Translation Of White House Message: “When Social Media ‘Disinformation’ Supports Our Policies, It’s Fine; When It Doesn’t, It’s ‘Killing People’.”


The first ethics take-away from President Biden’s attack on Facebook for “vaccine disinformation” is that the Left’s totalitarian tendencies and embrace of censorship become more obvious and less hidden every day.

The second ethics take-away is that Joe Biden, of all people, has a lot of gall complaining about social media disinformation when he is in the White House in large part because of it.

The third is that the entire Wuhan Virus Ethics Train Wreck has been dominated by outright propaganda and intentional manipulation of public opinion by the news media, federal agencies, medical organizations and “experts,” and Democrats are particularly ethically estopped from complaining about the same process that they have been employing for more than five years to their advantage.

As he boarded Marine One for a weekend at the ol’ Presidential hide-out at Camp David in Maryland, President Biden was asked what his message was to social media platforms regarding vaccine disinformation.

“They’re killing people,” he said. “Look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated, and that — and they’re killing people.”

“Killing people” is the go-to ends justify the means excuse for government censorship, or, as we have recently witnessed, private corporations engaging in censorship as agents of the government. Progressives want to censor climate change skeptics because their “disinformation” is “killing people,” or will. They conspired to censor President Trump because—let’s see if I can get this right now—one of the idiots that mobbed the Capitol was mysteriously killed by a cop, and the government and media spread disinformation about another Capitol police officer being killed when he wasn’t, so Trump’s assertion that the election was “stolen” from him “killed people.” Do I have that right? I think so.

And law professors reading the the word “nigger” while quoting a U.S. Supreme Court opinion should be censored because that word kills people by advancing systemic racism, like when George Floyd was accidentally killed by a cop in an incident that has never been linked to racism at all. Makes perfect sense.

Anyone can play that game, and anyone is and has, but the Left has mastered the process. I’ve seen 100% false allegations about Donald Trump repeated and “liked” on Facebook for years. Many of these examples of “disinformation” came right out of the mainstream media. Facebook joined the suppression of the Hunter Biden scandal by banning news reports that we now know were true. Killing people? Does killing fair elections and democracy count?

We know that the lockdown killed people, and the lockdown became (and remained) largely politically unavoidable because the news media and social media hyped the dangers of the Wuhan Virus. The New York Times looked for the most atypical examples of pandemic deaths to highlight in their “Those We’ve Lost” weekly scarefest. Forty year-olds in good health. Teenagers. Or, when they couldn’t find enough of those, the Times wrote weepy obits of seniors whose deaths were only counted as pandemic casualties because of the deliberately misleading policy of the CDC: if you died with the virus, the virus killed you, and never mind your cancer, diabetes, rabies or the gushing wound in your neck.

Now the conservative news media is playing the same despicable game: every time a 14-year-old drops dead after a weird reaction to a Wuhan virus vaccine, it’s a headline. How is that misleading technique any different from how the New York Times helped scare the public into accepting mask mandates and allowing their cities, business, children’s education, culture and futures to be savaged? It isn’t different. What is different is that Joe thinks that was good disinformation, while the irresponsible propaganda undermining public faith in the vaccine is bad disinformation.

Got it.

This isn’t an “Everybody Does it” rationalization for spreading rumors, lies, half-truths and dubious opinions.

This is an “Everybody gets to do it, not just progressives and aspiring totalitarians like the 2021 Democratic Party and its enablers, because freedom of speech is the foundation of our nation and the personal liberties it was created to protect” fact.

13 thoughts on “Translation Of White House Message: “When Social Media ‘Disinformation’ Supports Our Policies, It’s Fine; When It Doesn’t, It’s ‘Killing People’.”

  1. Not to mention that spreading disinformation of any kind, from either side, erodes trust.

    Wanna know why people don’t trust the media (left-leaning OR right-leaning)? It’s because they lie, and we know they lie. When they don’t lie, they spin, and we know they spin. It doesn’t matter at all that “it’s for the public good.”

    If you want me to trust you, you have to start by being trustworthy.
    Why is this so difficult for politicians, the media, and “Big Tech” to understand?


  2. I dunno, Jack. Conservative media outlets jump at the chance to bash vaccines and government mandates, but pales in comparison to the control the Left has over the press, the government, and social media platforms. Biden’s comment, along with Psaki openly declaring that social media will do the Administration’s bidding, should scare the hell out of everyone, Left, Right, and Center. She said that one platform banned a poster for his/her/its content, all other social media platforms should do the same. Why isn’t the press screaming to high heaven? The only person in the press conference that took Psaki to task was Peter Doocy from Fox News. She dismissed his complaints as though they were gnats buzzing around a plate of fruit. Yet, the MSM simply nodded and said, “Yep. Nothing to see here” and “Oh, Pete. You are such a pest – please be quiet.”


    On a sadder note, all of my grapes suffered a catastrophic structural failure as a result of Botrytis bunch rot All of them. I am deeply, deeply saddened.

  3. What is different is that Joe thinks that was good disinformation, while the irresponsible propaganda undermining public faith in the vaccine is bad disinformation.

    The propaganda that undermined public faith in the vaccine came from the public health establishment.

    I remember hearing radio advertisements saying that vaccinated people still need to wear masks and social distancing because “doubling up” or something.

    • The propaganda that undermined public faith in the vaccine came from the public health establishment.

      Yes. I almost included that in the post, but it was a bit tangential, and my wife tells me my posts are too long…

  4. “What is different is that Joe thinks that was good disinformation…”

    I knew that sounded familiar:
    David Shambaugh, the scholar of Chinese politics and foreign policy, describes “proactive propaganda” in which the Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Department writes and disseminates information that it believes “should be used in educating and shaping society”. In this particular context, xuanchuan “does not carry negative connotations for the CCP, nor, for that matter, for most Chinese citizens.” The sinologist and anthropologist Andrew B. Kipnis says unlike English propaganda, Chinese xuanchuan is officially represented as language that is good for the nation as a whole. “Although no American government would describe its own declarations as propaganda, the CCP is proud of its xuanchuan.”

    • The Chinese also encourage citizens to report friends and family to authorities for “extremist” statements or ideas. Just like our own FBI just did at the direction of Merrick Garland the fabled moderate justice.

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