More Weird Tales Of The Trump-Deranged

This one has an up-beat and even promising ending, but it still raises the question of what the hell has happened to these people to make them like this.

Leo Guinan learned that his parents  placed a pro-President Trump sign on their lawn, and since he believes that they don’t have the right to have political opinions that differ from his (after all, his self-description on Twitter tells us that he “uses his privilege to raise the voices of others,” so he we know he’s an official arbiter of truth and virtue) he decided to punish them, announcing in a Medium post that he had decreed that either they censor their political expression, or they couldn’t see their grandchildren.

In this he was emulating his favorite party, which as we know, is now threatening to hurt the nation in retribution for the President doing what the Constitution says he is supposed to do—nominate a judge to fill a Supreme Court vacancy. Loyal to a party of thugs, Guinan felt that it was incumbent upon him to behave like a thug.

Toward his parents.

Nice guy.

Before lowering the boom on Mom and Dad, Guinan had posted an earlier Medium masterpiece (BOY there’s a lot of crap on Medium!), an “open letter” to his folks explaining why they were abandoning Christian principles by supporting the Republican Party. The letter, to be kind, is pathological. The degree of blindness to one’s own biases required to write such garbage—and proudly publish it!—is staggering. When they study Trump Derangement and the 2016 Post Election Ethics Train Wreck in history and psychiatry classes—and they will, I promise you—this letter should be on the reading list. Despite the extravagant claims Guinan makes, there is no substantive argument in the thing at all—and that’s is typical. The Trump Deranged are heralds of wisdom and The Right Way because they just are, that’s all.

“I have done more research into these matters than you would believe,” he claims. I certainly don’t believe it, because if he really researched “these matters”  he would do more than parrot back social media bubble cant. “I have seen some shit, and I mean that very seriously.” That’s the closest Guinan comes to a factual assertion.  “If you would like to actually discuss any of the topics that Fox has been feeding you with an open mind, I will be happy to do so. And I will bring sources to back up my thoughts.” Talk is cheap, you fraud. I’ll discuss those topics with you, and also what MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post  and CNN have been feeding you, buddy. Bring it on. But it’s so much easier to bully your parents.

“Let’s say you decide to believe me, and we can go from there. I can help you find a selection of reasonable news sources,” he continued. I bet. Any guesses what those might be?  “Right now, the Republican party is something I have never seen. The level of corruption and simply evil people in some very powerful positions is something that quite literally resembles pre-WWII Germany,” he stated.

“Quite literally!” I’ll never forget Hitler how was  brokering peace deals for the Jews. And have you noticed how Trump’s brownshirts attack and intimidate…no, wait, that’s Black Lives Matter, endorsed by the Democratic Party

Guinan’s party is supporting riots and arson, and attempting to elevate one race over others. It is, as I mentioned, using threats to intimidate those who want to legally fill a SCOTUS seat; it has refused to accept the results of a Presidential election; it has employed Hitler’s Big Lie tactic as a primary tool, and Guinan concludes  Republicans are acting like Nazis! “I can help you find the historians who are quite clearly making these arguments.” Yes, so can I. You’re appealing to authority because you have no independent thoughts, and those historians have disgraced themselves.

Well, I just ate breakfast, and that’s enough of that letter. Then he learned that his folks had put up the Trump sign, and, he wrote, “got really pissed.” He texted his father, because he didn’t have the guts or decency to talk directly to him,

Due to the signs in the yard, the kids and I will not be down. The current occupant of the White House is preaching hate and violence, endangering the lives and safety of many of my friends. This is not acceptable to me at all. There is a complete disregard for women, minorities, science, ethics, and morality. Please consider if you support Trump that much. Because I hate him that much. I wanted to be upfront and honest about my feelings.

You know, I’ve probably asked a hundred or more Trump Deranged friends, most of them a lot smarter than this jerk, to give me their proof that the President is “preaching hate and violence,” and has a “complete disregard” for minorities, or is endangering lives. They can’t do it.  Never. They just resort to the Big Lies and moldy narratives. Did you know Trump called white supremacists “good people”? He colluded with the Russians, you know, and stole the election.

