Fevered Thoughts While Hanging The Christmas Tree Lights…

(…which is NOT going well. At all.)

Even Andy Williams blaring out “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” couldn’t stop my mind from flowing into dark places.

Anything can happen, of course, but it is not too early to seriously consider what will happen if Donald Trump sweeps to victory next November. All the signs point that way now. The Democratic Party/”resistance”/ mainstream media axis’s plan(s) to take destroy Trump and force him out of the White House have not only failed, but made him stronger and more defiant. Those who voted for him deeply resent the way their choice for President has been treated—more disrespectfully and disgracefully than any previous POTUS—and are substantially more enthusiastic about their support than ever. Many of those who did not vote for him—like me—have seen their alarm over the increasingly radical, bellicose and anti-American drift of the Democratic Party slowly overcome their visceral revulsion at Trump’s style, manners, character and rhetoric. In the meantime, either by good fortune or good management (or a combination of both), the nation is doing well in many respects, and the President deserves credit.

The Democratic Party’s reliance on Big Lies to counter that, as was on display most recently in the PBS/Politico debate, is transparent, unconvincing and damning. Joe Biden, the alleged front-runner for the nomination, said that the economy is “out of kilter.” High employment, low unemployment, higher wages and a booming stock market is only “out of kilter” to socialists, who measure success in the relative terms of “How dare anyone do better than I’m doing! That’s not fair!” Unfortunately for Democrats but fortunately for us, most Americans don’t think that way–enviously, greedily, avariciously. They don’t resent the success of others; they don’t believe is absolute equality of outcomes. Well, high employment, low unemployment, higher wages and a booming stock market is only “out of kilter” to socialists…and liars.

Polls–I know, I know—show President Trump with more approval from African Americans than any Republican President or candidate has had  in decades other than when Colin Powell was considering a run, almost a third. Some of that will fall to habit and peer pressure, but if Trump gets a percentage of black votes  approaching 20%, the Democrats are looking at losing in a landslide.

This is especially true because, again, absent some lightning strike, the Democratic candidate who will oppose Trump will either be a weak moderate, who will not energize the base, or an extreme, narrow base  candidate who will alienate independents and Democrats who do not want to “fundamentally alter America.” Defeating incumbent Presidents is extremely rare and difficult; defeating them when the economy is good is nearly impossible; and defeating them with Left Wing ideologues…the template is George McGovern. This fact is obscured by the anomolies of the late 20th Century: Kennedy’s assassination before he could run again; Johnson’s derailment by the Vietnam War; Nixon’s self-immolation; Ford’s unelected Presidency; Carter’s sanctimonious incompetence; and Bush I’s victimization by the Understudy Phenomenon (every President elected because a popular transformational President designated him as his successor—Van Buren, Taft, and Bush—has fallen after a single term) misleadingly suggest that defeating an incumbent is a breeze.

Of course, Donald Trump could encounter one of the unexpected disasters that took down some of these men; surely his recklessness makes that possible. Time is running out, however, and the horrible “resistance” miscalculation that is the impeachment fiasco looks like it will be a permanent anchor on any attempted Democratic recovery.

So back to the original question: how will the Trump Deranged react if they lose again?

The worst case scenario, from a complete freak-out perspective, would be another popular vote loss for Trump with an Electoral College victory. (Well, the absolute worst would be a 2000-style dead heat with the Supreme Court having to adjudicate.) For the sake of sanity, however, let’s just assume a clear, normal, uncontroversial win, with the President winning the popular vote and a strong electoral vote majority.

Then what?

Based on what I’ve seen so far in the news media and in social media, I think the anti-Trump obsessed, triggered by irresponsible Democratic Party leaders and with inadequate leadership from past Democratic figures and others with at least minimal influence over the woke and the broke, and shocked, as unreasonable as that is, by false expectations of victory because of the sound-proof echo chambers where they receive only warped versions of reality, will leave all perspective and civic responsibility behind.

They will proclaim their loss as proof that democracy no longer works, and that the American public has been corrupted by evil values. They will claim, regardless of the facts, that the election results were manipulated, tainted, and unreliable. Like Stacy Abrams, whoever the Democratic candidate is will declare that he or she was defeated by voter suppression, foreign interference, voter machine tampering, or other sinister means. A new, angrier, crazier “resistance”  will march, and demonstrate, and protest, while the complicit mainstream media will egg them on, declaring a Constitutional crisis. There is no justice, no equality, no hope, we will be told, over and over. There will be more physical attacks on Republicans in public, and more violent ones.

