From The Ethics Alarms “FUNNY!..But Unethical” Files: The McDonald’s Japan Promotional Cups

Last year, Land O Lakes finally changed its famous Indian Girl logo so you could no longer do the “boobs trick”  by folding the package just right and making a little flap of the butter package that young Elizabeth Warren or whatever her name was holding that when raised would show her oddly shaded knees as something less pedestrian. Why they would bother papering paper over one of the longest-running and most famous  commercial artist gags ever after decades, I don’t know.  In its day, the gag was considered obscene, but by 2018 it was Americana. I had an uncle who kept one of the risque  package cut-outs in his wallet.

There are others, of course. I once got an office supply catalogue in the mail that had a back page with a color image of a man using an office product on one side and an image of a woman using a different product on the other that when held up to the light so both illustrations were visible at once,  produced a composition showing him looking up her skirt. I have been told that commercial artists are prone to such gags, being frequently frozen at the emotional age of 12.

Now some similarly juvenile artists have made a McDonald’s promotion in Japan into another obscene practical joke, this time by modern standards. On each side of two plastic cups, which the stores are handing out in a summer promotion, innocent appearing cartoon drawings of cute young children, a boy and a girl, are visible in  various chaste poses. However, when the drink is gone, one one can see both images at once, and the resulting spectacle is this..

or  this…

I’m sure its just a coincidence.

I wonder how my uncle would have managed to fit those in his wallet? He would have found a way, knowing him.


Source: Mashable

9 thoughts on “From The Ethics Alarms “FUNNY!..But Unethical” Files: The McDonald’s Japan Promotional Cups

  1. In sixth grade, an incomparable classmate walked around with the Land O’Lakes squaw. He’d cut out the rectangle at the top of her chest and would fold the package so her knees could be seen through the rectangle. He didn’t make it past eighth grade. Died, killed himself, playing Russian roulette with his father’s pistol over Christmas break. Truly a wild man who’d never seen a dare he wouldn’t take. At least he didn’t take anyone else with him.

  2. From the more innocent (or submerged) Japan: Things you have (would have had) to see to believe

    Packed away with the odd memorabilia, I still have a little girl’s pencil case, a yellow cloth ink-proofed bag decorated with hearts and flowers and Snoopy dogs (Snoopy: #1 popular design for girls of all ages’ stuff in the 70s) all over it going in all directions, and one word in between most of the pictures: fuck, fuck, fuck. . . . I offered to trade it to anyone who could get me a copy of the poster hanging on the wall by a department store escalator in Yokohama that showed an ad for a Frank Sinatra record album with four words standing out from everything else on it: FRY ME TO THE MOON. There were several takers, but the escalator was too fast and their cameras — I would have settled for a picture — too slow. … Then there was (still is) the uncarbonated drink called Calpis that had (has) a flavor now described as “similiar to plain yogurt” but which was then advertised for its innocuous “taste of milk”. So there was a group of happy teens singing on tv, holding up the bottles in front of a farmyard scene featuring a hefty well-teated heifer, extolling the benefits of what (according to the Japanese alphabet which has no “L” sound) could be heard only as “cow piss.” Last, a disclaimer: The existence of the 1948 banner misspelled “We Pray for MacArthur’s Erection” has never been verified. The likelihood of such existence is, however, 99.9%.

    Your turn:

  3. What next, reconfiguring the one dollar bill so the…um…inclined may no longer fold Washington’s pate into a schvantz…?

    Fun Fact #1–Land O Lakes, a town on the WI Upper Peninsula MI state line, is the source of the mighty WESconsin River.

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