Well, the social media echo chamber that Guinan obviously worships thought using grandchildren as bargaining chips was  despicable, so he did a U-turn faster than Jeff Goldblum’s convertible  in “The Lost World” when the T-Rex was coming his way down a San Deigo street.

Guinan wrote a follow-up post titled, “How To Fail At Everything,”  and sought forgiveness. “I took an emotional moment in my life and framed it in a specific way because I wanted to trigger a response,” he wrote. “I was trying to prevent others from being manipulated by manipulating them. And I was doing this because I had the ability to, through social networks. And I let that go to my head. I am sorry to everyone who experienced that. It made me truly realize the incredibly destructive power that social media can provide.”

Oh, stop blaming social media. You’re the jerk. Social media allows people to show what jerks they are; it doesn’t make them into something they’re not.

Guinan admitted that he was “doing the very same behaviors I thought I was fighting.” Good. Now do Nancy Pelosi.

“I apologized to my dad in person,” he went on. “I screwed up with him, and I owned that. I am OK with making mistakes because that is the best way to learn. But my dad did teach me growing up that it is better to own your mistakes and make them right. I screwed up by trying to influence others through social media.[I’m] sorry that I influenced your thoughts and actions via social media. … [I] deleted all of my social media accounts. There were toxic to my life.”

Not to be unkind, but Guinan, multiplied by millions on Twitter, Facebook and other hangouts in cyberspace, is toxic to our lives. These are people who are intellectually lazy, prone to being influenced by  peer groups, mobs and fake news, and lacking in the necessary self-awareness to realize that they aren’t in possession of the One True Truth just because their friends say so. Their real concern is being popular with the “in-crowd” as they perceive it. Guinan was so certain that he was right and his father and mother were allies of evil that he was willing to withhold contact with their grandchildren, yet all it took was some mean tweets to make him reject his supposedly fervent beliefs.


Pointer: The Blaze

57 thoughts on “More Weird Tales Of The Trump-Deranged

        • That’s easy.

          He’s a MAGAt, they talk and act a certain way, emulating Trump. Without a younger prettier model lined up, divorce would just make him a loser.

          Why she’s with him his a better question. She must have known what she was getting and 2016 should have left no doubts. If you can’t stand Trump then there’s no reason to think you can stand one of his cultists.

            • WHAT is it about Hillary Clinton’s failure to win the Presidency that has sent so many people completely around the bend? Half the country wants the other half to just disappear?

              • You don’t have to disappear. Live your life, be happy, be sad, be everything in between, you do you.

                MAGAts are people I have no wish to know socially, that’s it, that’s the punishment. To be denied my good opinion.

                They can go do their thing and I’ll do mine.

                • But can they or their representatives have a voice in government? Actually, I think the term for what you’re being is “disingenuous.”

                  • They can talk, it’s just their voice isn’t supposed to count. Like I said, the only reason this is riots and not Civil War 2.0 is that the other side hasn’t shown up in numbers yet. Well, the other side is about to start doing that, and taking the fight to the left.

                    • I think part of the reason is also that the leftists are destroying the leftist shitholes in the country. How many conservatives care that they are destroying Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco?
                      I’m 50 miles from Portland. The only thing I need there is the international airport. Given the lockdowns, I’m not traveling so what’s going on up there affects me little. I’m assuming that it the case for many.

                  • Note that I said I didn’t want to know MAGAts.

                    Now note that the response from MAGAts in this thread was to start fantasizing about murdering me and people like me.

                    I say leave me alone, they say war war gonna kill them all.

                    And I’m the asshole for not wanting to be around people who want me dead.

                    • If you don’t want to know the conservatives here, you are of course free to leave. Unfortunately, unless you live in and never leave one of the far-left cities where there isn’t even a Republican dog-catcher and the populace is liberal gentry and welfare recipients, you’re going to run into them eventually. We’re quite happy to leave you alone in life. We’re quite happy to leave you alone here also, but some things we need to point out.