For his part, Donald Trump will only be capable of exacerbating the madness, not calming it. He will gloat, and mock, and antagonize his foes, creating in them the same emotions as someone pointing and laughing as their house is burning down or their child is dying.

And some point, I fear, the rest of the country will really get angry.

This scenario, I believe is more than likely, and it will be bad for everyone. There is a part of me, growing stronger every day, after my usual measure of abuse and gaslighting and condescension on Facebook, that is inclined to say, Good. These juvenile fools, and their party and ideological fellow-travelers, asked for this result. They can live with it. They were warned that their reaction to the 2016 election would make a 2020 victory for Trump more rather than less likely, and that they would harm themselves as well as divide the country. They were warned, the signs were clear and obvious, yet they proceeded down this irresponsible path anyway. This should teach them. The more pain the better.”

Except that  my ethical part would not be saying or thinking these things, and I do not believe that you heal a societal rift by tugging on it.

There are ways to mitigate this disaster before it occurs. There have to be.

Right, now, however, I am unable to think of what those might be.

22 thoughts on “Fevered Thoughts While Hanging The Christmas Tree Lights…

  1. Today I gave my Christmas sermon. I do a similar sermon every year because there is only so much you can say about the birth of Jesus. I do it for two reasons. One, because it is expected, but two, because it is the time of year everyone tends to be looking. You see, more and more people are rejecting Jesus. While this makes me sad, but I still have hope for humanity. It seems that no matter where you are, people are a little bit better this time of year. 1914 in the trenches reminded us of that.

    I agree with you Jack. It seems the world is going to crap because they can’t control their own impulses. But it is Christmas. There is hope for good tidings. There is hope for peace and goodwill among men. I hold out that even among the politically motivated, they have to see there is no end game here. The president deserves his shave. We deserve leaders who care more about us than petty political differences. The moderates are seeing it.

    Because what is the alternative? Civil war? We already did that. Even if the right or left wins, everyone loses. We would only be fighting each other. There is still hope for us as Americans. I lost my wallet last week, and it was returned, all the cash in it. That gave me hope. My kid made a choice to take a punch instead of fight back. That gave me hope. While on vacation, I talked to many people who gave advice on how to navigate the perils of Disney. It gave me hope. I watched a guy yell and scream at a costumer while waiting to get my wallet back. That man who took it kept a smile on his face the whole time. I see the darkness everywhere. But I also see the rays of light piercing the darkness because the darkness can not overcome it. If there is a secular meaning to Christmas, I believe this is it. Have hope in the middle of the darkness because the light can and will reach you. Afterall, after Christmas brings a New Year with new possibilities.

    Merry Christmas Jack and Everyone

  2. Putting up Christmas decorations is a marriage-builder. That’s why we now put up two four-foot trees that are pretty much fully decorated. A few ornaments, a hanging on the door, a string of lights on the bushes…done. One hour, if that. I recommend cookies and egg-nog, which can sometimes smooth the rough edges.


    I actually think your “Facebook” response is really good – measured, factual, and frank, but without the inflammatory “ha-ha-ha-in-your-face” that often tags along.

    But I fear it won’t matter anyway…

    Honestly? If the Democratic candidate wins in 2020, I think the Left goes nuts regardless, seeing the victory as an affirmation of everything they have been shrieking about since November 2016. They may see it as license to act harshly – maybe even violently – with complete freedom.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I think your disaster is almost inevitable, win or lose. At this point, I’ll still take the disaster as a response to a Trump win…and to paraphrase another commenter, I will swim through a pool of burning napalm to vote for him before I would ever pull the lever for one of the Democrats.

  3. Right now I’m thinking that if Trump pulls another Electoral College victory, I think the reaction from the left will be much worse than last time, but if he wins the popular vote…call me overly optimistic, I don’t think it will be much worse than the Bush/Gore controversy. The Squad might try to stir up trouble, but I don’t see the senior Democrats being stupid enough to cry foul when even the majority vote is against them. I’m also inclined to think that the overall Resistance won’t have quite the same shock to their system. Before they were SURE that they would follow up the first black president with the first woman president, and when Trump came in from behind it was a world-shattering event for them. This time his win may be more expected.

