Democracy Or Mob Action? It Depends On Your Point Of View…

School boards are testing the limits of democracy and tolerance for its abuse on two fronts now: mandatory masking, and Critical Race Theory indoctrination. Parents and others are learning that being nice and compliant has backfired badly on them (and the nation) and are finally beginning to push back. Good. Late, perhaps disastrously late, but still: good.

In Vail, Arizona, where the school board is one of many in the state taking a harder policy on mask-wearing than other areas of the state, hundreds of parents and protesters turned up at a public school board meeting to demand a more reasonable mandate. Overwhelmed and outnumbered, the school broad ended the meeting and fled. (Someone even called the police on “the Nazis,: causing understandable confusion. Who are the real fascists in this controversy?) The remaining citizens, armed with “Robert’s Rules of Order,” then declared that the board had dissolved, elected a new board by a voice vote, and then the “new board” voted to make masks voluntary in schools.

Uh, well, it doesn’t work like that, though the conservative media cheered on the episode while misrepresenting it. Robert’s Rules lay out orderly procedures for holding meetings, not how to hold elections. The elections of Vail school board members is guided by law, and, of course, the whole city gets to vote, not just those who show up spontaneously at a meeting. Reportedly, a lot of the protesters in Vail didn’t even live in Vail, though rightish blogger like PJ Media’s Steven Green insisted on calling them (falsely) “parents” without any verification that they were.

It is also more than a little hypocritical for conservatives to simultaneously endorse efforts to make voting less conducive to manipulation and fraud while applauding a mob takeover of a school board.

Nonetheless, sneering at the incident is as unwise as over-praising it. Democracy works only with the consent of participants, and the increasingly power-mad and self-righteousness besotted Left is begging for uprisings like the one in Vail. (Was it an insurrection?) They will get them, and if civility, fairness and respect doesn’t enter the process soon, they will involve a lot more than a misuse of “Rorbert’s Rules of Order.”

Here is the the video of the Vail meeting:

27 thoughts on “Democracy Or Mob Action? It Depends On Your Point Of View…

  1. This is the same kind of mob mentality that stopped the School Board in Madison WI from conducting business, they have been disrupting the school board meetings for over three years to get their way.

        • I’ve been to some of these school board meetings specifically to observe these people conduct these mob actions, it boils my blood! These totalitarians are trying to ram their agenda down everyone’s throat.

          Propaganda and lack of effective opposition against the totalitarian mindset of the hive mind has done it’s job to morph the thinking of the population and justify these kinds of behaviors. When the political right (those who oppose the totalitarian hive mind) start engaging in the same kind of mob behaviors that the totalitarians have been engaging in for years you know that society is beginning to teeter on the brink. Ethics, morals, critical thinking and logic are all becoming quaint.

        • Lefty also bussed in protestors from the Milwaukee area, who have absolutely no business commenting on the MMSD proceedings.

          Not only that, but anyone familiar with the Milwaukee Public School situation would think they ought tend their own gardens before branching out.

          Anywho, you may recall after the 2019 spring elections, MMSD and their ovine ungulate/useful idiot lackeys, proudly preening that the incoming School Board was The_Most_Diverse_EVAH.

          One small problem.

          There were none…as in ZERO…Y-Chromosomal Units on the board, and there weren’t until Trust Fund Unit Mary Burke resigned a few months later allowing token male Savion Castro to have a seat.

          Diversity of Ideology? Fuggeddaboudit!

          They’re all Cookie Cutter LaLaLoopyLoonyLeftyLand Progressive Dane toadies, and they don’t suffer no deviation from the agenda!

  2. I always thought that democracy is, by definition, the Rule of Mob?
    Hard, ugly times are coming. I would stake my life on it. The lunatics have run the asylum for too long, and are getting pushier by the day, emboldened as they are by Biden’s “win”. Normal people want the house back in order, and are sick of suffering the consequences of left-wing lunacy run amok.