                      See here, Valkygrrl, most of us don’t hate you. Most of us are ok with liberals. However, sometimes you make it very hard for us to be ok with you, and that includes me. It’s morning, I’m rested, and I had all my medicine, so I’m not going to explode at you, which is frankly counterproductive anyway, because then it becomes all about the personal anger.

                      However, I have to point out that I’m not saying “war, war, gonna kill them all” and I didn’t say anything about murdering anyone. I pointed out, and I’ll point out again, that the upheavals of this year have been very hard on everyone, and they have been especially hard on the ordinary people who have jobs, sometimes businesses, and families. Those who have made this year especially hard are, for the most part, not ordinary people with jobs, businesses, and families. The ordinary people have, so far, either kept their heads down and hoped this would pass, or they have fled, the same as this Indian family I used to know in Jersey City just kept their heads down when the “dotbusters” hate group harassed them on the way back from the cash-and-carry and trashed some of their purchases. Their thought was that groceries could be replaced, but lives and limbs couldn’t. The haters didn’t stop with knocking over shopping carts and smashing jars of chutney and tikka paste. They moved on to roughing people up and terrorizing their neighborhoods. Eventually it ended in a huge rumble, when the Indians decided to fight back, and the JCPD intervened decisively (they should have stopped this abuse and harassment a lot sooner, but they chose not to).

                      At this point the people behind these riots and other abuse have made it clear this isn’t going to pass, they have no intention of letting it pass. They aren’t going to stop with downtown marches or protests. They aren’t even going to confine the damage they do to the business districts. They aren’t even going to confine themselves to harassing those going about their business or trying to have a meal out in peace. They’re going to come into the residential areas in the middle of the night and terrorize others, keep their children up, and generally make their lives miserable. The authorities, who are supposed to keep this from happening, aren’t doing boo. Eventually the ordinary people are going to say enough is enough, we aren’t going to put up with this anymore, and we’re going to send a VERY clear message to the people doing this to stop. If they refuse, then we’ll make them stop, whatever it takes. No one is an asshole for not wanting to be around not like-minded people, however, this is a lot more than that.

                  • Me: I don’t want to hang around with MAGAts.
                    MAGAts: I’m gathering up ammo so I can kill you and people like you.
                    Me: See what I mean?
                    johnburger2013 (speaking for the Ethics Alarms comment section): valkygrrl I’m so disappointed that you’re not nice to the shitweasles who want to kill you, shame shame.

                    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo, any questions about why I’m so flippant?

                    • No. Wrong. There was no threat against you, especially not against you because he reject Orange Man Bad in all of his manifestations. What they said is this: There will come a time, probably in the very near future that be a response to the maniacs destroying, burning and smashing things and it will take the form of “enough of this shit, already” and there will be a push back, most probably violent. And, if I can read between their lines, they are saying that the idiots destroying things are going to be outgunned, driven back to the hellholes from whence they came.

                      The level of stress is palpable. Remember that poem from the 1950s about the raisin in the sun? Will the community dry up and wither away? Or will it explode? People are worried they won’t have enough money to feed their families, pay for the roofs over their heads. Nameless and faceless bureaucrats are making decisions that strangle jobs, businesses, and people’s abilities to live their lives, and the bureaucrats are seen as not suffering the consequences of these actions. Politicians, teachers, government employees, they are getting the paychecks. We are told to “trust the science and the scientist” but they really mean “do what you’re told and shut up.” That raisin isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it is swelling and, sooner or later, it is going to detonate.


                    • I promise not to try to kill you if you point me to some good sci-fi reads. (It WAS you that mentioned some before, right?)

            • On, not THIS President. He’s different! And besides, he’s illegitimate. He won because of the Russians and the Electoral College! (Come on Jack. You really have to pay attention.)

