Ethics Hero: Washington Nationals Catcher Kurt Suzuki

So it’s come to this. A professional athlete now qualifies as an Ethics Hero for expressing respect and admiration for the President of the United States while being honored at the White House.

Good job, everybody!

Yes, this is emblematic of the harm “the resistance” has inflicted on the nation and the culture. During a ceremony on the South Lawn, the President Trump introduced a number of Nationals players and invited them to the podium. Asked by Trump Suzuki to “say a couple words,” the Nats catcher pulled out his MAGA hat and put it on, prompting the President to shout, “I love him!” and to give him a hug.

Of course, this spontaneous moment triggered a meltdown among the Axis of Unethical Conduct, especially on social media. Suzuki’s twitter feed transformed into an orgy of hate. Apparently furious that the Capital’s baseball team had the gall to be respectful to its most important resident, a doctored video circulated on Twitter supposedly showing star pitcher and World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg snubbing President Trump by not immediately shaking the president’s hand after speaking. Strasburg  quickly declared the deceptively edited clip “fake news,” and sure enough, the real footage confirms Strasburg shook hands with the President at the podium.

Here’s a typical  deranged Twitter reaction, from political journalist and blogger Robert Palmer:

Banned from baseball! I’m not sure which is more amazing, that a journalist would publicly make such an idiotic statement, or that anyone would take him seriously ever again after he did.  Palmer added, “If you don’t like this tweet, fuck you.”


Suzuki finally made his twitter feed private yesterday after tiring of all the abuse from the Deranged, like  D.C. writer Charlotte Clymer, who wrote,

Not gonna lie: having spent the past decade cheering on the Nats and the last several months obsessed w/ their playoff journey, it’s pretty heartbreaking to see Kurt Suzuki and company go far beyond polite reception and cozying up to a monster who hates people like me.”


Suzuki wasn’t alone:  Ryan Zimmerman, the Nats’ longest serving member, presented the President  with a Nats jersey  and said, “This is an incredible honor I’d like to think none of us will ever forget. We’d also like to thank you for keeping everyone here safe in our country and continuing to make America the greatest country to live in the world.”

Wow. What a horrible person! No, I’m joshing. THIS is a horrible person:

24 thoughts on “Ethics Hero: Washington Nationals Catcher Kurt Suzuki

  1. It’s hard to be astonished at the left anymore, but the Palmer Report Twitter reaction is exactly why we have Donald Trump as President. In the words of the Blogfather, “This is how you get more Trump.”

    On a related note, former White House communication director Sean Spicer is a celebrity on Dancing With the Stars, a show I dutifully watch with my adoring wife. Since doubtless most here aren’t watchers, Spicer has been voted far beyond his level of dancing ability by MAGA supporters looking to stick it to the Left, because the show factors in audience votes as a significant percentage of the score required to stay on the program.

    Predictably, the Left has been melting down over Twitter every Tuesday at 10:00 PM when Spicer is inevitably saved by the Right, despite the fact that he should’ve been gone at least two weeks ago. Trust me when I tell you it is virtually the same kind of comments as the Palmer Report, and just as massive. It’s beginning to get noticed as Spicer has now advanced to the final six.

    This all began back in August when host Tom Bergeron publicly complained about the producers selecting Spicer on Twitter with the explanation that he was hopeful for a non-political return from a one-year hiatus for the show, but was disappointed to find the producers decided to include him anyway.

    Bergeron (whom I like and respect, by the way) opened his mouth and swallowed the show. I accept his reasoning for the opposition, but the Right is having none of it and now the Left is reaping the whirlwind.

    Let me say that I have never cast any kind of DWTS vote as I only watch the show because my wife loves it. But if I could, I would never vote as a partisan exercise, because it’s transparently unethical. Having said that, I’m not the least bit beyond enjoying the sweet wine of Leftist tears over getting their own rules, “everything is political,” rammed down their collective throat.

    Schadenfreude may be unethical, but man, it makes me smile. As to the subject of Jack’s post, it is that same sweet wine from a different vineyard.

  2. But it wouldn’t be a respectful decline because there’s no reason to turn down an invitation from the POTUS to come to the White House unless you don’t respect him. This is exactly why the AUC wants everyone invited to the White House to decline the invitation. They want to show the POTUS the disrespect they believe is his due.

    The Left doesn’t believe in respectful disagreement anymore. “I respect your beliefs but don’t agree with them” is code for “I think you’re an idiot”.

  3. It’s been reported that Palmer Report wrote this tweet and ten deleted it, “If he wore a swastika hat, he’d get banned from baseball — and a MAGA hat is no different”.

    Make America Great Again slogan is now equivalent to a Swastika? These people are nucking futs!

    If people think that the haters in our society are just going to walk away from their new found feeling of empowerment from their hate when President Trump leaves office, you might want to think again, that’s not how hate works – it just selects a “new” target.

