I can’t let this pass. For four years, every hyperbolic President Trump boast about having “the best economy” was duly mocked and added to the contrived “Trump Lies” lists. What would the news media have done with Biden’s outrageous whopper? No jobs have been “created” by the process of allowing people to go back to work again after Biden’s party, with his endorsement, championed locking down the economy and killing jobs, businesses, recreation and whole industries.

In case you have forgotten, IIPTDXTTNMIAFB is Ethics Alarmseese for “Imagine if President Trump did X that the news media is accepting from Biden.”

Let me know if any mainstream media source has the integrity to call BS.

I won’t be holding my breath.

7 thoughts on “An IIPTDXTTNMIAFB For The Ages!

  1. I still don’t understand how Hunter Biden gets to stroll around in public and with his father. How can that be? Why hasn’t he been hidden somewhere like, oh say, Ukraine? At least Billy Carter pretty much disappeared. But Hunter’s right there, smiling away. Nothing to see here. Move on. And all the Trump children were slimed daily.

  2. This is the same kind of disingenuous claim that is still made to date about Obama “saving” the country from the recession. As with these jobs, the economy would have naturally recovered (and probably faster according to many economists, without Obama’s policies in place)…it’s what economies do.

    The numbers and percentages are misleading, too. Just considering basic math, a set number increase is going to be a larger percentage when starting from a lower point (a gain of 1, starting from 10 is a 10% increase…starting from 100, it’s only 1%). In absolute numbers, masses of people going back to jobs they’ve been pushed out of should logically outpace gains in a normal economy nearer full employment.

    If they won’t follow the science, I guess they won’t follow the math, either.

    • When one side can decide how math and science work, it’s easy!

      After all, they can already rewrite history and redefine words.

      • They’ve got a lock on English and Social Studies, too. The arts are all long lost to the left, but by gum, they’ll never take P.E. or Drivers Ed!

        • Oh, the transgender thing will be coming to P.E., if it isn’t already there. Driving is surely a white privilege issue. We’ve been advised that minorities can’t get IDs, and besides, no PoC should be expected to have to conform to Eurocentric standards for operating vehicles.

  3. If Biden likes comparing apples to oranges why not say more people died from Covid during his first six months than under Trump’s first?six months.

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