Dear Ethics Alarms Readers…

This is a record, I think, for the latest EA post ever. I had started two posts this morning, and then my run of bad luck in all respects over the past two weeks struck again. Yesterday, in the late afternoon, a wind storm knocked out just enough of our electricity—only ours, in this area of Northern Virginia—to render our appliances, my PC, our internet, TV, our air conditioning and our phones inoperable. A lucky encounter with a power company crew working on a street light (Grace, Spuds and I were aimlessly driving around the neighborhood so we could at least listen to the Red Sox game) resulted in three trucks arriving at our home in about ten minutes, and they brought us out of the Stone Age in about two hours. Then today, Comcast had “an outage in our area.” They fixed that problem a little after 7 pm.

Getting any posts up in this stretch has been a chore, mostly because I’ve been feeling terrible along with having some income-producing obligations that had to take priority. I want to thank all of the readers and regular commenters who have sent me kind emails, and others of you who I owe personal replies, acknowledgments and thanks and am tardy on those along with such essentials as calculating invoices, shopping, walking Spuds (I owe him about ten) and clearing fallen branches off off the lawn.

Naturally, traffic here, already unstable since the election, has really crashed, and the hell with it. I’ve decided that of all the things to worry about, that’s a waste of time. My mistake has been thinking that I have any control over traffic, other than to keep myself healthy enough to try to cover the ethics landscape and provide something for the traffic to come to. The commentariat here has, as usual, come through with flags flying while I was languishing.

There is some good news: we finally figured out what caused the tsunami of health issues that hit me about a week ago following my ugly oral surgery (How ugly? I could hear a tiny Norman Bates crying out in my mouth, “Blood! Oh, mother so much blood!”). It turned out that the antibiotic the dentist prescribed was, to put it mildly, not good for me. I didn’t suspect that it was the cause of my problems because I had taken it many times before without any problems—but only in single doses, before regular trips to the dentist. This time I was taking the stuff three times a day for more than a week. My clever wife decided to check the reported bad side effects of the drug, and it was like reading my medical diary. I have been experiencing every one of them. Every single one!

And there’s the little problem of eating, which has been just about impossible

I’m going to try to finish those two posts, and maybe get another up, but no promises. I’ve learned a lesson; not nearly all the lessons I need to learn, but it’s still progress.

33 thoughts on “Dear Ethics Alarms Readers…

  1. I read daily and never comment. (I think maybe once, years ago.) But I’m here, and I’ll continue to look for anything you post here. Please take care of your health, though. Prayers for you and your family.

    • Same here Erin. I’ve an avid reader and always find somethng to share with my friends, with proper acknowledgement to Jack of course. Jack, I hope you’re up and running and feeling better soon. Question for you ~ have you had the 2nd Corona shot? Many friends have had an incredible feeling of doom and gloom after, including myself. No pain, just lethargic, fatigue. Stayed in bed until 4:00 the day after, getting up and dressed only to walk Max for a “short”walk. Stay the course and keep the faith. We all love you:))

      • since garlicfries brought it up – If you haven’t already taken your shots and can find Moderna locally, that seems to have the least side effects. Mine was an annoying itch that turned up at the site about three days after the second (last) one and lasted for about the same time.

  2. What you’ve had to deal with makes me cringe, and I keep hoping you’ll take care of yourself more, even if that means posting less. Really glad that you’ve apparently found a solution to one nasty physical problem.

    I try to read all your posts, sooner or later, but the increasing politico-social insanity of the left since last year is generating a level of burnout and numbness that makes me less and less inclined to engage with any media other than fictional entertainment. Just never having to hear of another word that fell from the face hole of the Senior-Care-Resident-in-Chief would greatly improve my stress level. Maybe similar conditions for others are driving changes in blog traffic. No civil war, and a good 2022 run might help. Hang in there.

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