Usually It Is Unethical To Take Satisfaction From The Misfortune of Another, But In The Case Of The Villains In Baseball’s All-Star Game Debacle, An Exception Is Warranted.

Aw, isn’t that too bad? Major League Baseball’s offensive, incompetent and unjustified decision to pull its mid-summer All-Star Game out of Atlanta in order to signal it’s virtue to the Left, capitulate to its various sponsors under their own pressure from activists, and, as usual, to grovel to its race-baiting players union, has made the Commissioner, the game, and the unscrupulous politicians whose lead they followed look terrible…and there is no way out.

Ah, if only they read Ethics Alarms. This was an easy ethics call, just as the obnoxious efforts of the NFL and the NBA to drag politics into their games were an easy call: wrong, an abuse of trust, and stupid, stupid, stupid.

Let’s look at the current position of the architects of this mess, beginning with…

I. President Biden

A week ago, Biden told ESPN he “strongly supported” the MLB’s boycott of Georgia.

“I think today’s professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly. I would strongly support them doing that. People look to them. They’re leaders.Look what’s happened with the NBA, as well. Look what’s happened across the board. The very people who are victimized the most are the people who are the leaders in these various sports, and it’s just not right.”

Wow, what an idiotic statement, even for Biden. No “leaders” in the various sports are “victims” of anything: they are elite, fortunate athlete celebrities, and millionaires all. People who look to athletes for guidance in matters not relating to sports are gullible fools. Most of them couldn’t tell you how many amendments are in the Bill of Rights, or quote the dates of the Civil War. They are role models because they are paid heroes, but heroes are not “leaders.”

Biden, of course, lied repeatedly about the law he was calling on athletes to protest, and his calling the Georgia voting law “Jim Crow on steroids” was naked race-baiting. The President was getting hammered even by allies in the news media, because it was publicized that MLB moving the All-Star Game would cost the Atlanta area—heavily Democratic and black—$100 million in lost business revenue. Good job, Joe! That’s “acting responsibly,” you leader you!

So Joe, Biden-like, didn’t have the integrity to stick to his alleged principles. Yesterday, he refused to say that Masters Tournament should also boycott Georgia, saying, “I think that’s up to the Masters.“

Well of course it’s “up to the Masters,” but why is baseball boycotting Georgia something Joe supports, and whether the PGA doing the same is a coin flip?

“It’s reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new Jim Crow laws are just antithetical to who we are,” he huminahumina-ed, but…“There’s another side to it too When they in fact move out of Georgia, the people who need the help the most — people who are making hourly wages —sometimes get hurt the most. I think it’s a very tough decision for a corporation to make, or group to make.”

Wait—why did Biden say he supported baseball hurting “the people who need help the most?”

He then said he “supports whatever judgment they make.” Then White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, already nearing peak dishonesty in a job that swims in it, claimed that Biden never encouraged Major League Baseball to abandon Georgia. Facts don’t matter, words don’t matter.

Nobody’s fooled. Biden looks feckless, dishonest, silly, reckless and weak after all of this.


Then we have…

2. Stacy Abrams

What a weasel. Abrams set some kind of lip-gymnastics record for saying different words out of two sides of her mouth at the same time.

“I am disappointed that the MLB is relocating the All-Star game; however I commend the players, owners and League commissioner for speaking out. I urge others in positions of leadership to do so as well. As I have stated, I respect boycotts, although I don’t want to see Georgia families hurt by lost events and jobs. Georgians targeted by voter suppression will be hurt as opportunities go to other states. We should not abandon the victims of GOP malice and lies — we must stand together,” she said.

Wait, she’s disappointed by MLB’s actions—which means the decision was bad, but she commends them, which means it’s good. The players, owners and commissioner didn’t “speak out” except to announce the move that Abrams says disappointed her. Then she blathered on about how companies can “support democracy.”  

“I ask you to bring your business to Georgia and, if you’re already here, stay and fight. Stay and vote,” she said. But if you disagree with a law, she will respect your business harming the state by boycotting it. Wait, do I have that right?

