The New Racism, Now Available At Cornell…Oops! Never Mind! Racism? What Racism?

Cornell racism

How brazen are our indoctrination institutions as they attempt to enshrine the new racism as an American norm? This brazen: Cornell launched a segregated rock-climbing course excluding white students, described as a class will provide a “high degree of individual attention” focusing on “BIPOC individuals and groups in rock climbing.” Campus Reform confronted school authorities about the discriminatory and facially illegal course description, and the school quickly backed down, pulled the description, changing it to one stating that the class is “open to all” students who are “interested in learning rock climbing with this special focus.”

Wow. Cornell must be really certain that all of its students have been thoroughly woked if it took an outside conservative website to get the school to reverse itself. Or perhaps they were confident that any Cornell student who had the perception, intelligence and integrity to flag this outrage would know that he or she risked being driven off campus by an angry mob, not that this would be a bad thing. I would not stay in a college run by administrators who openly discriminate like that, and it wouldn’t matter what group they were discriminating against.

The perfect Jumbo offered by the school is funny in a horrifying way, though. John Carberry, Cornell’s Senior Director of Media Relations and News, told Campus Reform that it was all a big misunderstanding. He insisted that the course’s original description reflected an “intentional focus” on “outreach and inclusion,” but that there was “never” any intention to exclude students that don’t identify as BIPOC. What would make anyone think THAT? All Cornell students always were welcome to enroll in this course. While the original description of the course represented an intentional focus on outreach and inclusion, there was never an intent to exclude non-minority students.

Racism? What racism?

Uh, John, you lying tool, the course description on the website announced the course as BIPOC Rock Climbing. It said it was for “people who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color. (Thank goodness for the Wayback Machine!] There’s no way Cornell weasels out of this, and Rationalization #64, “It isn’t what it is,” won’t work.

Luckily, most of the news media won’t report the story, so your alums won’t find out.

Either Cornell endorses anti-white racism, or it is run by illiterates who communicate the opposite of what they mean to say, and thus shouldn’t be presuming to educate anyone. Which is it?

16 thoughts on “The New Racism, Now Available At Cornell…Oops! Never Mind! Racism? What Racism?

    • Have we finally reached that final stage that Yuri Bezmenov warned us of back in 1984?

      The fact that this is now becoming ‘normal/expected’ in academia and mainstream political discourse disturbing to say the least.

  1. Maybe the BIPOC students should get reparations for climbing the rocks. After all, the rocks are symbolic of the systematic racism these BIPOC face at Cornell.

    • It’s true. We all know rock music stole or misappropriated African American blues, so it stands to reason that rock climbing is just one more insult heaped on communities of color by white supremacists.


  2. Which is it? Both, I’d say. They used to say the feminists were women who expected you to offer them your seat on the train into the city where they were going to take your job away from you or destroy you with a pointed finger. Now the race hucksters are the people who expect you to kneel while they berate you about how bad you are because of your color and occasionally murmur “Yes sir, no sir, you’re right sir, we’re such awful people sir. Thank you for setting us straight on a few things, sir. I will be your ally even though I know it can’t make up for the past, sir.”

  3. But all you had to do to get into the class was “identify” as one of the groups!

    Am I the only one wondering how rock climbing became a for credit course at a university? Is this the modern day equivalent of Rocks for Jocks, the name for Intro Geology? Are the students of color having a hard time in other courses?

  4. Allow me to indulge the crazy, conspiratorial voice in my head.

    “The plan, it is working! Working! Take a way segregation, will they? Force us to rub shoulders with those people, will they? We’ll show them! We’ll trick those people into wanting segregation! We’ll fill their minds with nonsense until they demand segregation! And we’ll sit in the background and laugh, because we’ll have our segregation back, and be thanked for it!”

  5. It should be an interesting course. I’d like to see how they handle the instruction and practical application while avoiding any use of knots that produce a loop at the end of a rope.

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