Unethical Quote Of The Week: Joe Biden.

“The way Trump…the way China will respond is when we gather the rest of the world that in fact [unintelligible] in in fr… in in in in open trade and making sure that we’re in a position that the world, uh, that that we deal with WHO the right way that in fact that’s when things begin to change, that when China’s behavior is going to change.”

—-Joe Biden yesterday, in an interview with NPR.

Why is this unethical? It’s unethical for anyone to run for any public office, especially President, when he or she is subject to outburst of Authentic Frontier Gibberish like that. To do so is irresponsible, unpatriotic, a breach of public duty, and dangerous.

19 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Week: Joe Biden.

  1. It’s noteworthy to ponder at times like this the term “deceptively edited” or “heavily edited”. A couple months back, Joe Biden dipped his toes into the world of podcasting. This was a signal of things to come, although I admit at the time, I didn’t see it coming;

    For those podcasts, in a format that is ostensibly supposed to be live and off-the-cuff, Biden’s campaign reduced the pauses between his words, edited out lunatic utterances, cleaned up his enunciation, ect. ect. ad nauseum, delivering to the American people weekly speeches that Mary Shelley would have been proud to have written about and that Biden could never have delivered even if Socrates himself used Biden’s meat puppet as a ventriloquist doll.

    Now, Biden’s campaign has purchased the single largest ad buy in the history of the planet. Currently valued at just under $300 million dollars, the campaign is going to take what they learned in Frankenstein’s cutting room and use it to produce and disburse soundbytes that Biden is utterly incapable of producing absent a whole lot of 2020 technology. He has the money because Biden is campaigning by pretending he’s a rock. COVID has basically done away with the rally circuit, he hasn’t even chosen a running mate, everything he is doing is fairly cheap, and he’s got a fairly well funded warchest… So this isn’t exactly a stupid move, particularly if you’re a candidate who’s RAM is mostly occupied with the act of continuing to breathe… But I question the fundamental honesty.

    We aren’t being shown the candidate. I have the impression that despite Biden professing eagerness to debate Trump, his campaign isn’t going to let that happen. Instead, we’re going to be spoon-fed a less than healthy and nutritious pasteurized gruel of exceptionally edited soundbites up to election day.

    • And on that note, I never, ever, want to head a Biden campaign water carrier kvetch about “heavily edited” clips ever again… Clipping a C-Span video is not heavy editing, often times it’s not even deceptive from a context standpoint, because no amount of context makes the better. It just makes your guy look bad. It might be nutpicking, but that means your candidates are nuts.

  2. One can definitely see why some Dem people are throwing in the “no debates needed” talking point into the media environment. Good Ole’ Joe is having a difficult time in a friendly environment, where they just let him go through his talking points. If he ends up in a adversarial environment, we might start seeing smoke coming out of his ears. We kind of had a glimpse of this before corona, when Joe would berate people at his events, when they ask questions he doesn’t like. So are we to expect him to go up against Putin, Xi, Kim, etc. in negotiations, but he can’t go up against Trump, who is an American and on our side? Pathetic.

    • He’s a sock puppet. If Joe Biden wins, the second thing the first thing that people who care about him should do is hire a food tester, because my money is that either he leaves on his own or in a gurney within the first year of his administration, making room for his VP, natural causes or otherwise. That’s mildly tongue in cheek, but only mildly.

      Biden’s job is to give legitimacy to his VP pick so she can get through the general, and that VP will not have legitimacy because: A) Biden hamstrung his own choices by limiting himself to black women, when the bench of black women to choose from is unfortunately shallow. and B) The black women he has to choose from are uniquely awful. Harris? Rice? Bass?!?! I think you could find a better candidate by holding a Willy Wonka-esque Golden Ticket contest.

      This truly is the stupidest timeline.

      • Argh…. I was going to write “The second thing the people who care about Biden should do after taking out multiple life-insurance policies on him, should be to hire a food tester.” But that seemed in poor taste, so I deleted it… just not all of it.

  3. It’s also unethical because he seems to be implying…yes, it’s hard to tell…that China’s behavior will improve once we start trading with them again.

    • I got the opposite message. That China’s behavior will improve if we trade with everyone but China. But I figure your guess is as good as mine when it comes to playing the what did he say game with Biden.

    • You mean we’re not trading with China? That mile long, double container height freight train heading from LA to points east we passed this morning driving up to Phoenix wasn’t bringing tons of stuff from China? It was all made in San Bernardino? News to me.

  4. Wha? (scrunched up Kermit the frog face) That doesn’t even make any sense. Twice, TWICE in 8 years Ronald Reagan’s mind appeared to wander: one mistaken greeting of a cabinet member with “Hello, Mr. Mayor,” during a reception for mayors not long after John Hinckley’s assassination attempt, and one interview with Lesley Stahl in 1986 where he seemed to be all over the place, but regained his alertness. Yet, as we all know, it’s established fact on the left that he was in fact senile in office, and those who choose not to believe it are just in denial. Reagan slips twice, once after a gunshot wound and major surgery, once after six years in office and dozens if not hundreds of interviews, and he’s senile and should never have been there. Biden can’t even put a coherent sentence together when off the teleprompter, but he’s the great hope for the future?

  5. It seems to me that every time Biden has one of those stuttering moments his brain farts out its previous thought and he jumps off track to a tangentially related thought. If I had a program that functioned this way it would have to be completely debugged before it could be useful to anyone.

    • Well, almost.. Except that a true Julie Principle situation has to be steady steady state. Julie doesn’t sing, “Fish gotta swim, and who knows, tomorrow they might be biting like sharks, too.” (For one thing it doesn’t scan.) This situation is getting worse, and though we may have, the public hasn’t bargained for that.

  6. Rare-rit!

    (Psst! The Dems have a real problem on their hands. I don’t think Joe’s going to make it to early November without a total mental collapse. If they had any sense, they’d hold an honest to God convention and nominate someone lucid.)

  7. According to the Economist, the EU and other European nations are moving to isolate China, not unlike what Trump has done, for the very same reasons Trump has stated (which, oddly enough, are echoed by Biden). Check it out:


    I do have to say that I was impressed the NPR interviewer actually challenged Biden. Most of the time they move on to the next topic, Biden’s incoherence be damned.


    • Not sure. AOC has four things on her side:

      1. She is young and exciting;
      2. She is attractive;
      3. She is shameless, willing to say just about anything, and
      4. She is very media savvy.

      As a result, she gets a pass from the mainstream media.

      Biden has 4 things on his side:

      1. He is Joe Biden and very likeable;
      2. He has a history of saying incoherent things, so what’s another one;
      3. He is not Trump, and
      4. He kindles that “late 1960s peace movement/Civil Rights Movement nostalgia” in aging liberals.

      As a result, he gets a pass from the mainstream media.

  8. I want to see and hear someone in the media challenge Biden face-to-face with a question that begins with a recap of something Joe said, and then ask in a way that begins with, “C’mon, man!

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