Ethics Warm-Up, 1/25/21: Wait, MSNBC Admitting Its Bias? The UN Praising the US On Climate Change? The Armed Services Being Reasonable About Hair?

1. Naturally, this was never going to come out before the election, and if it did, it wouldn’t have been reported. Or is that too cynical? Yesterday, The United Nations released its Emissions Gap Report 2020, an annual assessment of contributions to greenhouse gas and carbon emissions. Here is what it said about the U.S.:

“The United States of America emits 13 per cent of global GHG emissions…China emits more than one-quarter of global GHG emissions….Greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the U.S. are dropping precipitously while those of China, India and Russia continue to rise. With the world’s most successful economy (over $21 trillion in 2019), it is not a surprise that the U.S. pollutes more per person, but the U.S. is making great strides in changing this. “

Forbes notes that the U.S.has been decreasing its greenhouse gas emissions faster than any other major polluter, and it did so without the Paris agreement.

2. Well, duh. Via  NewsBusters: MSNBC Live host Stephanie Ruhle said of Biden’s inauguration, “Let’s be honest, you know if President Trump did this, he would be getting crushed for holding a super-spreader event. We’d all be saying it.”Gee, Stephanie, why be honest now? Oh…right.

3. I am told by aspiring commenters that it shows my partisan bias that I even mention things like this. Amazon, Inc., run by Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board opposing an effort by employees at a warehouse in Alabama to hold a union election using mail-in ballots. Why? Oh, just that mail-in ballots are inherently non-secure, contrary to what his paper claimed before the 2020 election, and in often vociferous terms. Amazon “explains” that mail-in voting in union elections is fundamentally different from that in political elections because a “continuously updated voter address roll” and the ability to vote in person or by mail “promote security and voter turnout.”

Continuously updated voter address roll”?

Adds Outkick:

You are likely trying to figure out how that adds up, right? The Washington Post, owned by Bezos, called any claims of mail-in voter fraud by Donald Trump and his supporters dangerous and inexcusable. Amazon even banned Parler from its servers, in part to ensure no one could claim voter fraud occurred from mail-in ballots back in November. But stop trying to make it make sense. It is not supposed to add up.

[ Pointer: carcarwhiteI gave carcar credit for pointing me to the previous post, and that was in error. That pointer goes to Cathammer. I’ve made the correction, and apologize to all.]

4. This seems both fair and absurdly delayed: The Air Force and Space Force announced that women in the services will be allowed to wear their hair longer than before, eliminating the requirements that many female recruits said caused migraines, hair damage, and hair loss.

Now Air Force and Space Force women may wear their hair in up to two braids or a single ponytail with not exceeding the width of the head, with the length not extending below a horizontal line running between the top of each sleeve inseam at the underarm through the shoulder blades, according to a press release. Women’s bangs may now touch their eyebrows, but not cover their eyes.

Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force JoAnne Bass, said the changes reflect “the diversity of the force.” Blecch, gag, retch. We just had to get in the buzzword “diversity,” didn’t we. How about just pointing out that acknowledging that women aren’t men and wear their hair differently is a no-brainer?

And why are women in the services still called “airmen”?

5. “Golden Rule Fail” doesn’t begin to cover this. Jennifer Woodley, the former CEO of Make-A-Wish Iowa, has been arrested on felony charges that she embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from the charity she headed. She and her husband have two daughters who required brain surgery, and one of them received a trip to Walt Disney World through Make-A-Wish Iowa before Woodley was hired as CEO. So Woodley proceeded to steal money that could do the same for other sick kids.

Two months after becoming the group’s president and CEO, Woodley secretly awarded herself a $10,000 bonus that had not been approved by its board, according to criminal complaints. Woodley also made 84 unauthorized purchases totaling more than $23,000 on a the charity’s credit card for her personal use, and did did not reimburse the group.

In my long experience with charities and non-profits, this kind of conduct is not as rare as you would think….or hope.

8 thoughts on “Ethics Warm-Up, 1/25/21: Wait, MSNBC Admitting Its Bias? The UN Praising the US On Climate Change? The Armed Services Being Reasonable About Hair?

  1. #1 – Let’s not forget for a moment that the single largest reason for the reduction is that EVIL fracking. The United States has rapidly pivoted from electricity coming from a majority coal to coal in third place. That is because natural gas has risen rapidly and nearly completely replaced coal. Sorry environmentalists, solar was irrelevant and wind was a minor player compared to the rise of natural gas.

  2. “Continuously updated voter address roll”?

    You know, as opposed to those static employee rolls that Amazon never update….

  3. Re: No. 2; Media Bias; But I don’t know where to post this, so here goes:

    Here are links to Steven Hilton’s The Next Revolution twitter feed. Hilton’s reporting is alarming on way too many levels. He is making serious allegations about the origins of the Wuhan Virus and Fauci’s role in its development. Hilton’s research demonstrates that Fauci is beyond compromised and that Fauci has been misleading everyone since the very beginning.

    According to Hilton’s report, Fauci was intimately in favor of “gain-on-function” lab research which modified existing viruses to increase their effectiveness so that they could study the results in controlled lab settings. In 2014, the Obama Administration suspended the research because of obvious dangers. After that, Fauci directed $3.2 million to the Wuhan virology lab to continue the research, in contravention of the Obama Administration’s directives. The rest, they say, is history, or in this case, Fauci’s story. He has some serious explaining to do.


  4. We probably should consider that we in the ‘West’, or in my case the East, have outsourced our pollution to China and India. Since we get so many of our consumer items produced there, we really should take responsibility for a proportion of their pollution.

    I recall an interview some years back where a Pacific Islander was berating Australia for creating pollution that was causing their Islands to disappear – this was before it was found that about eighty percent of them were actually increasing in size. The interview was shot on a beach, obviously, but extending as far as the eye could see behind the interviewee were aluminium boats, all made in Australia!

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