    • joed68 wrote, “I always thought that democracy is, by definition, the Rule of Mob?”

      So the rule of the mob is democracy in action?

      Be very careful how and where you spread that.

      No, that’s not Democracy. Rule of the “majority” or better yet, a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. That’s not equivalent to mob rule. A mob is a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence. A mob is large scale intimidation.

      The real question is how does society effectively counter a destructive mob or mob that’s literally shutting down Democracy in action?

      What does society do when the mob is wrong – dead wrong?

      • The rule of the majority too often runs roughshod over the rights and wishes of individuals. That’s why we’re a constitutional republic, NOT a democracy. What we’re seeing in our country today IS democracy in action, in all its malignant glory.

        • I honestly don’t think we are talking about the formal word Democracy, where in a pure democracy laws are made directly by the voting majority leaving the rights of the minority largely unprotected, but the more informal usage of the word; the word democracy most often refers to a form of government in which people choose leaders by voting which is a republic – “typically through elected representatives” as is indicated in the definition I posted. Merriam-Webster says that Democracy is a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them… indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.

          It’s unfortunate that the the word democracy can mean different things.

          • “It’s unfortunate that the the word democracy can mean different things.”, which the Left will exploit, of course, master word-perverters that they are.

              • The outright psychological manipulation of the people that happened in the book “1984” has been happening in the United States since 2008, that’s currently over half of our years in the 21st century.

                • To the last detail, including feeling that Big Brother is watching from everywhere, making it all but impossible for like-minded people to communicate amongst one another unmolested. In fact, a day is coming where having to answer for our online surfing habits will become commonplace. That’s already been set into motion.

    • joed68 wrote, “Hard, ugly times are coming. I would stake my life on it. The lunatics have run the asylum for too long, and are getting pushier by the day, emboldened as they are by Biden’s “win”. Normal people want the house back in order, and are sick of suffering the consequences of left-wing lunacy run amok.”

      I don’t disagree with this.

      How far is the anti-totalitarians willing to go to put a stop to the totalitarian brainwashing of our culture?

      • I can only speak for myself, and that answer is “as far as necessary”. I have no illusions about living forever. What we’re dealing with is a terminal, inoperable cancer, and chemotherapy and radiation kills lots of healthy tissue with diseased. Hopefully, it won’t come to that, but if it does, it beats the Hell out of rotting in a hospital bed, suffering endless pain and indignities.

    • Joed68:

      Here is your Word of the Day:

      ochlocracy: Rule by the Mob.

      It is the perversion of Democracy, much the way Tyranny is the perversion of Monarchy and Oligarchy is the perversion of Aristocracy.


  3. I said long ago that one day the right would get fed up with this nonsense and start pushing back. I said it 6-8 years ago in the waning days of the Obama regime, that the left just ignoring those who disagreed with it was going to result in a backlash. It did, and that’s what gave us Trump. However, the left gave Trump the exact opposite of the way they would have wanted to be treated in power. Now they figure they can step all over everyone again, and harder now that they have domestic militias to do it with.

    The parents here have found out that going along to get along was a fail, and those who stood up with BLM instead of with the police are finding out the same. 2022 is going to be a disaster for the Democratic party, IF the American Troubles don’t erupt before then. Of course THEN the left will cry insurrection, etc.

    • Yes, and the police will be the Heroes in Blue who protect them from the evil White Supremacists (conservatives).

  4. I am actually rather amused by the whole thing. The leftists have been running roughshod over everyone, using intimidation and mob tactics. Now, people are fighting back with intimidation and mob tactics. If you are going to allow the left to do things like this, you have to let the right do them as well or you will get a revolution. Being polite doesn’t work with the left, you have to push back and these people did. I think their ‘coup’ attempt was funny because it is the same thing that has been allowed in the CHAZ or in the takeover of Evergreen State College. This is going to have to happen a few dozen more times before the left begins to realize that equal protection under the law, due process, etc is a good thing and needs to be preserved.