            • Oh, she does, Jack, the previous posts speak for themselves. The thing is it’s time for the right to start using the left’s tactics against them. Tell your Bernie or bust cousin he ain’t welcome any more, let your shrieking feminist harpy aunt know you won’t be down any time soon, or any time not so soon, and for God’s sake, kick your unemployed Antifa son out of the basement.

              • You may have already seen this tweet (not mine). Some couldn’t tell it was a joke:

                “My son is wearing a Biden 2020 shirt as a social experiment

                I feel sorry for him… so far he’s been kicked, elbowed and had a bottle thrown at him …..
                and he hasn’t even left the house yet”

            • No, Jack, what makes one a citizen is support of the United States. Supporting the elected President of the United States is not a function of citizenship. When I have not supported the actions of a POTUS for whom I voted, I was still a good citizen. I support this country and the ideals and values of the American democracy, and I am a good citizen.

              • The ideals include respecting the results pf Presidential elections. Minimal support IS a duty of citizenship. Active undermining, personal denigration and interference is harmful to the nation and society. As the past four years amply illustrate.

        • He stays because he will lose half of his wealth, the house, and his access to his children. His children would then be fully under the control of this woman without his ability to be a moderating influence on her insanity. If he tries to push back during his limited time with the children, he could lose all access to his children.

  1. Last summer Mrs. OB ended up talking at a cocktail party to a woman who had divorced her husband because he wasn’t outraged about, you know, TRUMP! Madness indeed.

  2. The advice columnists sometimes deal with grandparents mourning the loss of contact with their grandchildren because adult children became offended at not being loaned money or some other such nonsense. I do believe that there probably are grandchildren unable to see their grandparents over a difference of politics.

    People like this teach their children that they are a commodity to be used to extort goods and services (and so-called correct thinking) from the grandparents.

    They teach their children that grandparents exist to cater to the whims of the younger generation and can be cut off when not cooperative.

    And this is an unfortunate lesson to pass on to kids because this is exactly how the parents will be treated when they become grandparents themselves.

    This is just simple Golden Rule stuff here. Don’t use children as pawns; don’t treat your parents unfairly; don’t pass on attitudes to your children that you wouldn’t want used against you some day.

    • A.M, I think it’s something weird about the thirty and forty year-olds out there. They seem to think their parents need to think and act as they, the children, have determined they should. It’s very strange but it’s evidently endemic.

    • Yes, this was going around big time a couple of years ago. Psychologists talking about seeing more patients because of TRUMP! The media seem to have moved on from it quite a while ago. As the Democrats would say if they wanted to dismiss the phenomenon, “Oh, that’s old news.” Hah!

    • There seems to be something of a pattern in the couples’ stories related in that article…and it’s not one that shows the left in a good light.

  3. Psychology and history will study these actions and behaviors the same way they studied and publicized the actions of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. In other words, they won’t. That is because the psychology and history fields are almost 100% behind TDS, which really is just the expression of the Democratic Party as a religion. Much like the Chinese Communists, the current Democrats have been indoctrinated by education, media, and entertainment into a religion. In this religion, people are taught to believe the doctrine and ‘approved sources’ of information as true and good. They are taught that they are tolerant and this means being tolerant of all ‘new and approved’ ideas, but to be intolerant of people with other ideas because those ideas are evil. They are taught to be tolerant of anyone except those with light skin, because light skin carries with it a sin of racism that can never be removed. All those with light skin and everything created by them is tainted with the original sin of racism. When Donald Trump was elected, the Democratic Party called forth a Cultural Revolution to regain power, much as Mao did to regain power. Black Lives Matter and Antifa formed to harass and attack the public, much like the Red Guards did. Just like the Red Guards, they demand the obedience of people in public and hold ‘struggle sessions’ in universities and other organizations. Just like Chinese Society was told to get rid of ‘the four olds’, BLM and Antifa push the elimination of traditional society, law, and order. The Democrats that you think of as having TDS are just true believers. They didn’t seem unhinged because they were getting what they wanted. They supported sound science because they were told to support it, not because they believed in reason or in facts. They didn’t seem dangerous because they thought their enemies were being defeated. Once they were told that their faith was in danger, the true nature emerged and they will defend the cause and they will listen to no dissent. The Democratic Party demands absolute obedience, look at all the people being ‘cancelled’ for having just one unorthodox idea or statement.

