The WHO Funding Freeze

Tedros Adhanom, director general of WHO, meets with Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing on Jan. 28, 2020

President Trump has been a busy bee that last few days, causing heads to explode all over. Most controversial of all was his freezing WHO funds. There should be little doubt that U.S. funding for the World Health Organization—it currently pays for about 15% of WHO’s budget—should be examined and possibly reconsidered.  The U.S. doesn’t (or shouldn’t) need WHO: this is one of many examples of U.S. largess for the benefit of poorer nations. However, especially after the economic carnage and our government’s expenditures of non-existent funds to respond to the pandemic here, there are legitimate reasons to ask whether the U.S. is in any position to be altruistic.

Also, as with most international organizations, WHO does not share the values and ethics alarms of the United States and its culture, making our wholehearted support both unwise and unpalatable to those of us who do not embrace the “one world” ideology of Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and others. For example, WHO wants governments to ban alchoholic beverages during the pandemic: 

Drinking alcohol can increase the risk of catching Covid-19 and make it worse if you do get it, the World Health Organization said, recommending that government leaders around the world limit access to alcohol during coronavirus lockdowns. “Alcohol compromises the body’s immune system and increases the risk of adverse health outcomes,” the WHO’s regional office for Europe said on its site late Tuesday, citing heavy alcohol use throughout the continent.

Don’t tell the Governor of Michigan about this. You know, drinking alcoholic beverages to excess “increases the risk of adverse health outcomes’ with or without a pandemic. If you want riots over the lockdown in the U.S., this is the way to get the, and fast. Yes, the world organizations we fund and belong to don’t understand our democracy or the importance of personal liberty, as indeed don’t many of our political leaders.

The immediate reason for the freeze, however, is the World Health Organization’s “severely mismanaging and covering up the coronavirus.” This it undoubtedly did, as well as making it clear, if it wasn’t already, that the WHO is in Communist China’s metaphorical pocket. Yesterday Dr. Birx asked an obvious question: How exactly did China and WHO not know that the virus spread between humans, and not, as both originally claimed, between animals and humans? The answer is also obvious: it was a cover-up, and WHO was complicit, claiming there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission.” Then WHO allowed the situation to worsen and spread (“WHO advises against the application of any restrictions of international traffic“) while continuing to praise China. (“China deserves gratitude and respect“).

However, it is hard to argue against the criticism that a full evaluation of WHO’s conduct in this episode (and others) should  wait until the pandemic is under control.

Freezing the funds now looks bad, and is bad. It’s irresponsible—not the act itself, but the timing.


34 thoughts on “The WHO Funding Freeze

    • I agree. Freezing funds now gives him the most leverage. It forces the spotlight directly on WHO and the US. The WHO is not without options. There are over 190 countries that can make up a shortfall. The last Director stayed 6 months in a 1000 a night hotel room in Africa. The average American will not give two hoots about the WHO after this is over. What resources has the WHO provided around the world to treat people let alone in the US.? It may look bad but so too does looking like a fool while an antagonist lives large on your dime.

  1. We need a complete and thorough decoupling.

    Recognize Taiwan. Full support of Hong Kong protesters. Complete ban on their cheap knockoff products. Incentivize American production of every single medical or otherwise necessary product currently coming from China.

    If we want endless cheap foreign labor and a billion people to sell Starbucks to, we already have India for that. Not perfect but much better. Let them benefit from being less awful.

    Force our corporations to get out of China; including the entertainment conglomerates who depend on China to make their Hollywood movies profitable. They are the same companies that own NBC News, ABC News, CNN, and the Washington Post. It is obvious that they are not maintaining their journalistic integrity under this arrangement. They need to choose who they will serve.

    It’s got to happen now; and frankly, for all his many, many faults, Trump’s reelection is critical now. If we get President Biden it’s going to be back to business as usual quickly, with some toothless tough talk thrown in that won’t go anywhere.

  2. One of the first clues was Tedros’ weasel-wording in his statement “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission.” Reading that comment as a layman, “clear” might imply an all-or-nothing judgement regarding the transmissibility of the virus when, in reality, the “clear” characterization could have been 51% to 49%. Having oberved the CCP, WHO, and their cronies over the past few months, I’m going with the 2nd interpretation.

  3. But, if they have (and are) making the pandemic WORSE, shouldn’t their funding be cut immediately to keep them from doing more damage? If my house is on fire, I’m not waiting until it is out to stop the guy who keeps standing on the fire hoses.

    • Precisely. If the WHO really are fucking this up as badly as it seems they are, they need to be sidelined immediately to mitigate the damage they’re doing.

      If Bill Gates and his ilk want the WHO to be funded, they’re welcome to dig deep into their vast resources and do it privately.

      • I like the idea that Bill Gates finally read the Bible and all he got out of it was “Huh, you need a mark to be able to buy and sell stuff. That is a great idea!”.

  4. China ia currently banning any research into the origins of thei virus. Happily, this lends some credence to my “conspiracy theory” that China was attempting to weaponize the virus and it got away from them or was intentionally released.

