From The “If You Judge Donald Trump By The Character Of His Enemies, He Looks Surprisingly Good!” Files: Mayor De Blasio’s Ice Follies

ice rinks

How did this utter jerk get elected mayor twice? How did he have the gall to run for President?

It was announced that two popular ice skating rinks in New York City’s Central Park, both managed by the Trump Organization,were being closed this week by New York City. The reason was widely understood to be in order to give a metaphorical middle finger to the ex-President. The rink contracts had been set to expire in April, but de Blasio decided to end the contracts on February 26. Previously, the New York Post had revealed that on January 31, when announcing the concession terminations for Wollman Rink, Lasker Rink, the Central Park Carousel and Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point in the Bronx, a de Blasio spokesman said, “Trump has been impeached from operating the ice rink.”

Ha ha ha! What assholes.

The primary victims in this petty move were to be inner city kids. Malik Garvin, the Ice Hockey in Harlem director, said his organization, which relies on the rinks, “serves over 300 kids in the Harlem community” free of charge and has “been around for over 30 years.”

“We offer them things that other kids in the neighborhood don’t get so they can better themselves and improve their lives,” Garvin said. “I had to tell 300 kids and their parents, ‘That’s it, we’re done,’ And this is something that we take pride in. We have boys and girls ages 5 to 18. They start when they’re young. They stick with it. We’re dedicated. It’s something that they all look forward to and especially now, it is the one thing that they have. Right now it’s the one thing that they have and it is being taken away from them overnight.”

Never mind. Like so much else that we have observed in the past four years, all that matters to some awful people with power is sticking it to Trump, and collateral damage be damned. Garvin said the explanation he was given was that the ice rinks were closing “in retaliation for the storming of the Capitol.” Oh. Well that makes complete sense, then.

The Trump organization rescued the rinks after they had been in disuse for years, as a gesture of good will to the community. Apparently the De Blasio administration was surprised to discover that everyone in the city wasn’t as Trump Deranged as he is.

Yesterday, City Hall did a complete reversal in response to the public uproar, and the rinks will stay open after all. “New York City kids deserve all the time on the ice they can get this year. The Wollman and Lasker rinks will stay open under current management for the few weeks left in this season,” City Hall press secretary Bill Neidhardt told the Post. “But make no mistake, we will not be doing business with the Trump Organization going forward. Inciting an insurrection will never be forgotten or forgiven.”

Donald Trump did not “incite an insurrection.” A government official can’t state as fact that a citizen committed a crime when none had occurred, no charges have been brought, and no basis for the statement is offered. This statement seems to clearly meet the standard for actual malice required for a finding of defamation against a public figure.

I hope Trump sues.

17 thoughts on “From The “If You Judge Donald Trump By The Character Of His Enemies, He Looks Surprisingly Good!” Files: Mayor De Blasio’s Ice Follies

    • It isn’t an insurrection if it is sponsored by the state. An insurrection has to be against the state. Those riots in New York City were sponsored by and done in the service of the state. Donald Trump wasn’t part of the state, so his statements in opposition to the government were insurrection. Donald Trump was just the elected President of the United States. For him to be charged with insurrection confirms that he was in opposition to the actual government in control of the US.

      • Ah… that’s co-opting language to fit U.S. practice, like using “jail” and “prison” to refer to two different local variants, or Australians doing that with the terms “Premier” and “Prime Minister”, even though it’s a distinction without a difference elsewhere.

        No, insurrection does not have to be against the state to qualify as such, not in general. That’s why Hungary used the “General Insurrection” as its term for the rapid and ad hoc call out of armed locals, e.g. to resist Turkish raids. It’s merely the Latinate equivalent of “uprising”, and only context determines whether that is for or against the state. The fiery cross was a Scottish way of triggering insurrection, and similarly does not merely indicate use by white supremacists. A pro-state insurrection triggered that way was what happened when the fiery cross went through the land to call out the Scots of Glengarrie to hold off the southern invaders long enough for the regulars to come up, so that in the end their aggression got the invaders not one inch of Canada.

          • I want to be careful here.

            Yes, when you are working within a context, it.s fair to do that – but not at the expense of forgetting that you are in a context. So it’s unsound to put out an overly general statement “insurrection is [whatever]” that really only obtains more narrowly, because it almost certainly will get taken up in a different context, probably sooner rather than later. Think “what does he know of England who only England knows?’, or the joke with the woman tourist astonished that her husband is not known who exclaims “he’s world famous back home in Ohio!”. Or think of Einstein’s “make everything as simple as possible but no simpler”.

            In this instance, it is foreseeable though not certain that there will later be a real insurrection following on from all this, that its practitioners will sincerely believe is to set things right again, and if it does – well, they will write the history books, and it will still have been an insurrection all the same despite being in support of a “true” cause. So I think your narrower approach is a bit too much “No True Scotsman”, too much so for insight and understanding of current developments.

  1. “Inciting an insurrection will never be forgotten or forgiven.”

    Damn straight.

    What’s the “insurrection” on the letter denominated list of “Get Trump” plans?

  2. “How did this utter jerk get elected mayor twice? How did he have the gall to run for President?”

    If you need to ask that, then you haven’t been paying attention. The minorities and liberal gentry in NYC would vote for a pile of shit if it had a “D” next to its name. The same is true of pretty much every big city in this country, which is why there are so many objectively terrible big-city mayors and the cities are in such bad shape. The scary thing is that one of these days one of those mayors might climb the ladder and be elected President. I don’t think DeBlasio ever had a chance to win this time out. However, this is his last year as mayor of NYC, after which he’ll be term-limited out. He needs a new gig, and I think he ran to elevate his profile in the hopes of a new Democratic administration tapping him for a post somewhere. I don’t see him running for Congress.

      • The pile will be something even worse. That’s exactly how AOC happened.

        Activists will realize that the only thing people will more blindly vote for than a Democrat is a Democrat of their same skin tone, or one making even more extravagant promises than the current Democrat. It’s a downward trajectory.

  3. Does no one in New York City consider the ramifications of government harassing a private businessperson because the officials in charge don’t like him?

    • Not when it’s Trump, apparently he’s the most evil person in this world since Hitler killed himself, so all bets are off and no holds are barred.

      • Heh! And it’d be poor manners to turn it down, am I right?

        However, when determining finalists for the World Class Chutzpah Award, the indefatigable James “Jimmy” Orson Bakker deserves mention:

        Why should I apologize because God throws in crystal chandeliers, mahogany floors, and the best construction in the world? […] God doesn’t want his people to go second class.”

        • Hey, at least he ended up writing an entire Bible-length book called “I Was Wrong.” (It’s on my shelf now and I’ve never worked up the will to start on it.) I doubt we’ll ever get a Bernie Sanders memoir called, “Wow, Socialism Kinda Sucks Actually.”

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