    How many ‘Christian’ NFL players complained or disobeyed when the league told them not to go to Church? How many disobeyed when they were told to kneel for BLM? How can you kneel for the National Anthem, stand for the ‘Black’ National Anthem, and then lock arms for ‘unity’ unless you are indoctrinated beyond reason and self-awareness?

    This is communist cult behavior.

  4. The problem lies with an unwillingness to sacrfice in the near term to achieve more in the long term.

    Parents should never surrender to their adult children for any reason. The grandparents more often than not provide substantial material assistance to the kids. Say, ” I am truly sorry that you feel that way. I’ll call our attorney on Monday to update our will to reflect your personal feelings toward us. I assume we are to no longer purchase birthday or Christmas gifts for you family any more. ” If your kids borrowed money call it in immediately.

    If family tries to negotiate your beliefs by witholding love and affection tell them you don’t negotiate with terrorists.

  5. Leo Guinan is a spineless, narcissistic jerk. The only redeeming quality to his first post was that all comments told him he was a jerk and should apologize to his parents. The second post received two comments, both telling him to grow up and act his age. I worry about his children. Growing up with a jerk like that only condemns them to a life of misery.


  6. One of my friends shared an article on Facebook, one of the articles about how 93% of BLM protests from June to August were peaceful. I commented that another way of putting it was that over 500 BLM protests in the course of 3 months were violent. She and her Facebook friends proceeded to disparagenand denigrate me, most severely when I said that BLM’s narrative was facts-free bullshit. She ultimately said that my comments were ignorant and racist, and that I was committed to being blind and hateful. I sent her a private message to ask if she in fact meant what she said, which she read without replying. After 3 days, I sent her a message saying that I sincerely wished her the best, and unfriended and blocked her. I felt bad about it, but I don’t think I was left with any alternative.

  7. Jack, sorry to be AWOL, but as you know I have my limits, mostly in the nature of time (but also in the nature of bullshit and vulgarity). Anyway, I would love for you to explain to me how your supposedly balanced news sources are any more balanced or true than the others. There is no such thing today as a non-biased news source, IMNSHO. I prefer to experience primary source material (speeches, official documents, etc.) than to believe ANY regurgitated news in order to form my opinions. Frankly, res ipsa loquitor (Latin literal, not legal). I listen to what 45 says, what McConnell says, what Barr says, and what all of them actually do, and that’s all the proof I need. I don’t find any reasonable reflection on any of that in Fox et al. So, I would be most beholding to you if you would please explain.

    • I have stated here repeatedly my frustration that there are no balanced news sources. However, when a news source like Fox reports a story of importance that is being deliberately buried by the rest of the news media for pure partisan purposes. I lose patience with those who attack the messenger. There are 20 left-biased sources for every right-biased one. If you don’t check the other side, you’re being misled, and its your own fault.

      It’s not “all the proof you need” when you receive those quotes in the context of false and negative framing. You are describing confirmation bias, and you know to beware of that.

      • Jack: “It’s not “all the proof you need” when you receive those quotes in the context of false and negative framing. You are describing confirmation bias, and you know to beware of that.”

        Did you read this sentence of mine? “I prefer to experience primary source material (speeches, official documents, etc.) than to believe ANY regurgitated news in order to form my opinions.” My statement didn’t imply that I’m watching/listening to sound bites. I’m talking about speeches and actual documents, policy, etc. And based upon those, I have all the proof I need about the current administration.

    • Here’s a test: did you see mentioned that 40 phones from the Mueller team being wiped of data in any of your favorite sources? Because that’s substantive and damning news that occurred while they were flogging an “anonymous sources” said anti Trump story. I didn’t, and I looked hard. Fox et all is no more balanced than those sources, but it provides balance that is desperately needed.

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