      • Some notes

        I did a little research into The Epoch News and discovered its Falun Gong association. Falun Gong being basically a Qigong meditation and movement practice with strong Buddhist connection, or a Chinese post-Buddhist physical and mental discipline that was favored and encouraged by the Communist rulership until they felt it to be a threat. Very interesting to read about Falun Gong philosophy. The practice centers around the cultivation of a moral being.

        I also read — or scanned more properly — an article in the NYTs (Feb 5, 2020) which ‘pokes’ at The Epoch Times with this lede: “Epoch Times, Punished by Facebook, Gets a New Megaphone on YouTube”. Reading the NYTs, and ‘reading through the NYTs’ has become for me a fruitful discipline insofar as it has become, as with so many things, tinged with dubious intentionality. As Jack often notices it has stopped being properly journalistic and has become more some sort of ‘opinion organ’ for interests that I frankly do not fully understand. And yet — I think — it is imperative to understand what those interests are. I have thought, with a bit of prejudice, that the NYTs is a mouthpiece of the ‘New York Intellectual Establishment’, which could be simply Liberal Jewish or Trotskyite Jewish or perhaps Tikkun-style Liberal Jewish, or perhaps not these exclusively but something else which I do not understand. Yet what I find most interesting, and it is the thing I most focus on, is that no matter where one goes to receive in-form-ation, one only encounters sources which, to one degree or another, disguise their purposes.

        This led me to the consideration of what is known as ‘cunning intelligence’ through the Greek term ‘mêtis’ [Μῆτις – “wisdom,” “skill,” or “craft”] which then led to a consideration of the craft and art of concealment and trickery in nature. As anyone can easily notice we recognize two possible poles when we encounter idea and discourse whose purpose is to influence us (influence being the operative, and the key word). Sophistry and the art of the sophist is one pole. Where the untrue is made to seem true through manipulation of an unskilled and untrained mind. The other pole is one that asserts that it does not require sophistical argument or ‘subterfuge’: the elucidation of truth through ordered reason.

        Just as the natural world is one in which trickery and cunning, concealment and duplicity, polymorphism and deception are part-and-parcel of survival strategies, the nature of ‘natural intelligence’ is to develop a mêtis which is required in order to survive. The pressure exerted by the predator is the cause for the prey’s development of a corresponding craft: that of avoiding falling into traps; that of seeing through trickery.

        We were talking about Charles H Green a few days ago. Charles Green teaches ‘trust’ as a basis, or the proper basis anyway, of relationships. I watches a few of his videos and glossed some of his articles on the topic. His essential idea is a hopeful one: that if we are grounded in honesty and trust, if these are our fundamental ethical posture, we relate to each other very differently. Because we are not acting through ‘concealment’ and our intention is not to ‘deceive’. I realized that Jack and Charles share a basic platform and that their hopeful and idealistic notions about America and Americanism are grounded in this idealism.

        However, if one is to be *completely realistic* and is not to fall into a trap of false-idealism (gullibility: a characteristic of prey!) I propose that we must accept that no matter where we turn, today, in these treacherous times, we will encounter the *subterfuge* behind which something duplicitous sits: and that is what we are not allowed to see, just as the crafty predator is crafty — and successful — to the degree that he conceals his self and his intention. What a problem we have to deal with! What a terrifying situation we are in. Who to trust? Who to turn to?

        Though it might be taken in this way it is not my intention to cast cynical doubt on the video you posted. You did your self say “Make of it what you will” which was taken as ‘caveat emptor’.

        Now, let us return to the *real world of violent trickery and hidden deceptions*. Says the NYTs article:

        The Epoch Times is one of the most mysterious fixtures of the pro-Trump media universe. It was started 20 years ago as a print newspaper by practitioners of Falun Gong, the persecuted Chinese spiritual practice. In recent years, the paper has made inroads into top Republican circles. Mr. Trump and his advisers have shared Epoch Times articles on their social media accounts, and last year, Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law, sat for an interview with an Epoch Times editor. Representative Paul Gosar, a Republican from Arizona, called it “our favorite paper.”

        I suggest that this is a terribly tainted paragraph. Every part of it has to be dissected. But one need examine no further than the first rhetoric-laden, and I might say sophistry-charged, first line. For what is ‘mysterious’ implies hiddeness, and of course a potentially tainted source: something appearing to be what it is not. So, following my analysis (paranoid or overly cautious though it indeed is) the article writer is employing an appearance of honesty in exposing a ‘mysteriousness’ and concealment of purpose even as it is using the craft of sophistic insinuation to imply ‘clear seeing’ and truth-assertion or will-to-truth in respect to something needing to be exposed. Yet, sophistic predator is in fact using a technique of concealment to mask its own purposes which are revealed by the charged phrase ‘pro-Trump media universe’.

        I cannot be certain what my purpose is in writing out these thoughts. Because I have no certainty about *what is really going on* around me. It just seems that there are infinite layers of concealment and deception. Prey has learned to distrust Predator’s trickery such that it becomes a habit of perception.