Companies support democracy when they allow elected officials to enact the will of the voters, and when those companies don’t try to bypass democracy by applying economic pressure to over-ride the government decisions.

If minority Atlanta businesses are upset about the All-Star game, they should blame Abrams, who played power games with their livelihood. And they will.


Finally, we have..

3. Major League Baseball and Commissioner Rob Manfred

I am reading reports that several of baseball’s billionaire owners, reading and hearing increasing criticism of the All-Star game move (to Colorado, which has many of the same voting security laws that Biden calls racist and which is 88% white, unlike Georgia) and fearing fan backlash (Really? Why would they suspect that?) are now saying that Commissioner Rob Manfred’s decision blindsided them. I have also read reports that MLB is seeking some kind of “solution.” Manfred, we are told, talked to Stacy Abrams before deciding to pull the game.


She told you to disappoint her, did she, Rob?

Faye Vincent, MB’s last ethical and competent commissioner, wrote in The Wall Street Journal‘s opinion section,  

Manfred failed to spell out specific criticisms of Georgia’s voting law. Now he’s put himself in the awkward position of having to defend Colorado’s voting laws… The midsummer All-Star Game is an exhibition that benefits only the city where it’s played.The players will get paid no matter where the game takes place. MLB will get the same television revenue. During my time as commissioner, I learned that the American people view baseball as a public trust.They want the game to stand for the best and noblest of our national virtues. They see baseball as the repository of their dreams, even as they root for their favorite teams. They don’t want, and won’t accept, anything that separates them from the game’s history and leadership. Major League Baseball can’t become a weapon in the culture wars, a hostage for one political party or ideology. It can’t be only for the rich or the poor, nor can it only be for one race, as it was until 1947. Baseball must always stand above politics and its dark elements of corruption, greed and sordid selfishness. It can’t go wrong by standing for national greatness.’

Of course, Vincent is a lawyer, and read the law Manfred attacked without bothering to understand it.

This is a disaster for baseball, and owners have fired Commissioners for less—ask Faye Vincent. This should cost Manfred his job, and if it does,


17 thoughts on “Usually It Is Unethical To Take Satisfaction From The Misfortune of Another, But In The Case Of The Villains In Baseball’s All-Star Game Debacle, An Exception Is Warranted.

  1. Huge baseball fans here – a die-hard Yankee fan hubby and an equally passionate Red Sox fan daughter – but both have decided this ongoing virtue-signaling by spineless leaders, who don’t understand what it is they are supposedly protesting, is in fact saving us oodles of money.
    No tickets to buy, no fan paraphernalia to purchase, no food vendors to support or parking fees to pay. Our savings account thanks them.

    Feeling sorry for the little businesses that get caught in the ongoing sanctimonious posturing but laughing at the MLB requirement for photo IDs to pick up tickets at will call – including those for the All Star game – as they protest IDs for voting.

    Such clueless sheep going BAAA as they destroy America’s pastime. Sigh.

    Nor do they and others like Coca Cola, Delta, etc. realize that it’s pure racism to assume that people of color are unable – without govt. handholding – to take the necessary steps to get proper ID to register to vote, request an absentee ballot or actually vote in person. And, please, let us all bow our heads for a moment for anyone unable to bring their own water or snacks if they fear that without such they might die within 150 feet of a polling place. Bless their hearts.

    I can hear Rod Serling now…”You’ve just crossed over into… the Twilight Zone.”

  2. Dude, isn’t this kind of harsh?

    (Everybody, altogether now)

    NO IT IS NOT!!!

    Had to put this in my personal rant folder

    I am not nearly as nice as you are in this

    My response would include impalement

    But then again, I am an older man and would very much like to indulge in some of my darker parts before I leave this mortal coil.
    The monied set has had their time, so maybe a bit of anarchy and the burning of a few homes and ‘sacred places’ is in order here.

  3. Stacey Abrams is amazing. She celebrated MLB pulling the Allstar Game and realized who would be hurt the most and found herself damaging the very people she supposedly defends. It so beautiful. I always knew she was stupid but I didn’t realize the depth of her cynicism.


  4. Some Joe Biden beauties to remember: “They [Republicans] want to put y’all back in chains!” “It’s not Jim Crow, it’s Jim Eagle!”

