Unethical Tweet Of The Week: The Tweeter In Chief

The President could win this category every week, but this one is especially annoying.

  • It gives his enemies—and they are enemies—a stick to beat him with, since they obsess about the most trivial things he says or does anyway whether there is anything wrong with them or not.
  • It reinforces the stereotype that he is an idiot.
  • In doing so, it undermines his credibility and trust as a leader.
  • It makes what is supposed to be an honor for the Chiefs into a joke.
  • The gaffe alienates one entire state, if not two.
  • It exhibits extreme carelessness.
  • It potentially injures untold Americans, who rolled their eyes so hard that they risked blindness.
  • A President should know the states and major cities of the nation he leads…without having to check.

If the President is determined to communicate directly to the public, he is obligated  to do so with care, consideration, and competence. He doesn’t.

But we knew that.

41 thoughts on “Unethical Tweet Of The Week: The Tweeter In Chief

  1. I’ve heard everything’s really great in Kansas City, they’ve built a building seven stories high. (Not tall enough to cross the state line into Kansas should it fall.) Though, to be honest, I can never remember which side is the more populous and hosts the pro sports teams.

  2. I’m pretty solid when it comes to geography, and I live less than 3 hours from KC, but I would have gotten that wrong, too. That’s why I don’t use Twitter…and a pretty good reason that someone – clearly not me – should at least proof-read the President’s tweets.

  3. It reinforces the stereotype that he is an idiot?

    Your phrasing suggests that it is wrongly suggested that he is an idiot, when he is in fact quite stupid. I have a friend in the White House and others who work in the Administration — I’m surprised that I still possess my sight after all of the eye-rolling I have done over the past 3 years. Last night’s tweet only was interesting to me because I pondered whether Rs in KS and MO will vote for him anyway. I suspect they will — although this mistake by a Democratic President probably would have been viewed as unforgivable.

    • I am guilty of referring to Trump as an idiot, but that is a foolish simplification, by me and anyone. He certainly says and does an amazing number of stupid things for someone who is not stupid, but as with Bush II, and Reagan, and Ike, Democrats are foolish to fail to learn that these leaders are not stupid, and if they were, they wouldn’t succeed as often as they did, or make their adversaries look ridiculous, which Trump clearly has in the nonsense just completed. It is literally impossible to come through the GOP mob of wannabes in 2015, and the debates with Hillary, and be stupid. He does not think like a lawyer, or anyone I know of, but there are many, many types of intelligence, and he obviously has one.

      Meanwhile, advocating open borders is stupid.
      Wanting to ban airplanes and cows is stupid.
      Medicare for all is stupid.
      Socialism is per se stupid.
      Saying that Mike Brown was murdered is stupid.
      Giving someone veto power over Cabinet nominees because they are transgender is stupid.
      Opposing a standing army is stupid.
      “Believe all women” is stupid.
      Claiming that late term embryos aren’t lives is stupid.
      Letting people choose their gender is stupid.
      Wiping out student loans is stupid.
      Letting biological males clobber female athletes in competitions is stupid.
      Crippling the economy to take dubious measures against an uncertain future phenomenon that might not occur is stupid.
      Obama’s Iran deal was stupid.
      Defending a dead terrorist general is stupid.
      Thinking you can ban guns is stupid.
      Eliminating the electoral college is stupid.
      Voting against a distinguished SCOTUS nominee because of a 30 year old, unsubstantiated accusation of conduct while he was still a juvenile is stupid.
      Thinking “abuse of power” is a coherent justification for impeachment is stupid.
      Not firing James Comey would have been stupid.
      Arguing that mainstream media isn’t spectacularly biased and untrustworthy is stupid.
      Raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks is stupid.
      Affirmative action that penalizes qualified Asian-American applicants is stupid. Encouraging universities to punish male students on a “preponderance of the evidence’ standard is stupid.
      Claiming the everything is terrible when the economy is so good us stupid.
      Announcing that you want to impeach the President as soon as he is sworn in is stupid.
      Calling Trump a dictator is stupid.

      Underestimating him is stupid.

      It’s fascinating that idiot though he is, the President somehow manages to be on the non-stupid side of so many issues.