        I will finish with this: I notice that war is being initiated. If one deeply considers the ramifications of what this virus-incident portends, in the larger context of upheavals and power-battles we have all noticed in these times, one can notice how it is being crafted — one cannot put this aside: mêtis and skilled sociological-PR manipulation through manipulation of appearance in a war that seems as though its purpose is to *take down the CCP* — to serve specific purposes in our present. How could it be otherwise? Yet, and despite anything *they* say it is powerful men, institutions and business interests within America that created China and thus ‘created the enemy’ which now, for reasons I do not understand, is being set up for attack. And I am definitely not saying that they (CCP) do not deserve to be routed and destroyed. I have a strange, visceral dislike (not quite hatred) of *China*.

        [BTW: Everyone who read this far will mysteriously see $1,500.00 deposited in their account. 🙂 ]

  5. With an organization that advocates for forced relocation of family members suspected of being infected with Wuhan Virus, and for tracking of as many people as possible (though it’s not certain the specific methods of tracking the spokesman intends), cutting off funding post haste is more important than appearances.

    • It is very disturbing to me that the mainstream media keeps insisting that we need to test everyone, track everyone, and keep a record of everyone each person interacts with. They seem very insistent on it, claiming we NEED this to stop the virus.

      (1) We aren’t stopping the virus. We are just slowing down how fast we get to herd immunity. The death figures show that there is not much benefit to slowing it down at this point.

      (2) No one has explained how this ‘tracking and tracing’ will help. Because it won’t.

  6. If the WHO is *actively* making the thing worse (and arguably it did). Isn’t cutting funding now better because it prevents them from doing more damage?

  7. In Nikki Haley’s latest book, With All Due Respect, she discusses just how much the UN hates the USA (and Israel) yet takes oodles of money from this country all the same. She noted that time and time again, in all things UN related, almost every country, known for its bloodthirst or aquiesence to it, took every opportunity at the UN to vote against the US, accusing it of being essentially evil, while holding their hands open to receive our funds. WHO is becoming the medical surveillance arm of the UN. It was well past time to stop funding them.

    • While serving as US Ambassador to the UN in the mid-1970s, one of the more innovative (considered “undiplomatic” by his detractors) actions taken by Daniel Patrick Moynihan was to have the voting records of countries receiving aid from the US analyzed. He wanted to determine if there was a correlation between aid received from the US and political support given, in return, to the US.

      Well, just as Ambassador Haley noted, there wasn’t as much direct correlation as Ambassador Moynihan had expected. Rumor has it that he subsequently used the data to confront the ungrateful recipients of US largesse and suggest that if they expected future US aid they should do a better job of supporting their benefactor’s policies and initiatives. While some representatives were appalled by this supposed breach of decorum, many other states took the hint; at least temporarily. These days, I think we would refer to such relationships as “transactional”.

      • The US has tried to use financial assistance to win the hearts and minds of other nations. Totalitarian regimes see power coming from the barrel of a gun.

        Money only works until that which it buys is consumed but fear lasts forever. That is why tin pot dictators get away with human rights abuses.

  8. President Trump on China and the WHO on February 10th.

    “China is very professionally run in the sense that they have everything under control….we just sent some of our best people over there, World Health Organization and a lot of them are composed of our people. They’re fantastic.”

    The WHO is currently holding the line,and pushing back, against Malaria, Polio, TB ,Ebola and varuous other bugs still active in various 3rd world hellholes. SARS-CoV-2 is not the only nasty out there.

    The US payments are 2 years in arrears, and given Trump’s record of stiffing subcontractors, this shouldn’t have been a surprise.

    Hopefully it won’t be folloeed by a ban on all co operation, a large fraction of WHO personnel working to stop thes bugs spreading from their lairs are American. The recent withdrawal of American medics embedded since the Bush administration in the Chinese public health system was most unwise in hindsight.

    • a) you illustrate an aspect of what I say about now knowing who to trust, and not knowing which *stories* are true. deception lies behind every smile.

      b) speaking of *the protean* there are certain of these monsters who come forward in a trial imposed on the hero, human or divine, who must confront the spells of some god of great cunning who has the power to assume many different forms — a polymorphic monster, a terrifying opponent — who is impossible to seize. To conquer him the hero must take him by surprise with a trick disguise ambush. the hero must seize the creature and refuse to let go! just as he was seized he now seizes and refuse to let go no matter what happens. why this works I can’t be certain, yet suddenly the metamorphoid creature surrenders, and reveals his true form. often, mythologically speaking, this precedes a marriage!

      c) gird on thy sword and join in the fight ! fight, o my brother, so long as life lasteth ! strike off the enemy’s head and there make an end of him quickly : then come, bow thyself in the king’s assembly. a brave man leaveth not the battle ; he who flieth from it is no true warrior. in the field of his body a great war is toward against passion, anger, pride, and greed. it is the kingdom of truth and contentment and of purity that this battle is raging : and the sword that ringeth most loudly is the sword of his name . . .

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