Election 2020: The Appearance Of Impropriety Or Real Impropriety? Part I, Georgia On My Mind

Georgia vote Count

I woke up this morning to find that overnight (at about 4 am) Georgia, a state President Trump had to must win to wend his way through the tiny window now open to his re-election (Arizona, Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania) had flipped to the Biden side with a less than a thousand vote edge to the ex-VP. This now makes three crucial states (the others being Wisconsin and Michigan) that switched leads in the dead of night…possibly a coincidence, but not a good look for Democrats, or the nation.

Of course this is substantially the result of mail-in ballots, which the Democrats championed. Anyone capable of thought could figure out that the system was a recipe for fraud, manipulation and chaos, so it is basic logic to presume that this is what the Democrats (and their allies, the news media) wanted. As I have read in maybe ten places this morning alone, the longer and more convoluted a process is, the easier it is to rig it. That is true.

See the tweet above? It appears that Democrats in Georgia organized to “get out the vote” after the election. Maybe there’s an innocent explanation, but 1) you can’t blame people for being alarmed 2) there are no such tweets from the Republicans.

This tweet is from a Republican, though, the chair of the GOP in Georgia:

Georgia vote count 2

Again, maybe nothing was amiss, but that’s no way to engender trust in a vote count, especially one that goes blue at 4 am. Here is another tweet from Mr. Shafer:

Shafer tweet

This, of course, is what’s so convenient about mail-in ballots….this, and the fact that you can just throw the ones you don’t like away. And that you can just fill in someone else’s ballot for him or her in exchange for a fee. Or get a vote from someone who has no idea what he or she is voting for, but a helpful Democrat neighbor helped the poor dear fill out the ballot. Well, a lot is convenient about this method of voting, if you see democracy as a game for chumps.

Concludes blogger Tom McKnight, who was also musing about Georgia,

[W]hen all of these ballots are seemingly “found” and invariably fall in favor of the Democrat—and that’s not unique to this year, either—you have to forgive people for being skeptical. I mean, statistically, at least some of those should [have] broken in favor of Republicans, yet they never do. Like ever….At the end of the day, we’re all seeing some funny things, so yeah, we’re skeptical when we’re told to ignore our lying eyes. Especially when absentee ballots have simply made fraud that much more simple. The truth is that fraud is much too easy in our system….

So yeah, many on the right aren’t very trusting right now. Frankly, they shouldn’t be. Regardless, the left will hide behind claims of conspiracy theories and the right won’t trust any Democrat win for the next half a century.

This is damn sure not going to do much to unify our nation, now will it?

On that, we should all be able to agree.

86 thoughts on “Election 2020: The Appearance Of Impropriety Or Real Impropriety? Part I, Georgia On My Mind

  1. But we all need to unite behind president-elect Biden, right? Support the new leader, right? No saying “not my president,” right? The double standards will be ridiculous.

  2. I’m looking at PA.

    Election Day : 1399802
    Mail : 1897463
    Provisional : 74

    Election Day : 2725585
    Mail : 564693
    Provisional : 319

    Election day votes put Trump ahead by 1,325,783 votes – Mail in votes erased that entire margin with Biden getting 1.9 million votes to Trumps 0.56 Million (difference 1332770) enough to put Biden ahead.

    I just don’t believe it. I’ll never be convinced the mail in voting is legitimate. I walk every morning and another guy I talk to said a friend of his and his wife received 4 mail in ballots in the mail. How were these mail in ballots regulated?

    I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that Biden will be installed as president.

  3. Georgia: Republican Governor, Republican Secretary of State, Republican election director. Not buying “fraud” there. Still several thousand military ballots outstanding. In any event, the President’s rant last night was outrageous…even if one might appreciate why he would be personally outraged.

      • I said what I meant and meant what I said. I chose the words quite deliberately. If and when allegations go from “suspicion” to demonstrated, I will be outraged. I am already outraged that Pelosi called Biden “the President elect” during her ridiculous press conference. Of course, he isn’t….at least not yet. There will be a recount in Georgia, by the way.

    • You should recall, however, that Florida was run by Bush’s brother, and there was a GOP Sec. of State. That didn’t stop Democrat controlled counties (In Georgia, Fulton County is all blue) and the state Supreme Court from efforts to rig the count, based on what I saw.

