Pre-Crummy Thanksgiving Warm-Up, 11/25/2020

Friend thanksgiving

1. It’s a good thing I’m not a conspiracy theorist…because it would then be easy for me to conclude that the Wuhan virus lock-downs, travel restrictions and dictatorial measures enacted by various Democratic Party-run states as well as the would-be edicts of the CDC are part of a calculated plan to weaken the family, isolate and divide the citizenry, undermine religion, increase fear and desperation, and further weaken American traditions and institutions, all for the purpose of paving the way for a totalitarian, single-party takeover. Killing Thanksgiving, which has been on the anti-American hit-list for a long time, would be an obvious and effective step in such a plotan.

Fortunately I am not a conspiracy theorist, and I view these developments from the perspective of Hanlon’s Razor. However, Thanksgivingcide this year, though not premeditated, will still advance the cause of the fascists of the Left, who are real, powerful and with the election of Joe Biden, on the ascendance.

What is particularly galling is that it is nearly impossible to hold a Thanksgiving family dinner this year even if one wants to be defiant, as I do. The various quarantine rules make traveling futile. The fearmongering has worked: my sister, for example, is now a full Wuhanphobic. She wouldn’t come into my home, and wouldn’t allow us in hers. I will not patronize another restaurant that requires diners to wear masks between bites, like the one in Arlington, Virginia we used last month to try to celebrate my son’s birthday—I’d rather starve—or rush to put the damn things on whenever a waiter nears the table.

Next up, Christmas. That’s been on the Left’s hit list for a long time too.

2. Is it ethical to make “housewives” stars so they end up not being housewives? The New York Post notes that since TV’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Erika Jayne filed for divorce from her husband of 21 years, the overall “Housewives” franchise divorce rate stands at 43.2%, and that’s counting only the divorces by women after joining the franchise and not those who were divorced before the reality shows made them celebrities.

The Posts “Page Six” quizzed experts about why this would happen.

“Reality TV raises awareness of an individual, but it also raises that person’s awareness of that awareness, which is to say that they suddenly become cognizant of the fact that their social circle, or tribe, has expanded, and they’ve entered into a dynamic within that group that’s very difficult to deal with,” said Dr. Tracy Thomas, a California psychologist and devout “RHONY” fan. With the rise of social media, TV stardom isn’t a one-way street anymore, either, so “your relationship stops being yours and your partner’s. Suddenly it’s yours and your partner’s and the millions of people watching you go through it, which exponentially complicates and enhances all the normal stressors of a relationship,” Thomas added.

Sex and relationship expert Ian Lavalley told the Post that many “Real Housewives” begin “as the ‘trophy wife’ supporting a financially successful husband” and “is dependent on him for financial security, and perhaps a level of identity.” But, “As the show progresses, they may begin to experience their own financial independence and identity separate from their husbands,” causing “the balance of power starts to shift.” That can “create enormous friction as roles and relationship agreements change,” he said.

The article doesn’t mention that any couple taking part in a reality show should be forewarned that these ethical and entertainment monstrosities are marriage-killers. The couple in the very first family reality show, “The Louds,” broke up during the show; so did Linda Kardashian and Bruce Jenner during “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” and Jon and Kate during “Jon and Kate Plus 8.”

These people have decided that money and celebrity are more important than a stable family and their marriage. [Pointer: Other Bill]

3. President Trump pardoned Michael Flynn. Good! Flynn was a victim of the “deep state” effort to sabotage the Trump administration, and even though the Justice Department saw ample reason to drop the case against him, a vindictive and rogue federal judge, Emmet Sullivan, has fought the dismissal.

Among the news stories buried by the mainstream media in its disinformation campaign to carry Biden to the White House was the incriminating memo by Susan Rice, detailing a White House meeting in which she, James Comey, President Obama and Biden discussed how to trap Flynn shortly after Trump was elected.

Andrew McCarthy explained,

The newly disclosed paragraph underscores the intensity of the Obama administration’s focus on Flynn, as well as the dearth of a factual or legal basis for investigating him, either as a criminal suspect or a clandestine agent of the Kremlin.

