Sorry, I Can’t Let This Pass: The Number Of Women Accusing Gov. Cuomo Of Harassment Or Worse Just Jumped from 7 To 37

Cuomo billboard

Yesterday evening, noting the the “Love Guv’s” accusers had risen to seven, I wrote, I thought in jest, “Oooh…Bill Cosby must be getting worried!” Now the Cos, who has over 50 women who say he drugged and molested them, really might wonder if Cuomo is a threat to his record. For The Independent reports,

A New York Magazine report outlines 30 new women accusing Andrew Cuomo with a litany of various allegations. As a result, several say they had to go to therapy, take anti-depressants, and call a suicide hotline….One of Cuomo’s speechwriters accused him of “racialized abuse” and said that she was only hired to “fill a quota”. Accuser Ana Liss, 35, told New York Magazine “started pursuing mental-health services when I was there because I thought I was going crazy. My parents thought I was going nuts”. “I was angry and crying all the time, and I went on Lexapro,’ she added. ‘I did call in to a suicide hotline because I felt like such a friggin’ nobody.”

The sudden jump in accusers is a surprise, but not the mounting total. After accuser #2 came forward, I wrote, “[T] he acid test for sexual harassment (and worse) is whether there are additional victims who come forward after the first one breaks the silence. Cuomo is now up to two. It’s a safe bet there are more.” Mark that as one more fact that the mainstream news media withheld that readers here were alerted to.

What’s going on here? Why, it’s the exact same phenomenon I was banned from NPR for explaining on the air. To be sexual harassment, the advances must be unwelcome. As long as Cuomo was considered popular, powerful and cool, some or many of the women he treated as perks of his office may have welcomed the flirting, groping and the rest. It meant they were held in favor; it meant they had a potential ticket to advancement. Then, when the Governor’s star fell, both from killing old people in nursing homes and the emerging sex scandal, those once-welcome advances were welcome no more. The law doesn’t say when sexual advances have to become unwanted, and nobody but the victim can say when they are seen as unwelcome. Now that public opinion is turning on Cuomo, those once tolerant women are thinking, “Ew! That creep touched me, too. Hey! MeToo!”

That’s sexual harassment law.

Don’t blame me.

23 thoughts on “Sorry, I Can’t Let This Pass: The Number Of Women Accusing Gov. Cuomo Of Harassment Or Worse Just Jumped from 7 To 37

  1. Andrew must be asking himself what the heck happened. I’m mystified myself. How could a Dem darling become persona non grata so darned quickly? As Bullwinkle would say to Rocket J. Squirrel: “There seems to be skulduggery afoot.” Andrew must be flabbergasted. After all, he was married to a Kennedy! Didn’t that give him the run of anything that wasn’t bolted down? He must be as outraged as Bill Clinton was when he got his hands caught in the cookie jar. “Wait, I’m not entitled to this? You’re kidding, right?”

      • I’ve never been enamored of any predators, Paulie. College profs preying on the student body, so to speak. Lawyers preying on secretaries and paralegals, or even associates. Awful. Not a good look for guys. Particularly because they seem to consider sport fucking an assumed perquisite of the job to which they are as entitled as if it were a benefit like health insurance. Maybe they consider it mental health insurance. My college girlfriend of three years was raped by a professor of ours. Broke us up as she didn’t even tell me what had happened (for about forty-five years). Kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Particularly when you play the game by the rules.

        • Some of my…um…commentary on other sites regularly describes Bill Clinton as The Former Serial Sexual Predator In Chief, something Lefty incuriously fails to note, him being so well-thought-of-n-all.

          Cuomo? Guy’s not only a serial sexual predator but must answer to that sticky WuHan Virus-related Nursing Home deaths thingy.

          Remember how Lefty and their unremitting, spittle-flecked slobberfest last April/May because of his Fireside Chat-esque WuHan Virus updates? Heck, got him an EMMY.

          Backstory? Will the EMMY people (Television Academy [primetime]
          National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences [daytime, sports, news and documentary]
          International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences [international]) show any Cancel Culture Consistency and yank that award, followed with some highfreakin’lariously groveling and appropriately contrite apology?

          How The Mighty Have Fallen, am I right?

          Anywho, if nothing more, this somehow inspires a modicum of faith in the Karmic Force of the known Universe.