  4. What my most hopeful self is that some B level Democrat or higher, someone at least known outside their geography, takes a hard look at how their party and media are careening toward violence of all kinds in this supposed march to a kinder and more enlightened future. I used to lean very strongly toward Dem. back when they spoke for free speech and anti-big brother. We can argue when and why they lost their shit and othered not just the hardcore far-right, but also the left-leaning moderates, but that will be an academic exercise for grad students someday.

    The thing is, they should probably read Profiles in Courage because whoever tries to stop the trainwreck will take a lot of heat from the obsessed leaders of the mob that was set howling. Everyone has secrets or some unpopular views and those will be used to try to deny the truth or need to pull up before the runaway horse runs off the cliff. Trump winning again is wholly from their bad behavior for the last four years. I did not really want Trump to win, but figured the Dems would dust themselves off and change directions like every other time they unexpectedly lost.

    But no leader has stepped up, as the mob gets egged up higher and higher, for power… for fund-raising… more and more I have to believe for smug jollies. Now, the mob is already eating any like Ellen who dare to even fall out of step. Whoever wants to stop this wreck will need to be brave and quicker to react well when the mob turns on them, long enough to start gathering allies. The Dems have long been more a cooalition than a group with a purpose and this tactic to energize their base is destructive. They really need someone to inspire them, instead of building their future wholly on hatred.

    And they say so much about hate speech being bad, and they will not stop it.

    It will take a really brave person to stop the madness. A charismatic person, a known person, and sadly for the issue a minority would have a better chance to survive the pushback. But a minority will not be brave enough to risk losing their gains enough to be brave. So I doubt anyone who might be able to convert the medden mob back into people with friends of all kinds. I have a slight hope that an older and respected Dem could take this role… for this hysteria is poison that the majority will not swallow.

  5. I think if Trump wins next year it’s very likely that the Deep State or the resistance will make a serious attempt to assassinate him.

    • My husband and I were just saying this. Depending on how that goes down and how people behave during that time, we aren’t sure that it won’t be the start of the Second Civil War.

  6. We’ve already been thinking about this due to living in Portland. If Trump wins we suspect it will be a shit show. So we’ll be with family in Eastern Oregon or Idaho where just about everyone is heavily armed. We may be being overly cautious, and if so then at least we get to see our loved ones.

  7. You have once again hit the nail on the head for many people. Everyone I know who voted for Trump in 2016 didn’t vote for Trump, we voted against Hillary and all she stands for. Most of us have, to some degree or another, become Trump supporters as he has made measurable improvements in many areas and have upped that support in defense from the progressively worsening attacks from the left.

    Assuming that the current trend of Democrat self-destruction continues up to the election, we agree that the left will likely lose the last tiny remnant of self-control and attempt some truly irrational and foolish stunts in retribution for the demolition of their fantasy world. I won’t try to guess what that will look like.

    • Assuming that the current trend of Democrat self-destruction continues up to the election, we agree that the left will likely lose the last tiny remnant of self-control and attempt some truly irrational and foolish stunts in retribution for the demolition of their fantasy world. I won’t try to guess what that will look like.

      We stand ready when they act out.

  8. JP wrote (above):

    Today I gave my Christmas sermon. I do a similar sermon every year because there is only so much you can say about the birth of Jesus. I do it for two reasons. One, because it is expected, but two, because it is the time of year everyone tends to be looking. You see, more and more people are rejecting Jesus. While this makes me sad, but I still have hope for humanity. It seems that no matter where you are, people are a little bit better this time of year. 1914 in the trenches reminded us of that.

    We have to accept that — definitely in Europe and N America — that we no longer live in a Christian civilization. The term being used — now if begins to make more sense to me — is ‘Post-Christian’. Romano Guardini [in The End of the Modern World] develops the idea that to understand European Christianity, one has to focus on the Medieval Period where — metaphysically — there was in fact no alternative but to see and understand the world in Christian terms. There was no other reigning metaphysic, meaning there was no other way to *see the world* nor to understand man.

    The most complete ordering of medieval life was found in its religious point of view and practice, in its Christian “cult.” Expressed by myriad symbolic forms, that cult affirmed repeatedly the eternal significance of salvation for every moment in human life. In the dimension of space, that cult found expression in medieval architecture, especially in the cathedral or episcopal chair, which dominated all other churches in the diocese. These churches, in their turn, carried forward the blessed work, sanctifying space itself by spreading cemeteries, chapels and wayside crosses over the land. The very land became hallowed by the presence of the Church at large. Each church building itself, through the supernatural rite of consecration, symbolized and enfolded the whole of Creation. Every part of a church building from the direction of its main axis to its most minute appointments was invested with a divine meaning which fused the cosmic picture of the world with the course of sacred history into a symbolic whole. The countless figures of the saints and the stories of salvation were everywhere carved in wood, emblazoned in color and glorified by the art of stained glass. In the very fullness of its being, the world of the spirit stood before the eyes of the people.

