Tales Of The Niggardly Principals

Quite a bit of the censorship, word-banning and historical air-brushing we are seeing during the George Floyd Freakout, aka The Great Stupid, are fueled by ignorance, like that of the black D.C. employee in 1999 who forced  David Howard, an aide to Mayor Anthony A. Williams, to resign for using a “racial slur.”  (“Niggardly (noun: niggard) is an adjective meaning  stingy or miserly. It is derived from the Middle English word nigard, which is probably derived from Old Norse hnǫggr , meaning “stingy”) After Howard was reinstated, there was wide agreement that this was political correctness run amuck. Julian Bond, then chairman of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said, You hate to think you have to censor your language to meet other people’s lack of understanding…Seems to me the mayor has been niggardly in his judgment on the issue” and noted that the US has a “hair-trigger sensibility” on race that can be tripped by both real and false grievances.”

Ah, those were the days! Imagine as statement like that coming from the NAACP today.

The core idea behind the three Niggardly Principles is that ignorance and stupidity should not be enabled, reward or encouraged, though it is unkind—unethical—to deliberately set out to offend someone even if the source of the offense is the individual’s knowledge or intellectual deficit. (That’s the Second Niggardly Principle.)

I do not think that one applies to this episode: Greg and Kjersten Offenecker, owners of The Nordic Pineapple in St. Johns, Michigan removed  the Norwegian flag and an American flag posted outside their Civil War-era mansion last week because morons had accused them of promoting racism in the largely conservative Michigan town.

The couple said they capitulated after receiving “at least a dozen hateful emails” and other complaints.  “I don’t see it because I grew up with the Norwegian flag.To me they are two distinct flags,” shrugged Kjersten.

They ARE two distinct flags, you cowardly, submissive enabler of race bullies.!You should have issued each sender of those emails an explanation. You should have put out a press release clarifying the difference between the flags. You should have extended a little time and commitment  to protect speech and expression from sinister efforts to intimidate and censor by the proto-totalitarian Left, which is getting less proto- by the hour. Too much trouble to do your duty to fight for American values and principles, is it? Then I pronounce you a lazy and irresponsible citizen.

Here’s the Norwegian flag next to the Confederate flag:

They are not the same design. They do not have the same colors. Why are you allowing people this stupid to dictate your conduct? And if you remove the American flag because some vile mutation of citizen complains, you are as anti-American as it is. You are the kind of submissive coward who would raise a Nazi flag because your neighbors insisted on it.

The United States cannot survive if it is dominated by the ignorant and the meekly submissive.

Boy, Norway is so lovely this time of year. I don’t know how you can stay away…

It’s close, but I think this is worse. I think Greg and Kjersten Offenecke would beat Catherine Roome in a Scrabble game. Fortunately, Roome is not an American, but as we know, stupidity is a pandemic too, and this particular brand will cross all borders.

Roome, previously  president and chief executive officer of Technical Safety BC, published an op-ed to announce why she was now calling herself “president and lead executive officer.” She wrote in part, making my brain hurt,

As folks who know me well will tell you, I am a stickler for inclusive language. I often interrupt people – board directors, heads of organizations, politicians and others – if I feel they are using titles for our employees that are outdated. So to receive constructive feedback on my own use of language made me sit up and take notice. One particularly courageous colleague pointed out that I was using a word in my title, president and chief executive officer, that represents something deeply meaningful to many Indigenous peoples. It is a word that is honoured and respected in First Nations culture and conveys a meaning very different to organizational leadership. The origin of my original title is European. That doesn’t give me a pass. Asking about how racism affects a person and being given an answer means I can choose to listen and do something, or I can stay silent. I have long been a champion for Indigenous rights and reconciliation. Yet I am ashamed to say, the thought had never even occurred to me that the title I proudly held could evoke such a response, or even be viewed as disrespectful to the very reconciliation process that I support. So upon reflection, I have changed my title within the organization to president and lead executive officer.

The thought had never occurred to you, CR, because it makes no sense. Chief is not a Native American word. Most tribes had their own word for what we would call a chief. In Navaho, for example,the leader is called Manuelito.

The word “chief” originated in 13th century Middle English; it isn’t  cultural appropriation for English speakers to use it; it’s cultural appropriation for Indians to use it. Fine: they can call their leaders whatever they want; who’s stopping them?

To be fair to Roome, this foolishness wasn’t original with her: In October 2017 a school district board in Ontario passed a motion to remove “chief” from all job titles out of “respect for Indigenous communities,” if that makes any sense to you. The action was, according to a school district spokesperson, “a proactive step towards reconciliation.” Translation: ‘We won’t give you any land back, but now you van have the English word we  imposed on you all to yourself! Now be thankful.’