          • I don’t think its karma, Paulie. I think there are much more base forces at work here. I still wonder whether Sonny Cuomo needs to be knee capped to prevent him running against Comma La Harris in 2024 as she tries to get re-elected after she takes over for Animatronic or Madame Taussaud Joe in the next few months. Something’s afoot, Paulie. Ron Klain needs a longer term puppet.

  2. How do 30 new accusers come forward all at once? That seems like someone is going around interviewing former employers looking for people. That sort of digging is common when it comes to republicans, but not democrats. Cuomo seems to have a target on his back.

    • N.P. As far as I know, the thirty were all discussed in an article someone wrote and had published in the last few days. Must have been in the works for weeks. It really does sound like an orchestrated hit.

      • Of course it’s orchestrated. They have to take him out over this, and quickly, to be able to sweep the dead nursing home patients back under the rug.

        It’s instructive to recall that Michigan did the same thing New York did, regarding forcing nursing homes to admit covid-positive patients (both states have also been less than forthcoming about sharing retirement data, too). If Cuomo goes down for any of that, it puts Gretchen Whitmer in the crosshairs. She’s a rising leftist star, and the press must protect their precious, so Cuomo has to go away quickly, before any investigation into his nursing home debacle and coverup gains steam. There’s no quicker way to get rid of a politician than a sexual harassment scandal.

        • This smacks so strongly of conspiracy-theory thinking…

          …and you’re probably dead-on. But I don’t think any nursing home investigation would be shut down should Cuomo be ousted…would it?

        • Just saw a story on Fox about Whitmer and nursing home deaths.

          I was thinking, wow all these Dem governors in trouble lately.

          So sad. 😉

          • Nah, cuomo going down is enough for the media propagandists to pretend that an accounting has occurred. It’ll protect all the other nefarious tyrants of the Democrat party from any accountability.

            Move on sheep.

        • Oh that’s too bad! It would be so sweet to see both the Godfather and Crotchen Whitmer go down at the same time. I don’t know who I hate worse.
          Do we really have to pick?

  3. It’s amusing though what it takes for a Democrat to go down.

    The mere avoidance of accountability for the Covid fiasco is enough to get a Democrat taken down for sexual predation.

    And the twofer… are they paving a way for the incompetent AOC to make a run for governor?

    I don’t see why NY would support another incompetent and unethical Democrat.

    • I think they would tar and feather her if she made such an attempt. There is a rift a mile wide between New York state and NYC. You don’t see much in the Propaganda Hub, but people on the West of the Hudson HATE democrats with a burning passion when you happen upon their demonstrations, or even watering-hole conversations.

  4. Cuomo is a classic case of a narcissistic personality disorder. The nursing home scandal? A perfect example of gaslighting and deflecting the responsibility from himself. The women accusers? Well, they’re just aides and unimportant and powerful men have the right to do as they choose. After all he got an EMMY for his stellar performance.

  5. I can’t help but wonder what it is about the Kennedy women why it is they are attracted to such sleazes. I don’t feel sorry for them because they clearly know the signs of a sexual predator since they have been surrounded by them since birth. It has to be the power that makes them ignore the inevitable.

    • The stuff of Shakespearian tragedy, JG. Ooops, sorry, Can’t tale about that, can we? Anything written prior to Mya Angelou is verboten, jah?

  6. Two things I think you might want to talk about:

    1. Alan McDonald (one of the engineers who attempted to stop the Challenger disaster) passed away recently.

    2. Coca-Cola (which was just getting yelled at for their questionable diversity training) was found to be donating money to politicians accused of promoting voter suppression, which has led to calls for a boycott by left-wing activists.

    • Thanks. McDonald is prominent in the Challenger disaster film. I was just talking about him with a legal ethicist yesterday.

      “Voter suppression” is like “pro choice” it’s a deceitful cover-phrase. Preventing illegals from voting is called “voter suppression.”

  7. Thanks for telling me, Jack, I’m sure he was the one who bumped into me in Safeway last Saturday night and then just mumbled something in one of THOSE voices without even looking at me, you know what I mean. It really upset me because we’re supposed to stay far away from other people. but then he turned around and looked at me and got all red in the face So I guess I could ID him in a line up,. We have to protect our SAFE SPACE! Or someone else could get bumped. Or WORSE!!

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