    Uh, Joe, you’re not just a Senator from a tiny little state any more.

    • Jack. Can you find a more current photo of Scranton Joe? One where it’s obvious he’s lost his marbles and no longer has any control over his facial muscles?

  5. I see Bud Selig is still alive! Maybe the owners will realize they need an owner as commissioner again. But Magic Johnson and LeBron James are owners! What to do? Hahahahahahahahaha.

  6. Meanwhile, at the Masters:

    Augusta National Chairman Addresses Calls for Masters Boycott Over Georgia Law

    AUGUSTA, Ga.— Fred Ridley, the chairman of Augusta National Golf Club, for the first time addressed calls for a Masters boycott because of Georgia’s new voting law, which has put this year’s tournament at the center of a political firestorm.

    “I believe, as does everyone in our organization, that the right to vote is fundamental in our democratic society,” Ridley said. “No one should be disadvantaged in exercising that right. It is critical that all citizens have confidence in the electoral process.”

    Ridley declined to address whether he supports or opposes the Republican-backed law, which tightens some requirements against absentee voting in particular.

    “I don’t think that my opinion on this legislation should shape discussion,” he said. “I just don’t think that’s going to be helpful to ultimately reaching a resolution…”

    I’m looking forward to watching a lot of golf this weekend.

  7. Trying to have it both ways usually backfires. Then again, Jack, what would you say if these folks went all-in and said “Some people are going to get hurt economically by this decision, but that’s too bad. You get the government you vote for or that you allow to be voted in. Just as you have the right not to patronize the baker who will not bake a wedding cake for a loving same-gender couple, private companies have the right to take their business elsewhere when cities or states or legislators take actions whose net effect is to limit the voting rights of their citizens of color, or to limit a woman’s right to choose, or to empower the police to harass or kill young black men, or to enable the spreading of misinformation or hatred, or to put more dangerous weapons in the hands of dangerous individuals. Going forward this administration is going to take steps to reward those states, cities, and other governments who act responsibly and punish those who act irresponsibly. We’re already doing that with the creation of economic assistance only available to those jurisdictions that do away with the death penalty, a cruel and racist relic of a cruel and racist past. The next step is going to be publicly flagging those jurisdictions acting irresponsibly and encouraging major league sports, the entertainment industry, large business concerns, banks, and other powerful entities to no longer do business with those jurisdictions until such time as they start acting responsibly. Moving events is only one step we can take. I’m sure Richmond would be happy to host the Panthers and Portland would be glad to have the Dolphins or Texans move there. We can see if the Texas Rangers would welcome a move to somewhat more responsible North Carolina together with a new name. If companies get more assistance to build that new corporate headquarters or call center or delivery hub in New York or California or Massachusetts instead of Alabama or Indiana or Texas, I’m sure they’ll grab it, and I’m completely within my authority to decide which states get Federal money to upgrade their roads, bridges and other infrastructure first, or if they get it at all. So, this is my message to the voters in this country: vote responsibly, vote for those who promise to act responsibly, and you will do well. Vote irresponsibly, and, well, just don’t.”

    • I’d applaud the honesty and transparency. Just as I like it when Billy Jacks says, “I’m going to put my foot right up into the side of your head, and there’s not a thing you can do about it.”

      But if these totalitarians are transparent, there’s a lot we can do about it. And they know it. Which is why they aren’t transparent.

  8. Fox News is reporting that Abrams lied about pressuring MLB to move the game:

    “Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner Robert Manfred decided to move the All-Star Game on his own after holding extensive discussions with voting rights groups associated with Lebron James, Stacey Abrams and Rev. Al Sharpton, sources familiar with the move tell Fox News.

    Abrams and Sharpton told the commissioner players would boycott the game if not. Sources say that Abrams’ current stance, that she is disappointed about the Georgia boycott, is suspect as she was a key player in the decision. James has publicly supported the Georgia boycott.”


    • That’s called “playing both sides against the middle.” Stacey Abrams wants the credit for being a civil rights SJW, but she doesn’t want the blame for the economic consequences.

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