Ethics Rant Of The Month: Ty Smith

A few notes:

  • Smith, a father attending a school board meeting in Illinois, gave his rapid fire dissection of Critical Race Theory, and the video has “gone viral.”
  • They have played it on Fox News, naturally. Why wouldn’t it be equally worthy of airing on other news shows? The show kitten videos on HLN, and SNL skits on NBC and CNN. I’d say this is more germane to understanding current events.
  • Smith is conservative radio talk show host, which, as I read some comments on line, means that his opinion here should be discounted. Why?

14 thoughts on “Ethics Rant Of The Month: Ty Smith

  1. “They have played it on Fox News, naturally. Why wouldn’t it be equally worthy of airing on other news shows?”
    Answer…Because, apparently according to other “news” shows, POC don’t disagree with any part of CRT…so therefore, this never happened.

  2. It was kind of hard to follow Smith’s rapid fire delivery in the video but his rage at what is happening in public and private schools is easy to understand. He clearly recognizes that Critical Race Theory is total bullshit that will ultimately harm and lead to more tribalism that will destroy the fabric that binds us all together.

  3. I had to watch it twice to get all of Smith’s comments. Can this help put CRT to bed? At least he stood up for what he believes. Do you know what happened in his school district?

  4. “They have played it on Fox News, naturally. Why wouldn’t it be equally worthy of airing on other news shows?”

    It shouldn’t have played on Fox.

    I want to be clear: I don’t disagree with what the guy was saying, I just don’t think “black man says thing I agree with” is such a unicorn it’s newsworthy.

    One of the worst trends to come out of conservative politics in the last couple of years is to put up on a pillar any minority person that will say things that conservatives agree with. I think it’s a reactionary measure; Progressives say we’re racist, sexist, or homophobic, so we go out of our way to find female/minority/gay people to platform in order to prove we aren’t.

    And don’t get me wrong, there are great examples of conservative women, Nikki Haley is my spirit animal. There are great examples of black conservatives, Clarence Thomas, off the top of my head. And there are great examples of gay conservatives, like Me, obviously Peter Thiel. These are people who do good things and happen to be gay… How many times did Clarence Thomas include the words “as a black man” in his opinions?

    Without this phenomenon, we wouldn’t have people like Candace Owens, and Dave Rubin wouldn’t be nearly as successful as he is. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they’re bad people, I just don’t think they’re smart, funny, or talented enough to get space in conservative media absent these identity markers that conservatives seem especially hungry for. In the same category, but much more damaging, are people like Milo Yiannopolous, who fell from grace after saying that it was the altar boys that were preying on the priests (I’m only slightly exaggerating), or Kim Klacik, Who inferred on Twitter that we couldn’t trust Mitch McConnell, and a slew of other people, because their spouses were Chinese (Which is both ignorant and factually wrong… Despite Klacik also writing “I just write facts” in each Tweet, McConnell’s wife is from Taiwan.).

    Again… Conservatism seems to think it owes proof to progressives that we aren’t sexist/racist/phobic/whatever. We don’t. We really don’t. And even if you want to make the argument, and it’s a good argument, that minority people might be turned off by a perceived lack of representation in the party… The way to combat that isn’t to tokenize marginal voices to try to shoehorn diversity in.

    • I don’t think that’s why you play it. You play it because the Left terms any criticism of certain groups as proof of bigotry, sexism or racism. Calling out CRT is supposedly white supremacy in action. An articulate and passionate speaker who isn’t white eliminates that line of attack. Although one example doesn’t prove anything, the CRT controversy is being framed a a black activists vs white racists battle. That’s false. This clip helps chip away at the lie.

      • Does it though?

        Does finding a random black person at a PTA meeting that says things conservatives agree with, and then platforming him into the stratosphere really make that argument? Or does it just highlight how shallow the bench is?

        And, just for the record: He wasn’t that great a speaker. I think you’re mistaking passion for articulation. I’m sure that he spoke more clearly than most the rest of the people at that PTA meeting, but when you get to the level of national discourse, I’d put this guy under Colin Kaepernick.

  5. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, puts a hitch in Lefty’s Hempen Homespun more than a minority with the temerity to stray from the VictimHoodie narrative and speak for himself.

    And no Uncle Ty (ala Uncle Tim [Scott]) hashtag trending?

  6. Actually there’s plenty of them: For example Leo Terrell, Larry Elders (who has been a talk show host in LA since the 80s and a very articulate one), and Clarence Page.

  7. 1. What’s a “plant”? Some one who was urged to speak up? Meaningless. I’ve bneen recruited to make statements at public meetings. Was I an plant?
    2. He was a conservative black man speaking passionately about why he doesn’t want kids taught anti-White, anti-US bigotry. he exaggerated his credentials? That was stupid and unethical, but it has no relevance to his opinion.
    3. Using the “CRT isn’t being taught anywhere outside of law school” dodge destroys your credibility, however. Public schools are fighting with parents over curricula that follows the CRT cant that the United States is a a racist nation where blacks cannot achieve equality. The formal theory as formulated by Bell and others does not have to be laid out for that mission to be aptly described as CRT. The 1619 Project? CRT through and through.

    Don’t come here and play those games.

    • You’re the one playing games, friendo, most notably pretending to be concerned about carrying on an ethical discourse. You’re literally a clown, and you might do well to install Grammarly on your phone, too. At least then you won’t look like a complete idiot. You win NOTHING. GOOD DAY, SIR.

      • It’s hilarious how the people who lack the open mind, willingness to pay attention,and ability to make substantive arguments so quickly flag themselves so the entire course of their brief tenure here can be mapped out in advance. You’re a virtual template, from the snide disrespect to the lazy and cliched “Good day sir.” You came here to do ideological battle, not to discuss ethics, and did a miserable job at both.

        You are banned, as you would have known in advance if you bothered to check the rules here. Now, the entire template included trying to sneak in progressively snotty comments despite being so informed. In this aspect, you might consider rising above the norm.

        • New rule: If a commenter is banned, and comes back and comments anyway, all of that commenter’s previous comments and posts will be sent to Spam Hell.

          Maybe this will stop that practice. As I predicted, Taxi Rob indeed tried to get a retort in after I banned him, being a jerk, so I have killed that illicit entry, and all of his previous ones other than the comment above. (I could have justified banning him from the start, now that I check.)

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