Tuesday Afternoon Ethics Tunes, 6/8/21: The Mean Fundraiser, And More

Quite a while ago—I’m afraid to check—I asked readers to submit nominees for popular songs with an ethics theme or lesson. Lorne Greene’s one hit recording ( his vocal version of the “Bonanza” song did not fly off the shelves) was “Ringo,” a pretty blatant rip-off of Jimmy Dean’s “Big John,” was one of the first on the list. I received quite a few suggested songs but events overtook me, and I never finished the project. It is in a growing list of promised future content that I have yet to deliver, including missing parts to multi-part posts. I apologize to readers for all of them, but I also intend to make good on all of them, though the ethics songs compilation is understandably low priority. I was happy to finally finish the Ethics Guide to “Miracle on 34th Street” after it languished for a year. The top priorities on the catch-up list right now are Part II of Three Ethics Metaphors: The Rise, The Presidency And The Fall Of Donald J. Trump—that will be on the “Animal House” parade plot metaphor for Trump’s election—and, of course, the long-delayed Part III of The Pandemic Creates A Classic And Difficult Ethics Conflict, But The Resolution Is Clear.

Back to Lorne: I met him once, on a Santa Monica beach. He was in swimming trunks, and with his family, extremely friendly, tanned and wearing his hairpiece, which was fantastic. Like several other stars I have met in person, Greene was so strikingly attractive that he would make anyone turn their heads on a street even if you had no idea who he was. Unlike most of the others, he appeared to be a genuinely nice guy.

1. Proud to be off Twitter, Reason #569: After Twitter received notice of its noncompliance with India’s information technology laws, demanding that the company remove content critical of the government’s handling of the pandemic and about farmers’ protests, including tweets by journalists, activists and politicians, Twitter pulled itself up to its full metaphorical height, puffed itself up like blowfish, and protested in part, “We are concerned by recent events regarding our employees in India and the potential threat to freedom of expression for the people we serve.”

Twitter actually said that it cares about freedom of expression! Then, last week, after Nigeria blocked Twitter, it had the gall to tweet…

Twitter Nigeria

This, from the platform that censored the Hunter Biden laptop story and banned President Trump. The Hanlon’s Razor question of whether these are bad people or just stupid people now becomes irrelevant. It’s unethical to operate a powerful communications platform when you are so stupid.

2. How can it be harassment and trolling when you try to give an old lady money? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen the like of this. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez posted a message on Twitter criticizing the Trump administration’s handling of relief money for Puerto Ricans following Hurricane Maria in 2017. You know, anything to distract from the current administration. To illustrate Puerto Ricans’ plight, she posted a photo of her grandmother’s home on the island, taken on a recent visit. The photos showed drooping ceiling slats and buckets lined up on the tile floor to catch water from the dripping ceiling. Many—one hopes not just AOC haters–were puzzled that she would highlight her grandmother’s problems and demand government assistance, rather than helping her own family herself.

Jim Treacher, a conservative blogger, wrote, “Doesn’t AOC realize how bad this desperate ploy for Twitter clout makes her look? She’s exploiting her own grandmother and then blaming Trump, of all people. What, she doesn’t have the means or desire to help her own blood relatives without trying to squeeze even more money out of taxpayers?” Matt Walsh, a blogger for The Daily Wire, after tweeting to AOC that “it was “shameful that you live in luxury while allowing your own grandmother to suffer in these squalid conditions,’ went further.

Walsh started a GoFundMe for the Leftist demagogue’s grandmother and within just a few hours, it had raised $104,153. Whatever this was ethically, and I have no good description–vicious generosity maybe? Altruistic humiliation?—it was brilliant. Then GoFundMe shut it down. Why?

GoFundMe explained that they were “in touch with the beneficiary’s family and they made clear they will not be accepting the funds raised.” Did anyone ask the grandmother? The Independent headlined the story, “Rightwing blogger launches gofundme for AOC’s Puerto Rico grandmother in latest personal attack.” The bastard! Raising all that money for the Congresswoman’s grandmother! Those conservatives are ruthless.

