“Trump Lost, Didn’t He?” One More Piece Of Damaging Anti-Trump Fake News Is Proven False

When President Trump claims the election was stolen, this is the kind of thing he should focus on.

The U.S. Department of Interior’s Office of the Inspector General released its findings after investigating law enforcement’s actions on June 1 of 2020, when police removed protesters from Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C., ahead of President Donald Trump walk to St. John’s Church, after “peaceful protesters” had set it aflame. The authorities made the decision to clear out the park in order to install fencing amid ongoing rioting in the area following the death of George Floyd, the investigation determined, and not for to give Trump a photo op, as the news media furiously reported. Inspector General Mark Lee Greenblatt’s thorough and detailed report concludes,

“We found that the USPP had the authority and discretion to clear Lafayette Park and the surrounding areas on June 1. The evidence we obtained did not support a finding that the USPP cleared the park to allow the President to survey the damage and walk to St. John’s Church.”

Oh! That’s funny…at the time, ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos reported that “The administration asked police to clear peaceful protesters from the park across the White House so that the President could stage a photo op.” “Reported” means it’s factual, right? ABC checked it out, it didn’t just follow what protesters said and the DNC told them to say, right? Just like NPR‘s headline “Peaceful Protesters Tear-Gassed To Clear Way For Trump Church Photo-Op” had to be based on solid facts and objective reporting, or it would have said “allegedly” or “some say,” correct? The New York Times–you know, the best of the best?—would never have printed “Protesters Dispersed With Tear Gas So Trump Could Pose at Church” if it wasn’t true, isn’t that how the “paper of record” is supposed to work? In a widely circulated video, a man interviewed on the scene said, “To me, the way our military and police have behaved toward the protesters at the instruction of President Trump has almost been Nazi-like.” Perfect!

Then, handed a false narrative, another Big Lie to run with, Democrats didn’t disappoint. Here’s Joe Biden or his ventriloquist:

His eventual running-mate, Senator Kamala Harris, said, “Last night I watched as President Trump, having gassed peaceful protesters just so he could do this photo op, then he went on to teargas priests who were helping protesters in Lafayette Park.”  Nancy Pelosi told the propagandists at MSNBC,  “What is this, a banana republic?” when asked to respond to the photo op narrative.

Meanwhile, when The Federalist’s editor Mollie Hemingway cited sources that indicated that this was a manufactured scanda to further drag down President Trump, it was mocked as more “right-wing media disinformation.” Now a non-partisan, thorough report by a government agency shows beyond any doubt that a story the mainstream news media repeated over and over as proven fact , then confirmed by it s”fact-checkers” was completely false.

Glenn Greenwald, in his sneering indictment of the media bias in this episode, concludes,

“Over and over we see the central truth: the corporate outlets that most loudly and shrilly denounce “disinformation” — to the point of demanding online censorship and de-platforming in the name of combating it — are, in fact, the ones who spread disinformation most frequently and destructively. It is hard to count how many times they have spread major fake stories in the Trump years. For that reason, they have nobody but themselves to blame for the utter collapse in trust and faith on the part of the public, which has rightfully concluded they cannot and should not be believed.”

Meanwhile, the journalists who have been proven, once again, to be biased hacks are supposedly chagrined. “A narrative we thought we knew is not the reality,” NBC News’ chief CIA Disinformation Agent Ken Dilanian admitted  on “Meet the Press Daily.”  I don’t see what they are (supposedly) upset about.

After all, as Harry Reid would say, “Trump lost, didn’t he?”


Sources: The Blaze, Glenn Greenwald

15 thoughts on ““Trump Lost, Didn’t He?” One More Piece Of Damaging Anti-Trump Fake News Is Proven False

  1. In other news, more Hunter Biden laptop hijinks found where he used “nigga” several times in a conversation with his lawyer. As with the Lafayette Square information, good luck finding much coverage of that in the leftist media, either. Because “TRUMP!”, they put SloJo in office, this time suppressing his history of lies and scandals that got him kicked out of earlier runs. They’re not about to reverse course now and cause him harm.

  2. At this point, there’s a simple formula to determine what the truth is: If it has the endorsement and support of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NYTimes, and the Democrats, then it is most probably false and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

    The puzzle is how much many more times they must have to sell disgrace themselves and undermine their credibility before more of the minions see them for what they truly are – propaganda wings of the Democratic party.

  3. I think I said over a year ago that when it comes to the Left, Hanlon’s Razor no longer applies. The same is unquestionably true for the dominant media, as they have been repeatedly shown to be a wholly-owned ideological subsidiary of the organized Left.

    Anyone who believes that this is the result of incompetence or error is … deluded. This was deliberate, informed disinformation, or disinformation resulting from deliberate, intentional ignorance intended for plausible deniability.

    I know this is cliche, but how many other things we accept as true are, in fact, deliberately false media constructions?

  4. Need a further example of bias? Go to the link for @MeetThePress with the comment by Ken Dilanian (“A narrative we thought we knew was not the reality.”), scroll down just a bit to a section labeled “More Tweets” and you will be fed a string of pro-Biden, pro-Democrat, anti-Republican tweets.

