It looks Like Biden Has The Hypocrite Vote Locked Up!

Shaun King is a social justice warrior star and a Black Lives Matter shill. As far as I can determine, King is black the way Elizabeth Warren is Cherokee. Never mind: he has built his career on identifying as a victimized person of color because, he says, his mother told him his father wasn’t the white man on his birth certificate, but a light-skinned black man. For many, many reasons, I wouldn’t trust anything Shaun King  says or writes, nor would I trust him to mail my water bill. One litmus test for me: he still claims Mike Brown was murdered by a racist cop. He is the very model of a modern major advocate of “Facts Don’t Matter.”

Here, next to King’s tweet about Biden and Harris from two years ago,  is his tweet yesterday celebrating Super-Hypocrite Kamala Harris’s selection as Joe Biden’s running mate.

To be fair, did say 1%.

What’s going on here? Dead ethics alarms? Amnesia? Arrogance, as in, “My followers will accept anything I say, no matter how badly it would reflect on someone else”? King could have justified changing his mind  if he hadn’t opted for a giddy “My dreams have come true!” message. What happened between 2018 and 2020 to account for that?

Well, nothing, obviously. King, like Harris (who pronounced Joe a sexual harasser, then endorsed him to keep her name in the VP hat) has no integrity. Not surprisingly, the contrast between 2018 Shaun and 2020 Shaun was the topic of much mirth on social media, so King issued an explanation for his amazing flip-flop.

“She has improved drastically on all justice & policing-related issues since she was last District Attorney in 2011,” he tweeted. He thinks Harris, whose campaign for the Presidency was marked by her willingness to say whatever she felt she had to say to get the support she sought, has “improved” based on her words? 

Suuuure. Either King is so naive no one should pay attention to what he thinks about public policy, or he’s so dishonest that no one should pay attention to what he says about anything.

Has there ever been a period in American history when the nation was afflicted with so many  untrustworthy “leaders” ?

13 thoughts on “It looks Like Biden Has The Hypocrite Vote Locked Up!

  1. Jason Whitlock, late of FoxSports and now one of the best writers at the wonderful sports-and-culture site “The Outkick,” published a beautiful piece about the NBA and its BLM posturing. He shares your view of Shaun King’s authenticity, going so far as to call him – make sure there are no liquids in your mouth before scrolling down…

    …”Talcum X.”

    Whitlock is black, by the way. Ooops, sorry – new AP Standards – Black.

  2. Has there ever been a period in American history when the nation was afflicted with so many untrustworthy “leaders” ? No. But more to the point, has there ever been a period in American history when the nation has been afflicted with so many “leaders?”

    Hell no. Has there ever been a time when the nation had personal computers and phones and the internet? No. Anyone so equipped has a megaphone. It’s unprecedentedly silly. Fortunately, it’s still one person one vote. Having followers doesn’t give you any more than your one vote.

    • “still one person one vote”, but between all the lack of security and integrity can we truly think our vote is actually counted? What was the Stalin quote?

  3. He’s touting for a vegetable with comprehension minimal
    He knows the history both have regarding justice criminal
    From busing to  incarceration based on pharmaceuticals
    He’s very well acquainted but prefers the hypocrical

    • Thanks for reminding us of that talking point. I can’t remember. Was that a Clinton fabrication or an Obama fabrication? I think the Obamas used that on gay marriage, right?

  4. Has any Ethics Alarmist watched a Canadian “reality” TV show called, “The Trailer Park Boys”? It is juvenile and profane, and nearly completely unethical, set in the fictional Nica Scotia Sunnyvale Trailer Park near Halifax. However, it has its moments but that’s not important.

    There is a character known as ” J- Roc” who reminds me if Shaun King. J-Roc is a budding rap star with one major deficiency: he is not black; he is, in fact, white. J-Roc (real name Jamie) is the pimpest mawfk in Sunnyvale – or so he thinks. The fast-talking rapper may be whiter than his mom’s laundry, but in his heart J-Roc knows he’s black.

    Assuming race is a social construct, then J-Roc is a comedic version of Shaun King. In other words, they are frauds though J-Roc may be forgiven because he us fictional, and consequently, hasn’t really hurt anyone with his delusions and is actually the sanest of all the Sunnyvale residents if not the most successful. King, on the other hand is involved in a number of questionable actions and is a real fraud


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