      So it’s not quite that simple.

  4. The real controversy will begin when Harris starts her movement to remove Joe so that she can take over as president. The bets are when, not if. I wonder how the [people who voted anti-Trump, as opposed to pro-Biden, will react to that. They’ll have lots of time to think about it, because a lot of them will be unemployed if the New Green Deal goes through.

    • The Daily Mail ran a headline stating that some survey had determined sixty percent of voters or Americans or some corpus believed Joe is a Trojan horse for The Harridan. So, that means at least some percentage of even Democratic voters assume Joe will be gone in a few months. Very interesting, I think.

      • I am so sure of what is going on, I wrote a couple of verses to the tune of “Jack and Jill” [went up the hill, etc.] In these verses, “Jane” is Kamala-ty Jane; Jill is Joe’s widow; and Nancy is…you know.

        Jane and Joe
        Stole THE whole show
        To fetch a pail of power;
        Joe fell down
        And lost his crown –
        Jane was Queen the same hour.

        Jane and Jill
        Went up the Hill
        To form a brand-new gum-mint;
        Jill fell down –
        Jane stole her crown –
        While Nancy tried to run it.

    • I don’t know how that is even remotely feasible from politics alone. A move like that would guarantee her non-election in 2024. Enough Americans can be duped by the media, but many more Americans would see right through that outright corrupt move.

      Let’s say she even tries such a foolhardy move…pretending the Senate DOESN’T flip blue in January, a McConnell Senate isn’t going to convict Joe after a House impeachment. Especially since a House impeachment isn’t going to happen…no sitting Democrats in the House would be dumb enough to take part in such a move except for maybe the Squad.

      A Pro-Harris coup like that would literally look exactly like a coup and would never go anywhere past the fever dreams of the hyper-left, let alone get past 2024.

      • (Oh I suppose the only real route is this has been all a grand scheme where Biden is willingly playing a role)

        We’ll see, I don’t think Biden is that ‘altruistic’. But let’s pretend he even entertained the idea… you know who willingly steps down from the Presidency once they have it?

        No one.

        And again, even if that occurred and he stepped down… this doesn’t go past 2024 with the coming backlash.

          • The cabinet will declare him incompetent, which will be plain for everyone to see and he’ll be replaced by The Harridan with Congress’s approval pursuant to the 25th Amendment. Why would the GOP oppose such a move, even though I’m not sure a majority in the House wouldn’t constitute sufficient approval by a majority Congressional body. Joe’s simply not up to the job. If he objects, they’ll let him return to the Senate, which is where he thought he was heading to anyway.

            • It would get to Congress to decide only if the President affirms that he is capable after the Cabinet and VP have said he isn’t, and then it would take 2/3 of both bodies to remove him.

          • Michael, you’d think so, but do you think such a removal would adversely affect a voter like, oh say, Sparty? Heck no. She’d gladly trade an Ancient Mariner for a trendy, mixed-race woman lawyer about her age. Manna from heaven is what Sparty would call it. This is all about obtaining absolute control. This would not cost the Democratic coalition a single vote.

        • If the left can steal this election, what is stopping them from stealing every election from here on out. Backlash is irrelevant if your vote is irrelevant.

      • “Enough Americans can be duped by the media, but many more Americans would see right through that outright corrupt move.”

        Really? Democrats voted for Biden (who is in the throes of dementia and never gave press conferences or ha to answer difficult questions about his Senate record, the crime bill, or his relationships with China, Russia,. etc.) and Harris (where she had to answer absolutely nothing about her time as a Senator or the DA in California. Why was that? Orange Man Bad?

        Don’t you remember that Pelosi and her crew prepared a procedure to remove a sitting president under the 25th Amendment? Everyone thought it was to deal with Trump and his erratic behavior. Actually, it is intended to deal with Biden when he is certified non compos mentis.


        • But the scenario being discussed here isn’t a non-Trump versus Trump ouster.

          We’re examining the proposition of an internecine fight held *not in the party* but in the actually body of government between Democrats and Democrats.

          They are NOT going to undermine themselves that way.