3. The Borg can’t assimilate everyone.…Loudoun County, Virginia has an ultra-woke, ultra totalitarian school board, and it has been embroiled lately in highly publicized fights with parents over its schools’ Critical Race Theory curriculum. Today its efforts to indoctrinate got struck down, at least for now: Judge James E. Plowman Jr. granted physical education teacher Tanner Cross a temporary injunction and ordered that he be immediately reinstated by the Loudoun County Public Schools. Cross, recently placed on administrative leave and barred from school property by Leesburg Elementary School, filed a lawsuit against the district last week. He was punished for a speech he gave at a school board meeting in which Cross cited his Christian faith while declaring that he refused to “lie” to his students and “defile” God by affirming that “a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa.” New “gender-expansive” district rules dictated that all district staff to use a student’s preferred gender pronouns and permitted transgender students to participate in activities consistent with their gender identity, rather than their biological sex.

The school district argued that it wasn’t Cross’ speech that led to his suspension; rather, it was the fact that his speech caused a disruption at the school—the old distortion of the “fire in a crowded theater” exception. But the court found minimal evidence to back up the district’s claim. The Alliance Defending Freedom, which is representing Cross, reacted by saying in a statement:

“Nobody should be punished for expressing concern about a proposed government policy, especially when the government invites comment on that policy. For that reason, we are pleased at the court’s decision to halt Loudoun County Public Schools’ retaliation against Tanner Cross while his lawsuit continues. Educators are just like everybody else — they have ideas and opinions that they should be free to express.”

Even ideas that oppose fundamentalist progressive orthodoxy? What a concept!

4. Groveling Weenie Of The Week! That would be Jessi Kamea, the half Japanese, half Hawaiian WWE wrestling star, who shared this benign T-shirt…


on social media. The horror! “Her post was in support of ethnic cleansing…” said one outraged critic on Twitter. Until social media mobs are actively resisted by its targets, people will continue to be bullied, censored and cancelled. Obviously, this celebrity isn’t up to the challenge. She immediately grovelled on Twitter,

Hi everyone! I just wanted to apologize about the t-shirt post I recently took down. I didn’t realize it would offend so many people and affect so many in such a negative way. My intention with the post was to support a friend and also support the message of Ending Racism. I’m a mixed baby, and I’m very proud of all my heritages, so the shirt looked cool to me. I’m shocked and enlightened by all of your responses, thank you. I hope ya’ll have a nice day.”

“Enlightened.” By hyper-sensitive, power-hungry bullies. If you lack the intelligence, knowledge, courage and rhetorical skills to support your own speech, then you should just shut up, at least in public. Speaking and begging forgiveness for not being in lockstep makes it harder for everyone else.

Oh—The reporters at The Blaze, where I saw this, need to get out more. “In the deleted photograph, Kamea wears a shirt with a black bear and a white bear with a half black half white, bear cub between them,” some zoology dunce wrote while an editor snoozed.

The “baby” is a panda, you idiot. That was a little joke, and a panda isn’t even a bear. [CORRECTION! Since the last time I checked, apparently the consensus of this has changed. At one point, the Giant Panda was considered somewhere in the same family as the racoon, which the Lesser Panda closely resembles. Now the latter has its own Family, and the Giant Panda is considered a bear again, though the only vegetarian one. Thanks to all the readers who chimed in to get this right.]

5. And speaking of idiots: Cher! The superannuated pop diva was so upset that the Democrats won’t be able to turn their razor-thin majorities in Congress and their barely functioning puppet President into single party domination before time runs out in 2022 that she tweeted this hysterical message:


She has no idea what she’s fulminating about. She doesn’t understand the issues, she doesn’t understand politics, she can’t even distinguish between two Senators named Kyrsten, or Kirsten. They don’t even spell their names the same. She clearly doesn’t understand the filibuster, which would be insane for either party to eliminate, as Senators Sinema and Manchin understand (and, I suspect, so do other Democrats who are just lying low). Cher never graduated from high school, and the tweet is a perfect example of how so many maleducated Americans hold intense opinions they are positive are the only correct ones without ever examining their assumptions or bothering to figure out what they are so passionate about, other than “the team.” Note that this declaration of ignorance attracted over 2,000 “hearts.”

