Res Ipsa Loquitur: “State Election Board Report –November 13, 2020 Unabridged Notes Detailing Everything Witnessed Nov 2-Nov 7, 2020”


Tell me again how there is no reason to doubt the integrity of the 2020 Presidential election, and how President Trump’s claims that the election was “stolen” are baseless, and how any skeptic who states that the vote totals may have been manipulated is “lying.”

A private report from a contractor hired by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to monitor the Atlanta-area election process” was released yesterday by Just the News.

The report chronicles seven days of problems, unexplained behavior, and ominous irregularities.

Constructed like a minute-by-minute diary, contractor Carter Jones cited double-counting of votes, insecure storage of ballots, possible violations of voter privacy, the mysterious removal of election materials at a vote collection warehouse, and the suspicious movement of “too many” ballots on Election Day.

“This seems like a massive chain of custody problem,” Jones warned in the memo delivered by his firm Seven Hill Strategies to Raffensperger’s office shortly after the election. (Why we are only seeing it now is a topic for investigation all its own.) That obervation occured at 4:00 p.m. on Election Day, as Jones observed absentee ballots arriving at the county’s central absentee scanning center at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena “in rolling bins 2k at a time.” “It is my understanding is that the ballots are supposed to be moved in numbered, sealed boxes to protect them,” he wrote. They weren’t. He also observes, “Too many ballots coming in for secure black ballot boxes,” he observed.

He also related this disturbing tale: temporary workers were brought in by a firm called Happy Faces to scan and count ballots. An election observer witnessed a conversation in an elevator in which one of the workers revealed his intention to “fuck shit up.”

“I must keep an eye on these two,” Jones wrote. “Perhaps this was a bad joke, but it was very poorly timed in the presence of a poll watcher.” Ya think? Jones expressed concerns about the temporary staffing agency’s recruitment processes. “What is Happy Faces doing to vet the people who they are sending to make sure that they are not sending in people who do actually want to ‘fuck shit up?'” he asked. Good question!

No, the report doesn’t prove mass voter fraud, or that the results of the election in Georgia should be changed, or that such sloppiness and integrity problems means the election was “stolen” as Trump means it. But this is a thorough, independent and objective report that would mandate a thorough investigation my the news media and an honest government that want to ensure the integrity of our elections. Moreover, it proves conclusively that the mantra in the news media that accusations that the election was “stolen” and the vote counts were manipulated are “baseless” is itself a lie.

This is a base.

The whole report is here.

8 thoughts on “Res Ipsa Loquitur: “State Election Board Report –November 13, 2020 Unabridged Notes Detailing Everything Witnessed Nov 2-Nov 7, 2020”

  1. I downloaded ad read the report. I am intrigued by the numerous time stamps. How does someone recall all of these events unless they are contemporaneously recorded. Did he walk around with a voice recorder? It strikes me as a lot of “accurate documentation” coming out 8 months after the fact.
    Minor or even major issues and criticisms of questionable events in this record indicates only that the processes were in need of better management.

    Why should this report be trusted now when it could have been released immediately following the tabulation? If these entries are accurate they had to be recorded in real time and not from reconstructed memories or based on what narrative needs to be presented.

    I am usually suspicious of highly detailed documents that could be made available before people could sit around and draft a document with just enough dirt to make it look good but not nearly enough to provide evidence of purposeful wrongdoing.

    • Quite astute Chris. The time-stamp detail certainly adds power-of-legitimacy. If someone says “I spoke to Bob Smith in your office at 11:05 on January 13th and he approved this purchase”, it certainly sounds more legitimate than “Someone in your office said this was OK”. It ain’t necessarily so.

    • My understanding was that taking detailed notes about what happened and when was this persons job. Is that not the case? The article calls him “A contractor handpicked to monitor election counting in Fulton County”. I think that means he is being paid to do this by the state. He isn’t a volunteer poll watcher.

      The article also says that these notes were turned in shortly after the election. That they are only now coming out doesn’t mean that they were only just written. The state has had them, and been sitting on the information. I’m not sure why it is becoming public now. The article doesn’t say if the memo came from a FOIA request or from somewhere else.

      • NP
        I was not suggesting that they were just written. My concern was that by not releasing them immediately in their original form one has cause to wonder why not.

        • Why not??

          How about the idea that someone charged with receiving and keeping this report did so and reviewed it. Upon finding that it contained things that might reflect poorly on the process and even cast doubt on the results, results that the keeper liked (pro Biden), the keeper filed it away intending that it not see the light of day, at least not until it was too late to effect the outcome.

          The mechanics of how this report is now being seen might be just as interesting as the contents of the report.Leak? Someone questioning a payment to the author during a routine audit? Author of report asking why it was not acted upon?

          Didn’t the Sec of State (GA) spend a lot of time defending the mechanics of the election? How do you do that without addressing the various events documented? Unless the SoS never saw the report.

    • The democrats are expending an awful lot of time, money and energy trying to stop investigations of the election. I think they KNOW that bad things happened, and they don’t want anyone fixing the bad things because they believe those bad things helped them. That is even worse than not caring. It is condoning the problems. In Georgia, an awful lot of republicans seem to be condoning the problems as well.

  2. Tell me again how there is no reason to doubt the integrity of the 2020 Presidential election…

    Probably when the person who wrote that report said “at no time did I ever observe any conduct by Fulton County election officials that involved dishonesty, fraud, or intentional malfeasance…

    And who also wrote that he did not witness any “ballot stuffing” or “double counting,” which would “undermine” the certification of Fulton County’s election and the victory of President Joe Biden in Georgia.

    That maybe?

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