          • Michael, recall a few weeks ago when Nancy Pelosi was talking about establishing a 25th Amendment committee to be ready for 2021? That was clearly done to begin greasing the skids to shuffle Joe off the stage as soon as possible.

        • Am agreeing with your 12:24 PM comment here, John. (I so rarely take issue with anything Michael West says.) Jack said it all right here, in this post (after the tweet of David Shafer) :

          “This, of course, is what’s so convenient about mail-in ballots….this, and the fact that you can just throw the ones you don’t like away. And that you can just fill in someone else’s ballot for him or her in exchange for a fee. Or get a vote from someone who has no idea what he or she is voting for, but a helpful Democrat neighbor helped the poor dear fill out the ballot. Well, a lot is convenient about this method of voting, if you see democracy as a game for chumps.”

  5. When I was doing some calculations late last night, using data from
    , including the numbers for the percentage of ballots processed (“in”) Trump was up by 1200 votes. At about 4:00 am, that dropped to a 700 lead, and this morning, fairly early, it had reversed to a 1000 vote Biden lead…all with no change yet in the completion percentages noted from counties that showed less than 100%.
    Middle of the night mail-in ballot processing? If so, when did they get these ballots, and why were they not included as a percentage yet to be tallied? News reports say Clayton (a metro Atlanta county), which showed 100% tallied last night, is responsible for a large part of the new lead. Clayton is 85% Biden.

  6. What was I thinking to think the Democrats and the media and all political operatives and federal and state and county employees would let Donald Trump get re-elected? Some celebrity/actress said “Covid is a gift to the left from God!” Boy, was she ever right. Nothing else worked until the virus came along and the Dems could get massive mail in voting. How hard is it to stuff ballot boxes when ballots are sent out via junk mail? “Okay deplorables, back to your rooms! And keep quiet from here on out!”

    Frankly, I’m kind of glad it’s over.

    • I don’t think it’s over. But I don’t think it’s going to end any other way, but to push Trump out of power.

      I am excited for what LIES ahead. When fraud works, why stop practicing it? Biden has practiced it like a pro for at least 50 years. That’s quite a crop of successors coming up after him, too.

      Maybe America has been as great as it is all along, as a result of having the world’s best practitioners of fraud in power, generation after generation. Maybe China’s “lead” Party can finally fix that little flaw.

      • To clarify my last paragraph there: the first sentence is sincere, suggesting irony and consequentialism. The China sentence is sarcasm, with a cryptic tone of dread.

  7. This is the end is near kind of dark, read it at your own risk.

    I’ve been saying for a while that the political left has been in search of a way, any way, to create a constitutional crisis in the United States and the chaos created by this election because of mail in ballots that the Democrats pushed for and the random 11th hour rule election changes pushed by Democrats across the USA may have given them just what they wanted.

    It’s really clear to me that the political left wants a major fundamental change that leads away from provisions set forth in the United States Constitution and its Amendments, these rights are fine for anyone that thinks like they do but not for anyone who opposes them. The political left has already used their massive propaganda machine to brain washed a fair portion of our society with their politically correct social justice nonsense. They already have an “army” of willing participants to intimidate the population, attack those they oppose, and randomly destroy portions of cities to instill fear of their power throughout the United States; no bull shit people, this is exactly how the Nazi’s took over.

    If Biden is successful in being able to claim victory in this election and inaugurated as President of the United States watch the progression of the reactions in the streets and in the media; a Biden win will justify every one of their ends justifies the means tactics to get here and the totalitarian minded people empowered by a Biden Presidency will begin to push hard, much harder than before. Remember the irrational protesters and violent rioters across the USA have been openly calling for dead cops and an actual revolution and if we don’t give them what they want they’ll burn it all down. Does anyone honestly think these irrational and violent people are going to suddenly crawl back under their rocks if Biden is elected President?

    Only time will tell us what’s going to happen but if we learn from history it’s not so hard to predict that which is staring you in the face.

    • The left will be emboldened as they were when they shoved Obama care through. Rachel Maddow will be on every night, going to the whip as she was after 2008.

  8. I think we should take a massive step back and understand that this was actually a really good week for Republicans.

    I mean that. We were told to expect a bloodbath, we were told the senate was going to flip, that the Democrats were going to take control of house legislatures in a redistricting year, we were told that Amy McGrath was going to unseat Cocaine Mitch.

