9 thoughts on ““The Great Stupid” Exemplified!

  1. (shrug) There’s kind of no way around it. The idea would have been a non-starter before last year. It still should be. The idea was a dumb idea peddled by those seeking power and notoriety to those reacting on passion and ignorance. I’ve written article after article after article explaining why this was a bad idea six ways to Sunday. I might as well have written in Mandarin. This whole country is just that angry and that outraged and that determined to do something, no matter how much damage it does.

    • Police forces are the leading edge of any society. Destroy the police, the society crumbles. At which point it can be transformed.

      • When the police fails to (or is not allowed to) do its job, citizens will simply arm themselves and do their own policing. That will not go well, and it will go especially poorly for criminals. Normal people, untrained in the use of great restraint that the vast majority of law enforcement officers display, will operate on a hair trigger and will defend themselves and their families and property with deadly force much more quickly than the police.

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