Comment Of The Day: “Unethical Quote Of The Week: Wayne Allen Root”

2020 election

Chris Marschner adds more perspective to the 2020 Election Ethics Train Wreck. Here is his Comment of the Day on the post, “Unethical Quote Of The Week: Wayne Allen Root”:

I think we need to define the word “Win”. Why do we equate winning with Trump remaining as President? Trump can win by marshaling his resources to continue the fight to convince enough voters that voter fraud is real enough to alter the outcomes of elections. I do agree that if we simply sweep that which occurred in the 2020 election under the rug a certain political party will be emboldened to push for fewer impediments to voting by the living and the dead and the otherwise ineligible.

It is argued that because each state oversees it election process the ability to conspire to rig an election would be out of the question as it would require too many to agree. We can see that such a conspiracy need not be nationwide; for as few as five states that have major urban areas, that routinely have low voter turnouts, and suddenly see a groundswell of support for the Democrat candidate can tip the tide in their favor; a party need not even have to tell its officials in the non-metro areas thus limiting the number of people needed to make the needed vote adjustments. This can now occur whether the folks turn out to vote or not. They merely need to be registered.

Sure the media was, and will remain in the tank for the progressives. I don’t think any of them have the spine to stand up against the “Cancel Culturalists” when the woke mob finds something they don’t like about one of their peers in the media. In fact I think most will become more malleable. Any vestige of critical thinking capacity the media elites might possess today will disappear as they try to preserve their elitist status among the woke. Speaking the truth can make life very uncomfortable and those accustomed to unearned comforts will sell their souls to keep those comforts coming. The media can only deliver a message it cannot control your thinking unless you let them. Therefore, it will mean that fighting the media’s messaging will require better messaging and a willingness to evaluate multiple information streams.

Perhaps winning really means effecting fundamental changes to ensure voter integrity by requiring proof of citizenship and address to register, photo ID at the polls, and other measure such as creating a national voter D system that prevents the same person from voting in two different places in any election.

I would also like to see that every state first deliver a value for the ballot universe. The ballot universe is the number of ballots that are subject to the canvass. Once that universe of ballots is certified absolutely no more ballots can be included in the counting. This is designed to prevent suddenly found ballots from increasing the number of ballots after actual counting of votes begins.

Only after the ballot universe is certified can election judges and observers begin the task of counting votes.

My only caveat to the above is that if the majority of the voting population believes that it is more of the government’s responsibility to take care of us than our own responsibility and they have learned that voting allows themselves to increase money and resources flowing to them from the government then the only losers are the poor SOB’s (Your children and their children) that wind up picking up the bills we frivolously run up so we incur no hardship. They will be the Uyghar equivalents working in the Chinese tennis shoe factories operating in North America.

7 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Unethical Quote Of The Week: Wayne Allen Root”

  1. Once again, Chris does not disappoint.

    I would add three or four more controls to what Chris has stated:

    Voter rolls need to certified no more than 30 days from the election date;

    Same day voter registration eligibility needs to end;

    Motor voter registration needs to end, and

    Mail-in balloting only applies to those voters actively requesting it who can legitimately certify a disability and/or unavailability (out of state or country, etc.) on election day.


  2. Chris said, “the only losers are the poor SOB’s (your children and their children) that wind up picking up the bills we frivolously run up so we incur no hardship.”

    Great COTD!
    I would note that the statement above applies to state and local governments as well. In my own county for example, the county executive and successive boards of county commissioners adopted a policy over twenty years ago of borrowing (through bonds) the maximum amount that growth in tax revenues (through increasing development and subsequent property value increases) would support, rather than periodically raising taxes in a “pay as you go” strategy for capital projects. Our county currently pays more in annual debt service than for the annual law enforcement operating budget of the sheriff’s office, and will do so for the next ten years at least, even if they never borrow another cent. Every one of the officials complicit in this theft from our children and grandchildren has and will proudly run for reelection under the banner of “We Keep Your Taxes Low” as they kick the can down the road. The electorate has responded by regularly returning most of these thieves to office. By contrast, one of our adjoining counties of similar size has only a slightly higher property tax rate than our own, but has zero debt.
    Relatively few taxpayers, unfortunately, are wise to the ways in which politicians and their staffs can hide debt (and other financial chicanery) within the bowels of voluminous budget documents, and fewer still take the consistent active interest in local governance that is required to really know what goes on in their city, county, and state governments. And for this folly our children and their children will pay.

    • Your county government will at some point drive out all property tax payers who move to the adjacent county leaving a lot of owners seeing their home values fall and equity evaporate. You will see this begin when your bond rating drops.

      • The current bond rating is “AA/Stable,” and about 82% of current debt scheduled to be retired in ten years, BUT they are already one school behind (replacing one destroyed in a 2011 tornado) and in need of an additional courtroom and related infrastructure at our Justice Center, The most recent “big” project was a new industrial park, which sat empty for three years and just got its first tenant this past fall.

  3. It dawned on me today that in keeping with my premise that winning can be defined by exposing the irregularities and manner by the 2020 election which was “stolen” it would be necessary to have the public be given the opportunity to judge the validity of such claims by Trump and his legal teams.

    If the courts are unwilling to permit such a hearing of the evidence as they have demonstrated by finding a variety of procedural reasons for dismissing all complaints then it would be necessary to publish the evidence in form that cannot be censored by private interests. The only legitimate forum to disseminate information, which is also outside the abilities of Google, WAPO, NYT, YouTube, and others to quash such information is the National Archives which maintains a verbatim account of all debate in the House and Senate.

    This brings me to the issue of why Trump’s unwillingness to concede may have ethical grounds. Given that the founders established a method of challenging the electors who were sent by their states to cast their votes for President, they must have foreseen the need to be able to challenge such electors. This makes Trump’s use of the Constitutional measure both legal and ethical. If such a challenge does occur, debate will ensue on the floor of the House and Senate which will be recorded for posterity. Had Trump conceded when it became obvious that his ability to win based on the certifications by the states was virtually nil the evidence that has yet to be vetted by the electorate could be erased by the private keepers of the preferred history of the U.S.

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