OOOH! Does This Guy Win “Biggest Non-Criminal Jerk Of The George Floyd Ethics Train Wreck”?

He’ll be tough to beat.

Former ESPN NBA reporter Chris Palmer for some reason felt qualified to offer his ethical guidance regarding the burning and looting in Minneapolis. As the first full night of riots got underway, Palmer re-tweeted a photo of a burning building with the caption, “Burn that shit down. Burn it all down.” That “shit” was Midtown Corner’s  planned affordable housing  project. Then the riots moved closer to home, so Palmer was indignant. After all, they destroyed A STARBUCKS!!!!

Palmer took down his first BurnBabyBurn tweet, but in the immortal tradition of society’s worst assholes, doubled down. “I took rubber bullets and tear gas yesterday standing on the front lines. I risked my life trying to get pictures and video. Don’t talk to me about what you don’t know about little girl,” he wrote to one Twitter critic. OK, you’re an asshole who does his job when it gets tough. How does that mitigate cheering on property destruction when it affects others and  whining when it comes to your back yard and threatens your supply of elite coffee?

Later, when another critic wrote, “You can’t be with the chaos one minute then when it’s at your front door you switch up,” Palmer responded, “You better damn well believe I can.”

Whatever Twitter’s abundant and irredeemable faults, it sure does a great job at exposing the worst people in the media  and politics.

19 thoughts on “OOOH! Does This Guy Win “Biggest Non-Criminal Jerk Of The George Floyd Ethics Train Wreck”?

    • Steve, he is getting the proverbial axe handle upside the head on Twitter. I will say this – it’s hard in this political climate to get EVERYBODY to dislike you – but he’s seem to done it! Now that he’s got everyone in the same page – let the healing begin!

  1. My wife showed me a video on Twitter in which a couple brought their young child to the area of riots and complained when the child got in the path of chemical irritants. The twitter account showing the video was essential fleccas@fleccas. I would say these parents are in the running.

    • Yeah, our teenager, going through the inevitable Marxist phase a huge swathe youths go through, initiated a discussion with this video.

      “Can you believe the police pepper sprayed a little girl?!”

      My response: “Can you believe parents brought a little girl to a riot?”

      “It’s not a riot! It’s a peaceful protest.”

      My response: “Can you define peaceful for me?”


  2. We shall remember Chris Palmer when it comes to voting at the end of the year for worst whosis. … Though he has an awful lot of competition this year already.

    • Heh. Nah, that only applies to right-leaning tweets. Left-leaning tweets can advocate murder as long as the target is police or politicians.

  3. Hmm, maybe Mr Palmer should house in his home some of the refugees who were slated to live in that housing project. Since they will have to wait at least a year or two for their homes to be built and he has no conception that the people who lost the most in the rioting are not the people he hates.

    • Perhaps the citizens should put up a billboard on the burned out hulk which says

      “Another Urban Renewal Project Brought to You By the NBA’s Chris Palmer”.

  4. Here’s a moron from Madison, WI…

    I am sick and tired of the brazen hypocrisy of the riots across the country. Anytime people right of political center protest the media and the political left immediately labels the entire group as racists, white supremacists, haters, murderers, etc, etc, but now that the shoe is on the other foot the media is covering the “protests” in an entirely different light; the protesters are now patriotic, an unheard minority, some of the media are condemning the violence and bring forth the arguments of those that are protesting in a non-violent manner but they are NOT applying the same moral standards to the entirety of the protesters as they do when it’s conservatives protesting. The media’s brazen hypocritical coverage of the “protests” is immoral!

    The media is clearly an enemy of anyone that doesn’t fall inline with the hive mind of the extreme political left, that does make the media an enemy of the people, just happens to be a selective group of people! The anti-conservative leftist media are brazen hypocritical bigots.

    The violent social justice warriors tearing up the streets across the USA are immoral thugs and need to be put in prison! No exceptions.

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