  5. I believe I recently read/heard? that a court had ruled that payments to quash a story about one of Trump’s dalliances was an illegal campaign contribution. If that is the case why are these stories also campaign contributions simply in reverse. Writing a damaging story known to be false or without any support is at best no different than not printing a damaging story. I actually believe printing false stories is far more indicative of using your resources to sway political opinion making it a campaign contribution than paying someone not to print stories.

  6. “It is hard to count how many times they have spread major fake stories in the Trump years. For that reason, they have nobody but themselves to blame for the utter collapse in trust and faith on the part of the public, which has rightfully concluded they cannot and should not be believed.” Glenn Greenwald

    Since 2016 the left and their Pravda like lapdog media have been openly spewing lies, propaganda, gaslighting, fake news, etc, etc all with one goal in mind, get President Trump out of the White House. It worked and they know it worked.

    Malcolm X said, “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” The political left and their Pravda like media have exploited the power that Malcolm X talked about in an unethical end justifies the means propaganda war against the political right to shift the power base in Washington DC and across the USA. Based on the rationalized and repetitive unethical and immoral behaviors of the political left and their Pravda like media over the last 4+ years, I think it’s fair to state that they’ll continue to use these tactics against those that oppose them. Anyone that thinks they will set aside their new-found public manipulation tactics is a damn fool.

    I have absolutely no reason to trust anything that comes from the left leaning media.

    Propaganda Is Destroying Trust In The Fourth Estate and Wreaking Havoc On Society

    The propaganda from the left is forcing me into an uncomfortable ideological bubble. If I don’t approve of everything the left is doing I’m tarred as an extremist righty; therefore, regardless of where I actually stand politically, I’m an extremist. The pendulum has been disconnected from its pivot point and shoved over the far left edge of the political spectrum.

    The times are changing; improvise, adapt, overcome.

  7. Even better, it got the military to turn on Trump, as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs felt the need to go on the public record and say he did not know what the president planned to do and reinforce the “apolitical” nature of the military. He also stopped just short of outright mutiny by implying the military would never be used to restore order, thereby emboldening the ongoing insurrection. The fact is, I think, that like most high-ranking officers, he is political, and has his eye on carrying his 4-star rank into retirement, and that has to be approved by the Senate (otherwise it automatically reverts to 2-star, costing him a lot of pension money).

  8. The U.S. Department of Interior’s Office of the Inspector General released its findings after investigating law enforcement’s actions on June 1 of 2020, when police removed protesters from Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C., ahead of President Donald Trump walk to St. John’s Church, after “peaceful protesters” had set it aflame

    That was their first lie.

    The protests were anything but peaceful.

  9. “the utter collapse in trust and faith on the part of the public, which has rightfully concluded they cannot and should not be believed.”

    Oh Bullshit, Glenn. The left doesn’t believe a word the media say but they act as if the media are the oracle of Delphi. It’s a scam and everybody’s in on it. There’s not a lefty out there who still won’t insist Trump is Putin’s cock holster (isn’t that an anti-gay slur?) and that the Russians cause Trump to win the 2016 election. The media and the left are one and the same. The left has full confidence in the media, Glenn. The media are the left’s communications department.

    Show me a conservative who isn’t skeptical of anything they see in the media.

  10. So, the U.S. Department of Interior’s Office of the Inspector General studied whether Trump cleared idiots from Lafayette Park for a photo op. Got it. Yep. And Trump was a threat to the republic. Got that, too.


  11. It is clear the major media sources have lost whatever credibility they had with biased reporting over the past 5, or more, years. That sad point is not in dispute. The jump to report the use of ‘tear gas’ without getting factual confirmation appears to be one of the sticking points from the reporting that day, it’s the focus of the federalist article, however I believe it’s somewhat of a minor point.

    There are some misunderstanding of what took place on June 1st last year. Honestly, I am not sure if that is due to the chaotic nature, or if all parties involved have incentive other than strictly reporting events. Regardless, the IG report appears to be a factual reporting of events and has plenty of detail that makes this anything other than an open and shut for any groups that have politized it.

    First issue – Layfette Park was cleared the day before, the goal was to clear H street to put in place better fencing around Layfette Park. This has always been a point of confusion as the protests at Layfette Park really were more of a riot. The actions from June 1st were not in direct response to a riot, i.e. riot police sent in to quell a riot. They wanted to clear H street to set up better fencing because of a riot the day before, which is reasonable and within their job function, but at the time they wanted to clear H street it was a largely peaceful, lawful assembly.

    Second issue – Prior to the H street clearing plan being set into motion, US AG intervened and pulled the USPP Commander aside. This conversation is documented as the AG saying, ‘Are these people still going to be here when POTUS comes out?’, to which the USPP commander responded ‘Are you freaking kidding me?’, hung his head and walked away. This exchange was seen live on video, and by the crowd, and from body language was interrupted as the US AG making a request. I think the report supports that argument as the US AG is not in the chain of command of the USPP and thus had no reason other than to apply pressure to be involved. I simply do not believe the US AG asking that question, at that moment, at that location, was for information purposes only, the AG has staff that could relay that information, he put himself in danger to convey a message.

