Now I Almost Regret Quitting Twitter…

Mace tweet

There have been a lot false flag vandalism and supposed racial harassment episodes lately, like here, and here. This one, if it is what it appears to be, is special. A Republican congressional candidate in South Carolina named Nancy Mace took to Twitter to bemoan the state of the nation after, she said, her home had supposedly been vandalized with “antifa symbols” and other attacks.

Fox News and other conservative sources quickly reported the story and extended their sympathies and expressions of horror. On Twitter, however, a string of cyber-sleuths poked holes in her account, and even made a credible case that the candidate’s handwriting matched the writing on her sidewalk. It’s a very entertaining thread that would make a good movie. Read it all. Suspense! Comedy!

No, I’m not 100% convinced that Mace faked the vandalism, but it sure looks suspicious, and if she did fake it, she’s an idiot for the ages.


Pointer: valkygrrl

9 thoughts on “Now I Almost Regret Quitting Twitter…

  1. I followed that twitter feed and everyone is a handwriting expert and the doubters are focusing on the bicycle standing in the driveway, assuming it was there all night. I don’t see the similarities at all. If she did this herself, she is toast.


  2. Oh for the days conservatives could say hey, at least conservatives aren’t rioting and staging hoaxes. Sigh. Very sad monkey see, monkey do behavior.

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