Ethics Hero: Fox Sports 1’s Marcellus Wiley

Well, here’s one ex-NFL player who doesn’t have brain damage.

Marcellus Wiley is a sports commentator for Fox Sports. On his show “Speak for Yourself,” Wiley made the rational and ethical argument against pandering to Black Lives Matter. Like me, and unlike virtually every virtue-signaling corporation and groveling politician, Wiley, a Columbia grad, actually read the group’s mission statement.

What a concept! All of your friends and Facebook followers, all of the Democrats and artists, all of the academics and university administrators, all of those who are publicly pledging fealty to an organization they know little about because its name is a catchy slogan (though a subversive one, like “It’s okay to be white”) ought to be held accountable when the fog clears. I want to hear Joe Biden explain how he supports the goals of Black Lives Matter as the group states them. “Oh, not that,” he’ll say. “Oh, of course not that one either.” If you support an organization, you support its mission, all of it. You are accountable for what the organization does if the power you help it acquire is used to accomplish what the group said it intended to accomplish.

Wiley addressed the National Basketball Association’s attempt to out-pander even the NFL, which not only has endorsed players protesting against the National Anthem, but has also announced that the so-called “Black National Anthem” (“Lift Every Voice and Sing”) must be sung in every NFL stadium before the 2020 season’s first game. (What a great idea THAT is: separate anthems for blacks and whites! Hey, how about separate schools and bathrooms too?) Following the announcement, the NBA revealed plans to paint “Black Lives Matter” on its courts when the season resumes, submitting to players’ demands  “that the fight for racial equality and social justice be a central part” of the league.

Wiley took the courageous course of speaking common sense and truth in the midst of the current George Floyd Freakout. “There’s a problem when you start to go down this road of freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and how much social space is allowed for those who don’t support in that same space,” he  argued. “And that’s where I wonder where this is going to go in terms of identity politics. We know what identity politics does—it divides, and it polarizes. No matter how you want to look at it, that’s just the effect of it no matter how great the intentions are. We all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Then Wiley read from BLM”s mission statement,  including the movement’s declaration that BLM aims to  “disrupt the western-described nuclear family structure requirement.” one of many clues that this is a proto-Marxist organization. He continued in part,

When I know statistics, when I know my reality—forget statistics, I knew this before I went to Columbia and saw these same statistics that I’m going to read to you right now.

Children from single parent homes versus two parent homes: The children from the single parent homes (this was in 1995 I was reading this) [are] five times more likely to commit suicide. Six times more likely to be in poverty. Nine times more likely to drop out of high school. Ten times more likely to abuse chemical substances. Fourteen times more likely to commit rape, 20 times more likely to end up in prison, and 32 times more likely to run away from home.

I knew that. You know why I knew it? Because a lot of my friends didn’t have family structures that were nuclear like mine, and they found themselves outside of their dreams and goals and aspirations. So when I see that as a mission statement for Black Lives Matter, it makes me scratch my head.

When I also see their mission is to eradicate white supremacy. In 2020, white supremacy is the mission? … I’m on a show that I’m hosting with another black guy who is hosting with me who replaced another black guy…

So, I understand. I respect your space, I respect what you’re protesting for. But will you respect others who don’t support that same protest?

We know the answer to that rhetorical question: no. That comes through pretty clearly from the BLM mission statement too. Those who don’t support BLM are racists, and nobody is supposed to respect racists.

Wiley correctly and courageously focused on the recklessness and dishonesty of the NBA turning its forums into promotions for division, intimidation, and destruction of the family, as if the African American wasn’t suffering enough from family dysfunction. He pointed out the shallowness of frightened executives mindlessly endorsing what they don’t understand.

17 thoughts on “Ethics Hero: Fox Sports 1’s Marcellus Wiley

  1. Clearly, Marcellus is an Uncle Tom. And come on, he is on Fox. And he went to class when he was on his football scholarship? And read some of the material? What’s up with that?

        • I’m thinking totally separate and independent. Maybe buy every white person out of, oh say Oregon, and make it an all black, sovereign nation. Any US black person could move there but it would not be mandatory. There would no longer be any grounds for complaint. Would also constitute reparations. Free land and improvements. All you need is to be black and show up.

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