    Third issue – Prior to any action by the USPP, including prior to any announcement by the USPP for people to clear H street, the US Secret Service had entered H street and started to clear it. Of particular note, the Secret Service was not under the USPP chain of command, they were not interviewed for the report, and there is no indication given as to why they acted on their own, however this action did come after the US AG spoke with the USPP Commander. Given the US AG’s clear desire for the crowd to be removed at that time, and the early action from the Secret Service, I think it calls into question the narrative that none of the actions that took place were done at the bequest of the President.

    Fourth issue – The crowd control tactics explicitly excluded the use of chlorobenzylidene malononitrile gas (tear gas). However, pepper spray, pepper balls, and smoke canisters were all used. Watching the events unfold on TV, it was clear that some form of irritant was in use and smoke was heavy and present. Again, a professional journalist should know that ‘tear gas’ is not simply any gas that includes an eye irritant strong enough to make eyes water, but again the push back on the specific use of ‘tear gas’ as opposed to pepper spray seemed to me a way to discredit the story on a small factual basis, a la Jack’s cognitive dissidence scale. I wish the media had integrity and corrected the false tear gas claim once they had time to confirm/deny with sources, they didn’t, they are incompetent and untrustworthy. However, hammering that point is playing team sports, the difference in use between tear gas and pepper spray, pepper balls, and gas canisters is a small issue in relation to the federal government’s disproportionate use of force in breaking up a peaceful protest.

    Lastly, the reality was, and the IG report confirms, a group of largely peaceful protesters were violently removed from non-federal public space by way of rubber bullets, pepper spray, gas canisters, and force without adequate prior notice. In the case of the early Secret Service movement, the force was applied before any warning was attempted. In the case of the larger USPP push, the USPP started clearing after the second warning but before the third and final request to leave. Additionally, there are multiple reports from recordings in the crowd that do not contain any recorded evidence of any warning to leave, presumably due to inadequate warning systems and crowd noise, this lack of perceived warning is also corroborated by USPP officers who report not hearing the warning.

    This is not an attempt to defend the media let alone any politician or political party, I have contempt for them all. However, as a conservative who came to the philosophy by way of the desire to have a government ‘the size where we can drown it in the bathtub’, watching protesters being removed on US soil through military tactics by federal police, at what appeared at the time, by order of the President was shocking. While the IG report clearly lays out that the plan was not directly put into motion by the President, that does not alter the narrative portrayed by the unfolding events. Those events include the AG meeting with the commander of USPP on camera, followed shortly by the removal of peaceful protesters, followed within 10 minutes of the president walking across to the church and giving a speech. The President was savvy enough to know how to how to send a message with deniability, but I find it beyond belief that anyone reading the IG report would conclude that the timing of those events, and the narrative it provided, were not exactly as intended. I found those events chilling, the IG report does little to diminish that.

    • Comment of the Day. However, the tear gas report was not the issue. The issue was whether Trump ordered peaceful protesters to be removed so he could make his point at the church. That was false, and even a little reporting would have shown it false. The protesters (who had no permit) were breaking the law and were going to be removed anyway. The narrative was false; the details are incidental.

      • Agreed, both the tear gas and the causal assertion were wrong and should have been confirmed prior to professional journalists reporting or at a minimum corrected shortly after. Both are important points in clarifying who’s team most of the media is on, however neither point fundamentally change my initial impression of the events based on watching live footage from non-mainstream media sources.

        I am not a lawyer, I’ll take your word that the protests were breaking the law. I’ll note that the MD,P present during the discussion with USPP about when to remove the protesters, felt like they should wait until 7:00 PM when the curfew was in force because that would justify making arrests. I fundamentally don’t have an issue with them clearing H street, I do have an issue with the tactics used and the optics/message that President Trump sent that day, as well as the media coverage and obvious cheer-leading.

  12. First and foremost, let us bring up this usenet post on the newsgroup alt.rush-limbaugh from back in 1994.


    Well I have to look that up for myself. I’m just going by what I
    see/read in the news media.

    – Darryl Hamilton

    That’s an interesting approach, kind of like trying to determine the actual
    intelligence and character of Black people by watching “Birth of a Nation”….

    – Christopher Charles Morton

    The network broadcast and print media had been trying to downplay, if not den y, the existence of riots. There were plenty of reasons to doubt that these protests were anything but peaceful. There was no mention that the church burned down, nor of the allegations that protesters had attacked Secret Service agents and Park Police. They just pretended that these protesters were as peaceful as the Westboro Baptists.

    A similar narrative was pushed about the violent mob of arsonists who tried to burn down the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse in Portland, a narrative of federal agents kidnapping peaceful protesters. Walls of Moms and Walls of Vets were formed to protect these “peaceful protesters”.

    The network broadcast and print media are ethics corrupters of the highest order!

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