Emergency Fake News Alert!

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I have now seen several reports that Joe Biden is certain to be elected. This is fake news—a lie—and needs to be debunked immediately, not that it’s difficult. Many are pushing the narrative: Chris Wallace, who has pretty much outed himself as a biased, anti-Trump hack this election cycle, stated as fact that if the former VP wins Nevada and Michigan, he’s the next President. Apparently Chris can’t add.

I can, at least better than Chris. The President at this point has 214 electoral votes, fewer than Biden’s 253. he is certain to win Alaska’s 3 votes, making his total 217.

Even Nate Silver, CNN and MSNBC have conceded today that it looks like Trump may pull out a win in Arizona, winning 10 more electoral votes there. That makes 227.

By the way: good election night state-calling there, AP and Fox News.

Trump has to win North Carolina and Georgia, where it is close, but he is leading in both states with only 5% left to count. That’s 31 more in the Electoral College, giving him 258.

At that point, Pennsylvania, where the President is also leading, would give Donald Trump re-election with 8 votes to spare.

This is far from a certain scenario, but it isn’t unlikely either. And we’re not even considering whether the suspicious vote totals in Wisconsin and Michigan stand up to scrutiny.

Carry on.

14 thoughts on “Emergency Fake News Alert!

  1. Everywhere I am reading says AZ is going Biden. In Georgia his lead is down to not very much with mostly heavily Democratic counties to go. NC pushed it off to next week. In PA the math says the continued counting will doom him. Lawsuits in MI and GA were dismissed today. Recounts are expensive and don’t move the needle. It’s probably over.

    • I suspect by the morning GA will be blue after another discovery of Biden-only ballots.

      Has anyone looked into any of the states with narrow Biden wins and wondered by the GOP isn’t pulling the same “look a box of Trump only ballots”? Still a shred of evidence that GOP takes the higher road and plays by the assumed rules of the game. I doubt that will last another election cycle.

      • Maybe already old info but Trump lead in GA has been reduced to about 9k votes.

        This doesn’t end. They pull off this operation in GA they’ll work the next state’s margins and the next state’s.

        Senate will be threatened as they zero in on various races and “discover” more mail in ballots and a “mandate” can be manufactured for the media to trumpet from every tall tower.

        • Well, basically for them to take the Senate they will have to win both seats in Georgia. It’s not impossible — apparently Perdue’s percentage is hovering very close to the 50% mark. I believe that if you don’t get 50% or more in Georgia, it goes to a runoff, which the other seat is already headed for. So even though he is well ahead of his challenger, he may have to do it again in January.

          I’d have to say it is a fairly slim road for Trump at this point, even if he comes back and takes Arizona, which does look possible. It is still conceivable for there to be a tie since Omaha’s congressional district flipped to Biden this time out. Wouldn’t that be fun?

          And no one has talked about faithless electors so far……

          • I applaud your optimism and your extension of good faith to the underminers of our system. But if you even remotely think that when the Democrats win the game their playing tonight in Georgia that they aren’t going to come back those two run-offs with an updated and polished play book, then I’d submit you should think again.

            They smell blood and they want the prize.

    • Not true. Who are you reading? Even Nate Silver said today that it was wrong to keep Arizona as a Biden win. The math in Pennsylvania is very close. Recounts where there have been fraud and other weirdness often reverse results when they are close—there will be recounts in Michigan, Wis, NC, Nevada, Arizona, GA and Penn no matter what the initial calls are. What does expense have to do with anything? In a Presidential election, it’s not a consideration.

      Relentless negativity is a disease.

      • If I remember correctly, if you ask for a recount in at least one of these states, I think it is Wisconsin, you have to pick up the tab. That said, maybe Trump is more than willing to pick up the tab.

        The president’s lead in Georgia continues to shrink. It just seems that all these ballots that come in are opposed to him. I assume you heard the president throw down the gauntlet this evening. My Facebook feed is going crazy with a lot of people saying that he has lost it, and that someone needs to play Barry Goldwater and tell him it’s over. Others have said that they believe he is insane, yet others that he is a criminal who is insulting the democracy that our ancestors fought and died for.

        I am frankly not sure what to think. On the one hand, there is supposed to be a peaceful transfer of power, and in the past no one has successfully challenged an election. On the other hand, we are dealing with unique circumstances here, between the explosion in mail-in ballots and what I believe is deliberately poor handling. I can’t get over the fact that there were these gigantic vote dumps that all occurred in the small hours during breaks in counting. I don’t like the fact that some of these places are being deliberately secretive about what they are doing with the count. I’d be lying if I said I did not find it ironic that the same people who relentlessly pushed the Russian interference narrative, that came up completely empty, are the ones who are saying that all of these vote dumps and this other secrecy is completely on the up and up.

        That said, I am not sure that, for all the president’s bluster about how he is going to take this to court, that any of these lawsuits are going anywhere. I bet that he is banking on taking at least one to the supreme Court and hoping that the conservative justices see it his way.

        By the way, all three major networks cut away from his news conference this evening, accusing him of spreading disinformation.

  2. It is irritating when one claims to know who the winner is before the official tally. Like President Trump today “claiming, for Electoral Vote purposes, Pennsylvania (which won’t allow legal observers), the State of Georgia, the State of North Carolina . . . . Additionally, we hereby claim the State of Michigan . . . . ”
    So annoying!

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