        • I like that comment. If it wasn’t mine, it would be a COTD…and remember, it’s Spartan’s comment that inspired it. Which is why the progressives are so important here, and so missed when they flee.

            • Not at all. Spartan isn’t stupid whatsoever, although arrogance is certainly strong with that one.

              But it is the smug arrogance of others that often inspire the best responses, regardless of where you stand on the ideological scale. That smugness tends to focus the mind, because it is generally so offensive and, in the case of almost all liberals, stupifyingly unjustified.

      • You just listed many things that are not per se stupid — or ideas where reasonable and intelligent people can disagree.

        But not knowing basic geography about the country you govern, and in particular states that helped win you your office is stupid. Not letting smarter people who support you check your communications is stupid.

        Trump can be clever and he can fall ass-backward into good things despite his best efforts otherwise. I remain convinced that Trump did not want to be President and was just running to stroke his ego and boost his media profile. But that isn’t being intelligent. It’s being lucky and a little privileged. Kasich was a far better candidate but he wasn’t flashy enough to beat him. Rubio was too young and Cruz continues to possess the most punchable face in the country.

        For the record, I will cop to being arrogant on certain topics — and basic geography knowledge is one of them. But I am hardly a limousine liberal — I am a pig farmer’s daughter from a fly over state and I was liberal as a child, one of the few in my community. Going to college did not make me this way and I only live on the East Coast as an accommodation to my husband. Otherwise, I would still be in fly-over land.

        • I never said you were arrogant, and I don’t think that, either. And I agree that the KC mistake is a stupid one for any President to make. It is not equivalent to Obama’s “57 states” gaffe, which was oral, and pretty obviously a brain misfiling episode, where the 50 states were in the same cranial file as “Heinz 57.” The tweet, in contrast, is in writing, and a President’s tweets are not like a normal citizen’s. They have to be considered carefully, and checked, because they represent the office.

          And, as already mentioned in the thread, it’s particularly galling gaffe after CNN mocked Trump supporters a s geographically ignorant morons.

          Nonetheless, the President cannot be dismissed as an idiot.

    • Ah yes, Sparty. All the holdovers in the sludge-like bureaucracy who never leave D.C. who worshipped the brilliant Barack Obama who spoke of the Marine Corpse.

      • Or “We’re the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad.” — President Barak Obama, Cincinnati, OH, Sept. 22, 2011″

        Trump’s malapropism was a matter of confusion of two locations with the same name, a confusion many people would make without much comment other than a correction. The same cannot be said about Obama’s — his was a frank abuse of English no matter how you look at it.

        Still, Trump’s faux-pas was unforgivable, because he had all the time in the world to get it right. He’s just so arrogant he can’t ask others to check his facts and make sure he doesn’t stomp all over his manhood when he utters a tweet.

        • This my take as well, Glenn. Obama was hailed as a brilliant scholar, so any gaffes he made were excused as momentary lapses. Trump, like Biden now, can’t afford such mistakes, because of copfete, because of the IQ boasting, because of the bias against him that has been fanned by the news media. Fairly or not, a President is expected to know the geography of his country. Mixing up the Kansas Cities, or the Dakotas, or the Carolinas, or Portland, Maine and Portland, Oregon, does not promote confidence.

  4. I have a strong suspicious that Trump isn’t much interested in pro football. Still, the tweet does make him look like an idiot like Obama’s comment about the 51 States.

  5. We know that Donald Trump cannot resist himself.

    After all the attacks from DC Democrats, the political left leaning media and this impeachment folly how many questions directed at the President’s ego in the debates will be intentionally setup to entrap President Trump. With his unethical loose cannon mouth, he will bite at any bait that’s dangled in front of him and then babble himself into a mess.

        • Bless your heart! Yet you act like you and your super smart lawyer friends are superior to all us rubes. It leaks out of every pore, every sentence you write, especially when Trump is involved.

          Funny how such a stupid man keeps confounding all of your super intelligent friends who suck up the governmental teat while looking down on those who pay for your cushy lives.

  6. I thought the bigger concern would be a presidential endorsement of CTEball. I think it’s more offensive that he left out Missouri. The Chiefs do represent Kansas as well as western Missouri. I’d say Trump isn’t wrong to name Kansas, but he is wrong to not name Missouri as well. But hey, those wrongs are eclipsed by the endorsement of football, anyway.

