NBC News May Be An Ethics Dunce, But Jordan Fuchs Is An Ethics Villain


When we last left the Washington Post’s fake quote debacle, the paper had identified Georgia’s Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs as the source of a false account of then-President Trump’s phone call to the state’s investigator into irregularities in the 2020 election. Both Fuchs and Post blogger Erik Wemple were channeling Dan Rather “ethics,” arguing that Fuch’s lie that the President said “Find the fraud!” was inaccurate but true.

Now we learn, after someone checked the record, that at least one of the media sources had in fact unwittingly allowed Fuchs to verify her own lie, and claimed it had received a confirmation of the Post fake news from “a source familiar with the conversation.”

CNBC reported the following on January 9, the same day as the Washington Post story:

NBC News has confirmed The Post’s characterization of the Dec. 23 call through a source familiar with the conversation. Georgia’s Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs told NBC News: “We can confirm the events in the Washington Post story.”

Nice! So far, we don’t know if Fuchs was the source of other such “confirmations.” USA Today claimed it confirmed the details of the call from “a Georgia official speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal matters.” ABC News said it confirmed the details with “an individual familiar with the matter.”

Sure sounds like Fuchs to me.

The news organizations that were this sloppy—as in eager to make President Trump look bad—employed disgraceful journalistic incompetence, all spurred by confirmation bias. Can you imagine any news organization being that cavalier in verifying a quote that reflected poorly on Barack Obama? Yet the news media is cutting its own metaphorical throats with such behavior: the public increasingly distrusts journalists, and should.

What, however, is the appropriate punishment for a Jordan Fuchs? She has revealed herself as an ethics villain, unfit for public office, unfit to be trusted in any endeavor. I’m sure she will find some kind of companionship among virulent Trump-haters, but she is not fit to associate with decent citizens, who should shun her. I wouldn’t want her as an employee, a neighbor, or a friend.

6 thoughts on “NBC News May Be An Ethics Dunce, But Jordan Fuchs Is An Ethics Villain

  1. Well, she should be fired from her role with the state, obviously.

    But that most likely won’t be much of a punishment. Female, attractive, properly partisan… she’ll be snapped up by CNN or MSNBC pronto if that happens.

    Maybe the best punishment will be to keep her in her job with a portfolio that doesn’t stretch beyond moving violations.

  2. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger named Jordan Fuchs to serve as his deputy secretary of state in 2018, before he even took office. Fuchs formerly managed Raffensperger’s campaigns for the state legislature and the office of secretary of state. Raffensperger’s credibility with Georgia citizens is largely gone, but he should fire Fuchs immediately. Not holding my breath. Like many other states, Georgia’s state government is infested with Republican neocons and never-Trumpers.

  3. I know that Trump would have a pretty high bar to sue her for defamation, but there might be enough here.

    If so, he should do it.


  4. See, they did confirm the story! They asked Jordan Fuchs “Did you tell the Washington Post that President Trump said ‘Find the fraud!’?” and she confirmed it. Confirmation that the story is true, she did tell the Washington Post that.

  5. I think this article and comments are ridiculous. You are demeaning Fuchs when Donald Trump is the chief of intentional misquotes and lies, and you never once called for Trump to step down. How hypocritical.

    • So you are an idiot then. Thanks for clarifying. I’d suggest reading abut ethics before making a laughably unethical and ignorant comment like this. Whatever President Trump may have done (or not) it doesn’t mitigate an outright lie to the news media, and the news media’s irresponsible reliance on it. This is Ethics 101, yet you fail to grasp it.

      Unlike you, I also am well-educated in the Presidency as well as ethics. Misrepresentations or even lies are not cause to make an elected President “step down.” Most of what your fellow “deranged” associates called lies were not (I also know what a lie is) and almost every one of Trump’s predecessors should have “stepped down” by your alleged standards. (Your real standard is that only one President should have been harassed out of office.

      Go away. You debase the site by commenting here.

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