Mind!”*….And A Few Questions

House Democrats on The Committee on Oversight and Reform tweeted the photo above  to promote their investigation into “inhumane treatment” at the border The hearing,  titled “Kids in Cages: Inhumane Treatment at the Border,” is supposed to examine this alleged inhumane treatment—as illustrated by the photo— that members of the committee allegedly witnessed. The photo was intended as a graphic  sample of the “grotesque treatment of children” at the camps under the Trump Administration.

The photo and tweet were quickly sent down the memory hole when Democrats discovered that, not for the first time, they had used an old photo of camps during the Obama Administration.

After deleting the tweet, the Oversight Committee put up a second tweet with a different photo. This photo also turned out to  be from the Obama administration, and  was also deleted.


  • How many mainstream news media outlets reported this? Isn’t this essential information for the public to assess the sincerity of the Left’s breast-beating over conditions at the border? Why aren’t Democrats and their supporters embarrassed by such botches? Isn’t it the news media’s duty to make certain they are embarrassed?
  • “Children in cages” has been directly cited as justification for harassing and beating citizens wearing MAGA caps. Isn’t it time these same vigilantes started beating Obama supporters?
  • How can Democrats and the Trump Deranged keep making the “children in cages” accusation when evidence of the obvious double standard keeps bubbling up?
  • Will anyone ask Joe Biden about this in a debate? He keeps saying—absurdly and dishonestly—that the Obama Administration had no scandals. The “kids in cages” is supposed to be another Trump scandal. If it is, then it was also an Obama scandal. There is no way out of that bind.
  • Is anyone going to require the wielders of the “kids in cages” canard to clearly define what they consider humane housing for huge numbers of law-breaking border-breachers and their children?  Motel 6 level accommodations?  Marriott? The Ritz?
  • When did chain-link fences become “cages”? Is the idea that detainees should be able to just wander in and out, or leave at will? What would be humane barriers? Plexiglass? Wouldn’t that be “children in terrariums”? Pretty wooden walls? Wouldn’t Democrats call that “children in boxes”?
  • Is it really reasonable to expect facilities for such people to be comfortable? If detention facilities are an upgrade in regards to food, care and safety over the conditions the illegal immigrants are fleeing, isn’t that a perverse incentive?



Pointer and Facts: Daily Caller


10 thoughts on ““Never Mind!”*….And A Few Questions

  1. See, it’s the deleting that’s key to this. If they were honestly concerned about the conditions they wouldn’t care when photos were taken and they’d address whatever problem they think they’re seeing.

    By deleting the photos and tweets, they’re signaling that the problem isn’t a Democrat regime overseeing a detention facility, or even having a these conditions in the first place. The problem in their minds is only that Trump is overseeing these facilities now.

    • Do you think this sort of thing will be brought out in the election? Will the GOP grow the balls to actually run ads bringing this up? It goes a long way to discrediting the media and the constant anti-American message.

      • Nope. This is the kind of fodder for the commentariat because it’s kind of a strawman to the central issue of detention facility conditions.

        Even if it were a compelling “gotcha”, it would still be dismissed as something done by an intern with limited resources or they’d focus on the lack of Trump Era photos as not being transparent.

  2. Maybe FoxNews will. But everyone knows they are white supremacist fascists. So what difference would that make.

  3. Perhaps you’ve noticed lying masked optics and hyperbole is about the only ammunition these people have left besides Trump’s general bad behavior, poor use of language, and tweeting,

  4. Solid, dry, clean, non-earthen floor? Check.
    Secure from gang violence? Check
    Free from sexual violence? Check
    Watertight roof? Check
    HVAC? Check
    Nearby (indoor?), sanitary toilets? Check
    Electric illumination? Check
    Lice-free bedding? Check
    Clean pillow? Check
    Food and water? Check
    Medical attention if obviously ill? Check
    Better than home? Evidently. If the Answer is no to this last question, why are you seeking asylum?

    • This is my question. Frankly, I don’t care whose administration is depicted. It’s a moot point. There’s no question in my mind the U.S. is making every effort to deal humanely with a really crappy situation at the border. Why don’t Mexico and Central American countries just clean up their act? And no, it’s not our duty to give the Kleptocrats running those shitholes more “aid” they can put into their Swiss bank accounts.

      • Agreed. I thought Trump’s threat to heap all kinds of tariffs on Mexico was a brilliant play – it brought Mexico to bear for its failure to take action.

        Immigration activists here are delusional and/or outright dishonest in their positions. They don’t simply want these people to have their asylum cases heard. They know there is little chance of asylum so they have helped overwhelm the system. Talk to Mexicans on the border: they don’t want these people trekking through their backyards waiting to cross the border.

        Think about it: These people are predominantly from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala. How is that they have been traveling from their home countries to the US, through Mexico? Do you think Mexico wants them in their countries? No. Mexico has enough problems. But, who is helping the caravans? Who is giving them food and shelter? Who is paying the costs associated with their travels. What about their home countries? Where is the responsibilities for those places? The new El Salvadoran president said last week that the root cause of the problem is not Trump but the awful conditions in the home countries where there is no work, there is no social mobility, there is no safety where gangs run the places (or at least the police and the military do little to nothing to stop it).


  5. Answers to your questions in the “Notes” section:

    Mainstream outlets reporting on the Obama era tweet used for “children in cages:”

    – Polifact noted Trump correctly tweeted about it, calling it an “attack” and “broad” but “nonetheless accurate.”
    – Washington Times had a story on it (conservative mainstream)
    – MSN reported on it. (liberal mainstream)
    – Business Insider (liberal mainstream)
    – NY Post (conservative mainstream)
    – Townhall (conservative mainstream)
    – Fox (conservative mainstream)
    – The Hill (liberal mainstream)
    – Politico (liberal mainstream)
    – ABC (liberal mainstream)
    – USA Today (liberal mainstream)

    I can’t find any NY Times or WaPo reporting on it. Nor CNN or CBS.

    As far as beating Obama supporters, no, I’d prefer the beatings stop all around. But how many Obama supporters wear Obama hats? How are Antifa supposed to identify them?

    As far as double standards are concerned, you know the Democrats don’t acknowledge those except as they apply to Republicans.

    Ask Joe Biden? No, that’s not likely. Joe’s not going to get any tough questions from the friendly debate hosts.

    Who knows if anyone will ask what is a humane standard? I doubt it. By leaving it undefined, they can make anything fit their narrative.

    Chain link fences are cages when the Democrats say they are. Because reasons.

    It is not reasonable for detention facilities to provide comfort, unless they are run by Republicans. Then, yes. Again, because reasons.

  6. The political left knows good and well that it doesn’t matter one bit if the photos aren’t taken during the Trump Presidency. It’s all about getting an emotional response from their hive that will instantly believe anything that’s anti-Trump and retractions are ignored and irrelevant to the hive.

    The House Democrats on The Committee on Oversight and Reform know this to be true; job well done on their part.

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