The Jan. 5 meeting took place at a critical juncture in the Trump-Russia counterintelligence investigation. The FBI had opened its probe under the codename “Crossfire Hurricane” in late July 2016. It was deemed an “umbrella” investigation of the Trump campaign, and came to include sub-investigations of four campaign officials….

It was entirely appropriate for Flynn – as the incoming Trump national security adviser – to engage in such conversations with foreign counterparts. On the call, Flynn had discouraged Russia from escalating tensions with the U.S. – just as we would want any American official engaged in foreign relations to do.

Tellingly, just a day before the Oval Office meeting, the FBI had completed a memo closing its Crossfire Razor investigation of Flynn because no evidence had been found to support the absurd suspicion that he was a clandestine agent of Russia.

Nevertheless, even though Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak had been proper, Obama officials seemed determined to use it as a pretext for extending the investigation of Flynn….

The Rice memo alone justifies the President’s pardon of Flynn, who was collateral damage in the conspiracy to undermine Trump’s presidency. Wait–didn’t I just say I’m not a conspiracy theorist? Well, I’m not.

But that conspiracy was no theory.

You will see that the linked story by Politico doesn’t mention the Rice memo anywhere. Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias!

4. Seattle defunds the police , but plenty of cops are quitting, so it’s all good. I have a lot of friends in Seattle, but I have to say that the city deserves everything that is coming its way, like all the voters who elected a Democratic administration this time, but worse.

The Seattle City Council voted 8-1 to cut the Seattle Police Department’s budget by 18%. More than 130 officers have left the force, according to the mayor’s office, with more to come. The deep cuts are, as the president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, Mike Solan, called them “naive.” (The word he was searching for is “irresponsible and incompetent.”) He warned that the response to calls coming in to 911 would take longer and that the city was “going to see crime rise…we’re already seeing increased homicide rates that we haven’t seen in decades.”

Ethics Alarms doesn’t call this period “The Great Stupid” for nothing.

11 thoughts on “Pre-Crummy Thanksgiving Warm-Up, 11/25/2020

  1. 1. Hanlon’s razor is no longer a valid method with respect to the Left, as I have said many times.

    Still, I doubt it is some kind of organized conspiracy. I think Occam’s razor, which simply wants us to look to the simplest explanation, suggests that this is simply what they believe in, i.e. totalitarian edicts, undermining religion and weakening the family. The increase in fear, isolation and desperation are simply the logical extensions of Leftism, as are the weakening of institutions and traditions. We have seen this through many decades wherever leftism takes root in the world.

    In other words, it’s just who they are — a hive-mind of intolerant, safetyist control freaks doing intolerant safteyist control freak things.

    Jack said:

    What is particularly galling is that it is nearly impossible to hold a Thanksgiving family dinner this year even if one wants to be defiant, as I do.

    I know. Not only quarantine rules, but the general painfulness of dealing with all the related inconveniences. My wife is immune-compromised due to a lymph node dissection from cancer treatments, so I have to be more careful than I otherwise would be. Still, I feel your pain and frustration.

    Yes, Christmas is next. After that, we’ll be assured that a vaccine isn’t enough and the abuse will be extended for at least 12 more months and perhaps beyond. In the more totalitarian states like New York and California, I predict face masks and some level of concomitant restrictions for at least 24 more months no matter what the rest of the country does — again, it’s who they are.

    3. Re: Flynn

    It had to be done, and Sullivan is by no means the only rogue federal judge, which of course you know.

    Oh, and as a bonus, we are about to get a bunch more Sullivans over the next four years. Isn’t that wonderful?

    4. I hope Seattle gets exactly what they want… good and hard. I trust all but dedicated Utopians have already or will shortly refugee off to more sane circumstances. Those who stay there deserve exactly what they will surely get — after all, it’s what they voted for.

    I remember mooring overnight in Seattle when we were taking the submarine up the Peugeot Sound to Olympia, the town the ship was named after. We had some wonderful pizza and beer on liberty in Seattle, and I got some great pictures of Mt. Rainier and the Cascades from the harbor, some of which I took at night.

    Of course, we were feted to death in Olympia (this was 1985), but even back then, we were met by protesters at the dock as well as dignitaries and well-wishers. Still, it was a week of parties and all the things sailors do while in on liberty at a welcoming port. I rather imagine if a new nuclear USS Olympia were commissioned, that trip would be a lot different, and not at all in a good way.