Conservative writer Tyler O’Neill writes, accurately,

Catherine Roome is not just engaging in virtue signaling, she’s abetting an Orwellian attempt at redefining basic words according to Marxist critical theory, finding supposed racist oppression behind every innocent syllable.

In his article, he lists some other equally obnoxious example of word-banning, attempted and successful. by the Virtue-Signalling Woke, like the NBA’s elimination of the term “team owner.” CNN called for the abolition of the phrase “Masters Tournament” for the PGA Tour.  Last month, a Texas realtor group announced it would no longer use the term “master” when referring to bedrooms and bathrooms .

The remedy for this, for all non-Norwegian-Americans, is to refuse to capitulate to it. Complain, attack, defy, mock, whatever it takes. Free speech and expression are at stake.  The Third Niggardly Principle  applies:

When suppressing speech and conduct based on an individual’s or a group’s claim, sincere or otherwise, that such speech or conduct is offensive, however understandable and reasonable this claim may be, creates or threatens to create a powerful precedent that will undermine freedom of speech, expression or political opinion elsewhere, calls to suppress the speech or conduct must be opposed and rejected.”


Pointer: JuGory

18 thoughts on “Tales Of The Niggardly Principals

    • One is superimposed on the other. The staffs are 2 different colors which suggest that they are not located together.

    • On further contemplation, I wonder if the newly dubbed “LEO” realizes that the word “leader” was used as the official title of one, but two fascist dictators. Granted, they called themselves “leaders” in languages other than English, so maybe none of these etymological ignoramuses have caught on and triggered the autoimmune disorder that passes for “doing the right thing” these days.

      Any bets the “courageous” employee was just trolling to see how far “wokeness” would go?

      I appreciate the concept of inclusive language, and I make every effort to use it myself. However, there’s a sharp difference between inclusive language and letting people control thought and speech because they find things offensive. If we limit ourselves to saying things that no one is offended by, no one will be held responsible for learning or doing good work, and it will be, to borrow words from Morty, “a one-way ticket to extinction.” I’m rather confident that enough people will get angry when it becomes obvious that much of of the Left’s new political correctness is just infantilizing people and allowing them to dictate with impunity.

      • CR should use “Led” as opposed to “Leader”. That seems more appropriate.

        And as for that First Nations and Indigenous Peoples thingy. If archeologists are correct, North and South America (as we know them today, post Gondwanaland breakup) were inhabited, not by humans but by a host of other species that hadn’t risen above their relative comfort needs states to invent things like poles, shovels, and plows. Consequently, nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has the right to call themselves First Nationalists or Indigenous.

        You touched on the issue with Orwell. This is not about “chief” or “leader” or what-have-you. This is about power and the ability to wield power to force capitulation. CR Roome’s obedience was required, not simply the change of nomenclature. By changing her title, she has declared that she loves Big Brother.


  1. Better get rid of the Union Jack. It’s a combination of the Scottish and English flags, pretty much like what the Confederate and Norwegian flags would combine into if they were over-laid upon each other.

    Better get rid of “master cylinder” as well. And “masters swimming clubs.” I’m going to suggest “old farts” be substituted for “masters.”

  2. The “Roome Change” is a clear-cut case of Virtue-Signaling meeting Pathological Pettiness. What will that.marriage-from-hell produce? A football team re-named the Kansas City Leads? “Cancellation” of all Masters’ degrees (even those awarded for “Oppression Studies” )?

  3. Jack, I was in St. Johns just the other day, and like one commenter said on a newspaper page, it’s actually kind of refreshing that someone in that community would complain at all about the confederate flag! Some people are taking this as a win in one of the state’s counties where there was previously plenty of KKK presence and racism still lives. Yes, I know the owners should have fought harder. The husband was quoted in this morning’s Free Press saying something like “people are stupid” (actually using the word “stupid”), but I’m guessing the search for money and profits in this terrible time to operate a B&B won out over education of the masses.

  4. Jack,

    “ And if you remove the American flag because some vile mutation of citizen complains, you are as anti-American as it is. You are the kind of submissive coward who would raise a Nazi flag because your neighbors insisted on it.”

    Not when the “vile mutation” also happens to be your landlord, as happened to me this Fourth of July. She asked me to remove a flag I’d hung from the balcony because it was “too divisive”. I rent a room in her home and we share the porch, what could I (reasonably) have said?

  5. I guess Roome doesn’t know that being Lead Executive Officer would change her title from CEO to LEO, and that LEO is a *VERY* common acronym for Law Enforcement Officer.

    Maybe she’ll advocate for defunding herself.


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