    The Washington DC Democrats and extreme progressives hate President Trump so much and they’re so damned certain that Trump has to be guilty of “something” that they can use to impeach him that they are willing to go to any lengths to achieve their goal regardless of collateral damage to our society or our political system. There’s an informal impeachment inquiry in search of a crime that’s been going on since November 2016. In my opinion, there’s been collusion within the Washington DC Democrats to remove the President of the United States from office by means other than an election, it’s a soft coup.

    I have completely had it with the Washington DC Democrat Party swamp. Their festering anti-Trump hate has impermeated everything with their stench and the collateral damage they have caused with the new precedence they’ve instilled into our political system and society will wreak havoc for years to come. I’m not sure we will recover within my lifetime from the Democrats/progressives anti-American words and actions.

    • Our pal Zoltar Speaks!©™® has identified, and codified, any number of Urban Dictionary definitions (until they went Lefty) that exemplify Lefties (most, not all) dangerously, yet voluntarily, immersing themselves into a catatonic, apoplectic, pillow-biting, pants $#!tting, bed wetting, wind-sucking, chest palpitating, vital sign triggering, mouth-breathing, weenie-whiny, simpering-whimpering, complete metaphysical, emotional, existential, psychological, philosophical, full-throated, freaking out, melting down, totally collapsing free-fall.

      Near as I recollect, it began..ooh…’bout three years ago late this Friday/early this Saturday.

  4. Apropos of Robert Palmer:

    Your lights are on, but you’re not home
    Your mind is not your own
    Your heart sweats, your body shakes
    Another speech is all it takes
    You can’t sleep, you can’t eat
    There’s no doubt, you’re in deep
    Your throat is tight, you can’t breathe
    Another tweet is all you need…

    You like to think that its injustice you bemoan
    It’s closer to the truth to say your brain ispews foam
    You know one day you’re gonna have to face it:
    Trump Derangement Syndrome

  5. I recall the posterized versions of Obama with the slogans Hope. These posters were reminiscent of the old poster of Lenin but I do not recall anyone calling them dangerous.

    I always thought Bill Kristol was a bit pompous; this just changes my opinion to that he is a full blown petulant childish pompous ass.

    • My wife had a long-time crush on him.

      This, as with George Will’s “NeverTrump” stance, and Mitt’s, is class-based snobbery as much as anything. These are supposedly bedrock conservatives who now would rather surrender all of their values to the Left than tolerate a POTUS who is “beneath” them.

  6. The slow creep toward oblivion looks more and more like a sprint every day.

    If anyone thinks these people will not happily ostracize, imprison, torture and/or kill you for your beliefs, they are in complete denial.

    Their vile ideology now entitles them to open hatred. If they lose the election next November, no one to the right of AOC in America will be safe.

  7. After the booing Nats fans and Sean Doolittle publicly declining the White House invitation (to the delight of our news media), it does take some courage for any player to treat the President with enthusiastic respect and not merely quiet deference (although there’s nothing wrong with the latter). Kudos to Suzuki.

  8. BRAVO to Washington Nationals player Kurt Suzuki!!

    Putting on a ‘MAGA’ hat is a form of racist hate speech and an implicit threat of violence.

    To the author of THAT bullshit:
    NO – your tweet is a form of racist hate speech and an EXPLICIT threat of violence. You should be banned from Twitter, your blog de-platformed, your every media venture demonetized, and your every future opinion column rejected for publication by every media outlet – you mind-fucked, amoral (and cowardly), anarchist asshole.*

    I dare anyone to post the above paragraph, starting with “NO,” to that author’s Twit-shit-space.*

    *The tweet could end with “outlet.” But, I wasn’t going to comment at all, unless I vented a wee bit of right-wing rage and hatred at the Palmer Report shit-spewer. Time for a full-scale, anything-goes hot war of tit-for-tat between right and left! LET’S ROLL!

    • The Palmer Report was never anything more than a Hillary mouthpiece and apologist. Bill Palmer himself is a shadowy figure hiding behind other writers. The blog has been criticized for posting as though single unsupported statements were gospel. I took one look at the twitter feed and my eyes started to water because they don’t know where to focus. All the blog does is post the same damn anti-trump stuff over and over and over.

      That post is just another example of the self-righteous rage that has infected the left. You used to only hear this kind of rhetoric, if it can be called that, from outliers like Dan Savage, who was once described justifiably here as sui generis. Now every time you look at social media it’s eff you, eff your family, eff everyone who looks like you, and eff everyone HARD who agrees with you and disagrees with me. Why engage with someone, after all, when telling them eff you will get you just as much traffic?

      This harassment and hatred is ridiculous. I don’t think even Richard Nixon was treated like this, where it would be seen as an honor to publicly hate him and refuse to go anywhere near him. The Democrats have no one to blame but themselves if President Biden or President Warren is also treated like shit by the other side.

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