    I know how Jack hates memes, but my favorite meme about this involves Jews being led onto cattle cars by the Nazis. The person being herded in is told “Just go along with it, you can file a protest later”. Everyone has found that leftist protesters can get away with murder (literally), and following the rules only results in you being abused.

    Is it really hypocritical if you are just trying to get the point across that promoting such behavior is not a good idea? This could almost be considered a parody fo the left. I hope the ‘shadow’ School Board shows up at the next meeting and insists they are the ‘true’ board.

    You may say “Well, if these people don’t like such policies, they shouldn’t have voted for these people or should have run themselves”. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. How am I supposed to find out about the positions of my school board candidates? The media tells me nothing. There are no rallies, no information web sites I can go to. The best thing I can do is sometimes find which candidates are backed by the teacher’s union and vote against them. School board elections are zero information elections.

    Then, you find out it doesn’t even matter. I had a serious problem with my son’s school years ago. I took this to a friend of mine on the school board. He told me there was nothing the board could do. The board can only review the schools, it can’t discipline principals, it can’t approve or disapprove programs, it is just a rubber stamp. Judges put the teacher’s union and the administrators in full control of the school system. This is one of the main reasons there is so much corruption and graft in the school system. Just like the rest of our government, the bureaucrats run everything and the people have no voice. The media has told us the only way for our voices to be heard is through violent mob action…I mean ‘mostly peaceful protest’. I guess that is what we need to do from now on.

    And really, they didn’t even beat anyone up, set anything on fire, or destroy any cars. This was just a polite discussion by recent leftist standards.

    • “If you are going to allow the left to do things like this, you have to let the right do them as well or you will get a revolution.”

      I’m pretty sure Jack would say that is the everybody does it rationalization.

      The totalitarians have no intention of letting the right use the same tactics the left is using. That is why they are aggressively prosecuting the January 6 rioters, while simultaneously letting Antifa and BLM loot, burn, destroy and terrorize at will with no intervention. Logic, reason and ethics have no hold on the left.

      • Things are not fine and what are you going to do about it? When being polite and following the rules just leads to abuse, fighting back is an option. Conservatives have been polite, followed the rules and have been run over by people who aren’t. There have been no consequences for the bad behavior of the left and there is no one to hold them accountable. Police, prosecutors, and judges refuse to enforce the law impartially. When someone invades your country and starts to slaughter your citizens, fighting back is not ‘everyone does it’. It is survival. You don’t just sit back and let it happen. Sitting back and taking it isn’t ethics, it is cowardness or evil.

        Too many people have been indoctrinated by the public school system ‘It takes 2 to tango’ mentality that says people have to be passive victims and allow ourselves to be abused, that defending ourselves is just as bad as bullying people.

  5. Public school systems (school boards, school system CEOs and teacher’s unions) continue to engage in the “circular firing squad” behavior that only helps advance the school voucher and charter schools agendas and hasten the end of traditional public schools.
    Our local county school districts are pretty good, due primarily, I would say, to consistent involvement by parents, grandparents and other concerned citizens. Citizens “watchdog” the school board and, so far, they have always addressed any concerns that we raise. We also have a number of community volunteers who work in the schools daily and who are very plugged in to the performance of the teachers and school principals. Two recent big issues are the need (per the state) to hire more “English as a Second Language” teachers and the increasing burden of special education costs (the per-pupil expenditures for special education are twice what is spent for those who receive no special education benefits). We help the school board (which in our state has no independent taxing authority) to coax funding from a tight-fisted group of county commissioners when we are convinced of a need. This combination of public accountability and community support is serving us well. Our school board meetings occasionally get “enthusiastic”, but have never been uncivil.
    Insofar as evaluating school board candidates is concerned, our county’s Republican Party sponsors candidate forums that any school board candidate who expects to get elected will attend, and be prepared to answer questions as well as affirm and support their positions on education issues. Good school systems “die in darkness!”

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