  7. Perhaps I am an idiot as well. I for one do not understand what makes the two comments posted today unethical. Let me ask everyone, what state do the NY Giants or NY Jets play for when MetLife stadium is in East Rutherford New Jersey. The NY Jets are headquartered in Florham Park, NJ. Why did we refer to the Redskins as Washington DC’s team when they play at FedEx field in Landover, or is it Largo, MD? They are so close I get them confused. If I am not mistaken Maryland taxpayers paid for the stadium through its Stadium Authority? Exactly, why do these teams claim to be from somewhere other than where they play? Why do DC’ites get to claim they won the Superbowl if the Redskins go all the way. Seems Unethical to me. The Meadowlands and FedEx Field are about as far from the state border as is Arrowhead stadium.

    “A President should know the states and major cities of the nation he leads…without having to check.” I thought there was a Kansas City, Kansas; who knew? I am being facetious here. I don’t think this applies here because it the issue requires a knowledge of which state actually is considered the team’s home state. I would not have known. Missouri has the Rams right? Such a relatively sparsely populated state has two NFL team; wow who knew?

    Based on my understanding of geography Arrowhead Stadium is about ten miles from the KS/MO border that splits the city in two. To what demographic citizen base does the team belong? Are Kansas City Kansans ineligible to be considered a major component of the fan base? How much of the team’s revenue originates from the Missouri fan base and Kansas fan base? Does it matter?

    I suppose my point is – so what. He made a mistake and when it was realized he took it down. What I find unethical is the preoccupation to find fault with every misstep, every error, every gaffe made by any of the candidates. Does finding fault make us feel so much more superior? Some have said he should have a proofreader. How do we know that he did not ask and one of Sparty’s friends who work in the White House and like to roll their eyes at Trump said it’s in Kansas? We don’t, but it is very plausible given his enemies ongoing efforts to make him look bad especially those that like to pick up metaphorical sticks to beat him with. Perhaps the unethical ones are those that keep taking government paychecks while making fun of the elected boss. It must be nice to have a guaranteed income and be able to ridicule the boss with impunity. It must make those folks seem truly superior. Would we all feel better if he condemned both teams and the fan base for enabling the sport that renders the athletes dementia patients from CTE? Maybe he should have complained that the half-time show objectified women. Perhaps he should just say nothing and forget the congratulatory phone call to sports teams.

    I am aware of another posting that erred recently and took more time to correct than Trump’s tweet. I believe that no one deemed the author that made the error unethical because that author corrected it as soon as it became known that the post was totally wrong. Should we not employ the Golden Rule here as well. I want to focus on the big stuff not piddley ass issues.

    As for Joni Ernst, I don’t think she said anything that has not been posted here. We have all lamented the lowering of the bar on impeachment and I agree that using impeachment as a weapon should never happen again. I did not see the tweet as a threat but a restatement of the potentiality of retaliation. The reality is that every president going forward could be subject to this precedent if Democrats vote lock step to convict. Congresswoman Ernst could have cautioned Republicans against potential retaliation but I believe the message was designed to make Democrats think about reinforcing the idea of weaponizing impeachment. The vote to convict has not yet happened and will occur on Wednesday. If some Democrats believe that retaliation is inevitable then they might just vote to acquit rather than follow the party over the cliff. Pelosi states that impeachment is forever – so is every recorded vote come this Wednesday. If enough Democrats vote not to convict they might prevent a retaliatory strike on the next Democrat President which is what rational people who do not want to see ongoing partisan impeachments happen.

    • 1. It would be a “so what?” in isolation. At this point, in fact since he was elected with such a hostile opposition, Trump cannot afford such self-engineered wounds, having executed so many of them, and as I said, a competent leader does not careless undermine his trust and credibility.

      2. The Senator’s loose talk is like threatening rebellion or civil war—even as a warning, it is reckless and irresponsible.

  8. How did I miss THIS? One of the things Don Lemon’s mean girls were mocking Trump supporters for was not knowing those “lines on the map.” His tweet essentially gave credence to their slur.

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