    None of those things happened. The Demcorats spent Dr. Evil levels of money in Kentucky to lose by 21 points, Republicans maintained or grew their proportion of state legislatures, they picked up about a dozen House seats and will maintain the senate. Whether the House passes a bill to expand the size of SCOTUS is irrelevant, the Senate will not confirm Biden’s nominees unless they appeal to them, because of course they won’t. Hell, they have the power to make Biden moderate on the rest of his nominations too. This will be the first time in American history that a Democrat will take office without also taking both the Senate and the House, and if history is a guide, support will decline as all the things Biden promised will turn to dust. 2022 does not look good if you’re a house Democrat, there are a lot of Democrats running in purple states that are hanging on by the skin of their dentures.

    This was a good week. Not a great week, I get it, you wanted Trump to win. But it was a damn good week, and while you can’t always get what you want, sometimes you get what you need.

    • This is what I have been saying. What have Democrats actually won here? I mean, I will be glad to get rid of Trump, but that’s not enough to really shift the needle domestically.

      Also, not to interfere with the tinfoil hat convention going on here, but if Democrats were going to steal an election, wouldn’t they steal it with a bigger margin and check blue for the down ballot races too? It’s a head-scratcher for sure.

      As for Kentucky, Dems knew we were going to lose. For the last two months, I received mailers asking me NOT to contribute to that Senate race. The turtle’s reign will continue.

      • I agree—it’s a net loss for the Democrats, and the news media, and social media… And whatever anyone may think of Trump, he is stressful and chaotic, and I don’t think the nation could stand 4 more years of stress and chaos. Joe’s got his hands full, and I’ll be rooting for him to be his best and get through it, especially because Harris is a disaster.

        • I just don’t see it. I’m amazed he made it all the way through to the election. He’s so stiff and unsure of his footing. I wonder if he has Lewy body dementia. It leads to death approximately eight years after diagnosis. Who knows.

          • Biden’s physical condition has actually impressed me. And, not because I am so severely debilitated, though far younger than he. Even in my prime, I did not jog up a big set of steps to enter an airplane. I saw Joe do that during this year’s campaign. No foolery or fraud going on there, for a change. He ain’t as bad as Woodrow Wilson; he can get out of bed, and travel, and stand in one place for more than an hour (like in the debates) without any obvious weakness. It’s his BRAIN that concerns me.

          • What? Whatever would make you think that? No, I think he should fight until the integrity of the result is beyond question. In fact, he has an obligation to do that, for his supporters and the nation.

            • You said you’d be rooting for Biden, like it’s a foregone conclusion he is going to be president. If you believe that there’s a foregone conclusion to all of this, then why shouldn’t the president just concede, and spare the nation the stress? Wouldn’t it be better to cut his losses and fade away without more abuse from the media?

              • Of course not, because there is a substantial likelihood that there was widespread fraud and corruption of the process. That’s intolerable whether Biden would win anyway, and it’s Trump’s duty to use his time as President to find out the truth. If it proves that he won, that’s a bonus.

        • Nonsense. The nation would have been fine with his stress and chaos if the Media and the Left hadn’t gone into full-insurrection-without-bullets mode.

          75% of Trumps insanity was pure 100% reaction to treacherous behavior.

          So add the 75% of Trump’s conduct and 90% of the media’s stressful and chaotic conduct. THAT combination, the nation could not endure another 4 years of. But none of that had to exist if it weren’t for…

          drum roll…

          the Democrats breaking norms.

          We’d have been fine rolling our eyes at Trump’s bombast otherwise.

            • 1) If a normal Republican president was subjected the unhinged vitriol and assault Trump was, it’d be perfectly fine for them to finally give them the verbal smack down they deserve.

              Would we condemn those appropriate reactions as “stress” to which we shouldn’t have to endure?

              I like looking at root causes.

              The hyper-emotional mess our nation operates in right now is fully the responsibility of the Left Wing media-state cabal.

      • If you have to fill out 130,000 bubbles with a handful of people, making just Joe Biden takes far less time. Marking the senate run too means it’s 260,000 bubbles.

        • So if they only did the Joe Biden bubbles and not the Senate ones, it would show up statistically in some of these states as a situation where Joe didn’t just outperform the Democrats down ballot but BLEW OUT performance compared to down ballot.