26 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoon Ethics Tunes, 6/8/21: The Mean Fundraiser, And More

  1. #2 – Abuela’s new roof

    Just further proof of Progressives searching for problems, instead of solutions, and why their solutions just cause more problems.

  2. Re: Point 3
    How does the state reconcile the ideas that a 5th grader has the intellectual and emotional capacity to assess their own gender identity and sexual preferences but lack the ability to consent to a sexual encounter?

    Please don’t get the idea I am in favor of allowing pre teens to consent to sexual activitity. It just seems to me that that the issue is more political than psychologically justifiable. The same pschological trauma that can be had by a pre teen or even teenaged person who gets sexually involved with an older person is no different than an older person taking advantage of a child sexual confusion by advocating for policies that further confuse the child or not putting the brakes on a child desire to change their gender appearance.

  3. #4 After quick search, I see sources say that a panda is a bear. What are your referring to when you say a panda isn’t a bear?

    • This has apparently changed relatively recently. Now they are saying that red (lesser) pandas are closer to raccoons, and Giant Pandas are in the bear family, though the two pandas are also related. I expect it to change again

      • 4–THAT gal’s a wrestler?

        Couldn’t Pandas choose to identify as bears?

        And why has the ever-searching Wokerati not stepped in to anthropomorphize and resurrect the poor, devalued-through-no-fault-of-its-own Pluto?

  4. Molecular studies have shown Giant Panda to be part of the bear family, ursidae. Red Panda is its own family that’s close to the raccoon family, part of the same superfamily. Although, Giant Panda is the oldest divergence within the ursidae family.

    • Apparently. I read that today too. But don’t mistake that detail with the point that the “baby” in the T-shirt cartoon was not a hybrid, “Mixed Race,” black and white bear. It was a pure panda, whatever Family it’s in.

  5. 3) How is this different than the Kentucky clerk who refused marriage licenses for homosexual couples?

    I mean, full disclosure, I think it’s maliciously destructive and factually insane to teach that boys can be girls and girls can be boys. BUT:

    1) If we are going to pursue this insanity as a society, then why wouldn’t teachers be compelled to teach this? Sidebar: this is why this topic is going to have to come to some sort of decisive point – and conservatives had better start getting a collective back bone and fighting back.

    2) Isn’t a public school teacher just an employee of the state and their personal preferences don’t get to override policy, right?

    3) AGAIN, this is abject foolishness. This seems like such a small hill to die on, but I’m increasingly seeing a lot of basic truths about life and our culture being described as “too small of a hill to die on”, but I’m also increasingly convinced that while each individual hill could be too small to die on, the cluster of hills together are a strong hold that must be held at all costs and the loss of one leads to the loss of all.

  6. “Trollanthropy” is what I’d call the fundraiser for AOC’s grandmother. God, what a shitshow our politics has become. I wish someone would “attack” me with a six-figure charity gift.

    Regarding Cher’s post, it’s clear how that came about. She had a dim inkling that the senator she was supposed to be angry with was named “Kirsten” or “Kristen” or “Kathy” or something, so she put “KIRSTEN SENATOR” into the ol’ Google machine (Cher only searches in ALL CAPS, I’m certain), up popped Gillibrand, and we’re off to the races. Honestly, the only thing surprising about that idiotic tweet is that Cher can spell and use the word “sabotaging” correctly. But that could just be a “thousand monkeys beating on a thousand typewriters for a thousand years producing the works of Shakespeare” kind of situation, too.

    • Before we embrace your back-handed, yet undeniably well-deserved, comment intended for the…um…talented Cher, and seeing’s you’re from a certain bell-bottomed/paisley-shirted “age,” might you provide some assurance that you never shimmy shimmy cocoa popped to above referenced number…?

  7. To your opening comments about seeking suggested popular songs with an ethics theme or lesson: it has probably been suggested already, maybe many times – maybe I have suggested it, and forgotten – but here goes, anyway: I have always enjoyed the Pina Colada song. About a husband and wife, sailing…no, make that, drifting, in a sea of marital doldrums – pursuing, and then fulfilling, a nasty, secret, scandalous fantasy of a “lusty fling” – ultimately, perhaps ironically, fulfilling that fantasy not with an adulterous lover, but with each other.

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