Ethics Quote Of The Day: Samuel Kronen

“As defined by bestselling author Ibram X Kendi, anti-racism involves supporting policies and ideas that level racial disparities of outcome, while racism refers to any explanation of disparity that points toward black responsibility rather than white racism. This redefinition of racism from identifiable prejudice to disparity of outcomes represents the expansion of a propriety into what Antonio Gramsci calls a cultural hegemony: a power construct that cuts reality down to size and squashes any voice that questions its moral authority. While suggesting that black Americans bear some responsibility for their own outcomes was once considered merely in poor taste, it is now considered racist and therefore utterly beyond the pale in progressive circles.…If we are truly concerned with remedying the tragedy of racism and taking steps toward a society that views our racial identities as insignificant, we need to let the past be past. We can accept the reality of historical racism without creating an identity out of it that keeps us eternally suspicious of each other. We cannot change our past, but we can change how we make sense of it as we move towards an increasingly multi-ethnic future.”

—Samuel Kronen, in an essay titled, “Modern Anti-Racism Is a Historical Overcorrection.”

Read the whole thing, full of wise observations from Shelby Steele, and obnoxious ones from the usual race-hustlers, Kendri, Nikole Hannah-Jones, and Ta-Nehisi Coates. I object strenuously to the author’s description of these three and their ilk as “anti-racists.” They are, in fact, racists, and the sooner they are recognized and labelled as racist, the less damage they’ll do.

The author has another sharp observation:

If this is a systemically racist country, what would a systemically non-racist country look like? Every step toward racial progress is met by many progressives with an expanded definition of what progress is, downplaying everything that hasn’t yet achieved the unattainable goal of perfect racial equality of outcome.

I feel like the above should be intrinsically obvious, and in fact, I suspect it is, even among activists. Theirs  is a strategy, not a sincere belief.

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