Ethics Hero: Ada First United Methodist Church

ADA church

This is the sort of thing we should expect from tax-exempt religious organizations.

In Ada, Oklahoma, First United Methodist Church partnered with RIP Medical Debt to purchase and forgive $3.8 million in medical debt owed by Oklahoma residents. The debt was owed by 1,327 residents in Coal, Garvin, Hughes, Pontotoc, and Seminole counties. Organizers targeted households that were at least 200% below the federal poverty level, insolvent, or going through serious financial hardship.

Krystina Phillips, who coordinated the mission for Ada FUMC, said,

“Medical debt doesn’t discriminate—anyone can get sick or be involved in a serious accident. I hope our church and others in the community can revisit this mission in the future, particularly when it provides such tangible benefits to our neighbors.”

4 thoughts on “Ethics Hero: Ada First United Methodist Church

  1. Yep. Lefties have turned the government into church. Would they were still two separate entities. Churches should do good (Charity, you know, kind of like Faith and Hope?) with the voluntary contributions they collect from parishioners. Governments should not be in the doing good business with the money they demand under penalty of prosecution from taxpayers.

  2. This is remarkable. Remember, Ada only has under 20,000 people and there is no major city near it (the next city over is Byng, population 2000). Those counties are pretty rural and poor.

  3. This reminds me of the story (maybe someone knows the title?) of a family who heard their church announce a special collection that would, at Christmas, go to a poor family in the community. The family worked their tails off at little special fund-raising programs and ended up raising $10 for the special collection. At Christmas, they ended up receiving the proceeds of the special collection, a sum of $20.

    Given the chance and a call for aid, people tend to rise to the occasion and show incredible generosity. On the other hand, when all requests are hidden by going through red tape, for some reason that generosity tends to shrivel up. And if that generosity is mandated by the tax collectors…

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