          I wonder if any states show that statistical pattern?

          • Georgia right now is showing
            Presidency: Trump 2,448,994 – Biden 2,450,558 = 1500+ for Biden
            Senate: Perdue (R) 2,449,998 Ossoff (D) 2,351,994 = almost 100,000 Republican lead

            • Oh it’s even crazier when you see the ratios in the so-called Blue Wall states of Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

              I made my comment intentionally because I knew the statistically unbelievable ‘flukes’ exist in exactly the most questionable states.

              Jack’s most recent post regarding Larry Correia’s commentary discusses this.

    • When the dust settles you are correct, tactically speaking the GOP has the slight edge. Civically and economically, our nation always works better in divided government because the government generally can’t screw anything up.

      The big beef I have with this is not specifically the Trump loss***…it’s everything that his loss *looks like*.

      And sure, Jack’s correct, appearances of impropriety aren’t actually impropriety. But damn, how *many* appearances are necessary to seriously imply impropriety.

      This election has shown exactly why mass mail voting cannot be trusted. Yet it will not go away now.

      ***His loss does however mean ALOT of good advances in the international arena will be flapping in the wind with no backing. It also means ALOT of bad actors held in check by American unpredictability now have an easier time accomplishing various consolidations and maneuvers like they did the last time Biden was in the administration.

  9. What we should look at, however, are state run election procedures.

    Following the 2000 Florida debacle that ended in Gore v. Bush, Florida was embarrassed into producing one of the best systems for counting ballots in America. If the systems in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania were *half* as effective at processing ballots as the Florida system, the narrative would be backwards:

    Instead of all the in person votes being counted first, and the mail in ballots trickling in over the course of the next week, all five of these states would have had the same narrative as Florida: Biden would appear in the lead, and the question would have been “Can Trump catch Biden?”, with the answer coming the same day.

    • The powers that be in the states need to talk to Utah (if GOP) or one of the other all-mail states (if Dem) to figure out how to work that going forward. That said, I think voting in person, with an ID, is still the way to go.

      • Of course it is; Set aside the increased chance of fraud for a second, because you’ll apparently never convince a Democrat that having 118 year old people who have been dead for 30 years constitutes fraud. Mail in ballots are *orders of magnitude* more likely to suffer from spoilage.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Ron DeSantis did an excellent job in Florida. He cleaned out the corrupt, incompetent bozos running things and streamlined the process for efficiency and integrity.


    • The problem in North Carolina is not the counting process. Here’s the deal: The legislature here made a number of changes over the summer to streamline absentee and mail-in voting. What they didn’t change was the requirement that ballots had to be received by November 6th (which, we will note, is today) as well as being postmarked by election day. That made sense to me — if you mail something on Tuesday, it ought to be able to make it across the state by Friday.

      However, the Democrats decided that this wasn’t enough time and the state board of elections — which is controlled by the governor’s party (who this year is a Democrat) decided to add 6 more days to this deadline. The solidly Democratic State Supreme court agreed that the law wasn’t something we needed to pay attention to, and the US Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal.

      So everything in NC is on hold until the 12th. There are about 116k absentee ballots that haven’t been returned so far — but no one will know how many were actually mailed in until the 12th, plus about 41k provisional ballots that the election boards are working on.

      All the mail-in and early voting ballots we had received by election day were counted before midnight on election day. The vote count has not changed a whit since then.

      Remember the legislature revisited the law this summer to accommodate the pandemic situation — if they thought the date needed to be changed they would have done so. If the courts had agreed that the current state law should control the election procedure, we would have a final result here by now.

      But no…….

  10. I think none of the contested vote tallying procedures will pass a careful and thorough review. If you think we know about irregularities now, wait until the auditors get in there.

    • I suspect the various ballot counting procedures are nothing but goat rodeos and no judges will be willing to wade in and sort anything out. What’s done is done. Even had Trump won, the Dems would have simply moved on to their next plan to remove him unilaterally. And the next one. And then the next one.

      • It appears the same to me – What’s done is done. Biden is the 46th President now and nothing will change that. Or, I’ll be surprised if any audits, lawsuits or other process changes the outcome.

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