    I’m glad my only real memories of Washington State are good ones, as aged and yellow as they may be.

  2. 1. Does your predisposition to Hanlon’s Razor built on what you want it to be or on something else?

    It may take some time before PA’s vote is certified. If the argument that of those vote spikes totaling 600K in which only 3200 went to Trump holds up it could spawn a wave of problems for Mr. Biden.

    The speculation on what remedies are available should massive fraud be proved by a preponderence of the evidence by the Trump team may be of little consequence. It may be more of problem if 73.3 million people have their suspicions regarding PA and other states processes validated by Trump’s lawyer’s ability to deliver sufficient evidence that massive fraud did occur .

    If you think the George Floyd freak out created social unrest you have not seen anything yet.

  3. 1. We are planning to drive to Phoenix beginning Christmas Eve, because our two-and-a-half-year old granddaughter wants to see us. If some politician tries to tell me we can’t go, he/she will get two birds for Christmas, and they’ll pull our cold, dead bodies from the car. There’s some hyperbole in that, but not all.

    As for Thanksgiving gatherings, doesn’t that fall under our First-Amendment right to assemble peacefully?

  4. 3. President Trump pardoned Michael Flynn.

    With another 2000+ COVID deaths yesterday and Trump grifting the recount and legal fight money into his own coffers you should have titled this one The Pardoner’s Tale.

  5. Let’s not forget one other major factor of these lockdowns: the complete destruction of small businesses while magacorps are experiencing their best growth ever recorded. The government is creating winners and losers, and it’s the little guy that’s losing right now.

  6. #4 – As a resident of the not insane part of the Pacific Northwest, I think things will work out OK for the rest of us. I was pretty worried that we were going to see the unwinding of the truth in sentencing, three strikes your out and mandatory sentences thrown out by the changing demographics of the two states. Instead, what has happened is the election of district attorneys who won’t use the laws on the books combined with a neutered and defunded police.
    Out in the sticks we still have those laws, sheriffs we elect, district attorneys we elect, and judges we elect. We just need to keep it clear to people that they can go to Portland or Seattle and commit all the crimes they want. Just don’t do it here, or we’ll send you away.
    Portland and Seattle are going to become the new Baltimore and Detroit.

  7. Having been a chorister for decades, one of the most painful aspects of the WuFlu restrictions has been not being able to participate in choir practices or church worship services. (And, no, roll-your-own Zoom “choirs” are certainly not the same thing)

    Earlier this week I had the privilege of being part of a socially-distanced quartet w/organist of choir members that recorded (in the church!) part of the sung liturgy and an anthem for this Sunday (Advent 1). Our contributions will be combined with recordings (e.g. homily, readings, etc.) of clergy and other laity to form a complete service – something that our clergy has been doing since the early spring.

    I mention this because I was gobsmacked by how much I was invigorated by the experience. While I knew what I had been missing, I never realized how much I had missed it. Or how fantastic even an hour-long “taste” would be.

    As believers (and non-believers) approach Advent & Christmastide with the prospect of no *real* Christmas celebration this year, while I’m disheartened by the restrictions, I’m convinced that once we return to “normal” it will be with a renewed sense of gratefulness.

  8. 2. I recently had a conversation with a television producer who works in reality t.v. He said that within the “Housewives” franchises the housewives wield enormous power. With the bat of a false eyelash they can get just about anyone fired; producers, directors, cameramen, etc. I’m sure for many of these trophy wives (and that’s exactly what they are) this new found power must be deliciously heady. However, the high priced attorney husband they are hauling through divorce court will still have a career 10 years from now. A housewife whose social media following has turned on her, and whose high priced designer water she tried to shill on the show to make an extra has left her bankrupt…. oh, who am I kidding? She’ll just move on to the next schmuck.

  9. The “virus scare” we are now experiencing is to condition the populace to accept the vaccine. Ask your friends and family if they would now want the vaccine. Many have changed their minds and will now line up for it. Of course it won’t be available until after January 20, 2021 so Uncle Joe can receive all the credit.

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