    It is interesting to closely examine why people have ‘rejected Jesus’. It is a very curious and a difficult problem. Principally, we cannot ‘accept Jesus’ because we cannot see the world in those metaphysical terms. The new vision, the vision defined by scientists and materialism has made this impossible. Now, if we are to *believe in* such things, we will have to believe in “a mixture of primitive simplicity and fantastic imagination” and to force ourselves to *see the world* in terms which are metaphysically untenable.

    This is — of course — why people are forced — and here I stress that it is not so much an act of their will but a necessary conclusion based on the evidence — to refashion and re-envision the Incarnation of God into the flesh of man in a way that is ‘intelligible’ to them. Since therefor is no ‘transcendent realm’ and no world of angelic being (the world where ‘Heaven’ would be located) there is only this realm: the physical manifestation. Thus there can really be no ‘Incarnation’, and thus this man Jesus Christ can only be interpreted — logically — as a prophet for material betterment, for social reorganization along more ‘just’ lines, and more or less everything that we understand to be ‘social doctrine’.

    So yes, what would one say about the birth of Jesus? How could one make any sense at all when, now, we are fully on the outside of the possibility of *seeing the world* in those metaphysical terms?

    What is really REALLY strange is that we have to face the facts that we are non-believers and that we are *outside of the possibility of belief*. And if we wish to *come back in* we have to perform, inside of ourself, a very odd ‘manoeuvre’ as I call it (with the old spelling!) We actually have to believe against the Will of the Era. We have to counter-assert a whole range of truths which are thoroughly unsupported by ‘the world’ and which ‘the world’ can do no else but to deny (because they simply cannot be true). We either have to reinstall, somehow, the ‘former metaphysic’ as an active and not a pretended belief-system, or we have to convert all the previous metaphysical terms — which were understand as Absolutes — into Symbols and Allusions. Not ‘real truths’ in and of themselves, but allusions to other levels of truth which, to one degree or another, we either hardly believe in or are doing all that we can to force ourself to believe.

    The situation we face is quite different from the situation faced by early Christians for this simple reason: at that time to be a Christian was to assert a honed and sharpened set of metaphysical beliefs, but the age was not An Age of Disbelief, not an Atheistic Age. So to be a Christian believer was to be a radical reformer of a corrupt or imprecise Belief System (paganism). The Reform recommended by Christians (‘taking the Christian cure’) was a proper and logical step for a person to take. And on that basis Europe and Christian Civilization came into being!

    But now? What is the ‘enemy’ of belief? In fact the enemy of belief is truth and by this I mean ‘the material facts’ and also ‘reality’ as it is defined by our present metaphysics: a kind of non-metaphysical metaphysics that is immensely powerful and which *convinces* at levels which make ‘other belief’ impossible. To believe . . . is madness . . . by definition.

    I am not making this up, people.

    OK, so with that said I am available to give talks in your Church to help people get this sorted out. I don’t charge anything but I will accept Christmas cookies! 🙂

  9. Jack, I am not sure we will make it to the 2020 election before major violence breaks out. This impeachment move seems to be a taunt aimed at the far right to elicit a violent response from them. I moved back to the rust belt after living on the coasts for decades. The leftist around here don’t seem to be impeachment crazy and the right is pissed and very untrustworthy of just about everybody. The right pays more attention to those things that strengthen and are favorable to thier positions just as the Left does. Now for years they have seen these professionals, lawyers, doctors, academics, and journalists tell them all the ways that they and President Trump are wrong and that the “facts” don’t support the Rights’ assertions. Now that facts of what looks like a conspiracy against candidate and President Trump have been detailed by the IG there is 0 trust and good will. This is especially galling because despite the evidence of the government clearly trampling citizens rights no one on the left seems to take it seriously but instead cheers the move forward with impeachment on ambiguous charges, short on facts that passed with only one party voting for it. If you view what is happening as a coup, at what point do you disregard the law and take action against those you view as the culprits?

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