Sunday Evening Ethics Nightcap: Not Watching The Olympics Edition

TV off

Happy birthday Louise Joy Brown, the world’s first “test tube baby” conceived via in vitro fertilization in Manchester, England, on this date in 1978 to parents Lesley and Peter Brown. The bioethics controversies that flowed from this landmark event and subsequent scientific advances have not stopped yet.

1. When the George Floyd Ethics Train Wreck meets the Olympics, this is the sort of garbage you are going to get, at least from Kurt Streeter. He’s the black New York Times sports columnist who really appears to believe that the main function of sports is to raise racial and gender grievances. Woke sports commentary isn’t just bad sports journalism, it’s also boring. Politics makes sports less fun and less of what it was intended to be, entertainment, not crusading. By “this” I mean columns like his most recent titled “The Olympics Rely On, but Don’t Support, Black Girl Magic.” Never mind that the headline is racially offensive at the outset—nobody should care what color bodies athletic “magic” comes from, and only bigots like Streeter view sports that way.

Streeter’s brief supporting his obnoxious thesis is based on selective facts and personal bias. Here are his examples:

“Simone Biles is one of the most brilliant talents at the Games. But if recent history holds and she tries her most stunning moves in Tokyo, gymnastics officials will place an arbitrary limit on her score. Some say this is meant to discourage other competitors from attempting similarly dangerous aerial maneuvers. I say the sport’s regulators cannot deal with her sheer audacity.

And what does this have to do with her being black? Nothing, and nobody has alleged that it is otherwise, though if Biles does not win her expected gold, I’m sure Streeter will be among the first to cry “racism.”

Naomi Osaka is …perhaps the most widely known female athlete on the planet…will get tossed under the bus if she is not polite and pleasant in her interviews with the news media, a backlash prompted by her withdrawal from the French Open because she did not want to participate in news conferences there. That pressure exists alongside the dread that she’ll be derided as either too Black or not Japanese enough if she does not win a gold medal.

Whose “dread”? Apparently Streeter’s, the race-baiter. Meanwhile, any athlete who is not polite and pleasant in interviews always gets criticism from the news media, and deserves it. She didn’t withdraw from the French Open because “she did not want to participate in news conferences,” she quit because she wanted special privileges to break the tournament’s rules, and was foiled. None if this has anything to do with race either, except that Osaka may have thought that her appeal to the King’s Pass might be especially hard to turn down since people like Streeter would be quick to call enforcement of the same rules for all “racist.”

“Gwen Berry is one of the most powerful hammer throwers in the world and one of the boldest athletes in protesting racism and injustice. But the Olympic overlords have made clear she’d better behave on the medal stand — or else.”

Those “overlords” have the same rules for everyone. Berry is bold in protesting what she isn’t in the Olympics to protest; she’s a narcissist and a lousy citizen who should have been kicked off the team once she proclaimed that she didn’t regard herself as representing the nation that is honoring her by giving her a chance to compete. Streeter thinks her “Black girl magic” isn’t being supported because she won’t be allowed to embarrass her team and act like an asshole on the world stage.

2. From the “Blind Squirrel Finds Nut” files…Criminal justice reform activists and some lawmakers are upset the the Biden Justice Department is inclined to follow through on a Trump-era memo by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel requiring inmates who were allowed out of stir to reduce the spread of the pandemic in prisons and whose sentences lasted beyond the “pandemic emergency period” to go back behind bars. Awww! How mean. Criminals will actually have to serve their sentences! Systemic racism, of course. But the Biden legal team concluded that the memo correctly interpreted the law, which applies to about 4,000 nonviolent inmates. There are still plenty of fanatics and anti-incarceration extremists among Joe’s minions, so they might get the policy reversed yet.

3. Signature significance...Haylee Yasgar, a high school student, told attendees at a school board meeting this week held in Sartell, Minnesota that she and others in her class were required to complete a survey for the audit on racial and gender inequities performed on an $80,000 contract by Equity Alliance Minnesota (EAM), a left-wing group. She told attendees that teachers told the students that they could not tell their parents about any of the questions.

If that’s true, the teachers involved must be fired. If the administration was aware of that directive, everyone on the staff should be fired as well.

“Being asked to hide this from my mom made me very uncomfortable, like I was doing something wrong,” Haylee told the school board. She was doing something wrong, and those who wanted to engage in the deception knew it.

4. Pity the “pandemic puppies.” This story is hard to watch:

It has a happy ending, though. The video posted on social media by an animal rescue activist who happened to witness the cruel act went viral, which helped authorities track down villain. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office announced last week that it had arrested the owner of the abandoned dog. He is Luis Antonio Campos, 68, and he was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. The young man seen on the video is also going to be arrested an charged.

The betrayed dog is believed to be about 10 months old, and he was quickly adopted by .Maddie Clappsaddle and her family. “When I saw the video and I saw him run after the car, it just made my heart feel…broken,” she told KVIA-TV. “But now that he’s here and he’s running around and he’s happy, I feel very happy and excited.”

His new name is Nanook, and he’s luckier than most of the dogs being neglected or abandoned by horrible people who adopted them as a diversion during the lockdown.

Oh hell, now I have to hug my dog and give him an extra walk…

6 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Ethics Nightcap: Not Watching The Olympics Edition

  1. No. 2: I recently had a disagreement with someone who was arguing for the release of non-violent felons. After all, they didn’t really hurt anyone. I asked about the late Bernie Madoff and other financial criminals. They sputtered and said, “Well no one feels sorry for him.” ‘But, he meets your criteria.’ More sputtering and angry responses. The proponents for non-violent felon release done seem to think critically, or beyond stereotypes of poor people railroaded into the prison system.

    On a related note I was recently speaking with a friend who owns a small business. Friend hates to take vacation because of the rampant theft that takes place during his absence. The employees are not vigilant (it’s not coming out of their pocket) and customers simply grab extra products and walk out the door.

  2. “Naomi Osaka is …perhaps the most widely known female athlete on the planet.”
    She is at best the third most widely known female tennis player. Perhaps even Mr. Streeter is unaware of the Williams sisters. The rest of us are not.

  3. That video of the husky was brutal. Ugh.

    As was the news about the woman in NYC committing suicide by jumping off the roof of her 46 story building … with her service dog in her arms. Ugh.

  4. 1. This guy only reminds me of Jimmy the Greek who got fired for saying black guys made better football players because they were physically gifted as a result of breeding as slaves. This black girl magic is pretty much the same thing. And you know what, they are right to the extent that black people are clearly genetically superior to white people in a number of physical attributes. But I guess only black guys can say that. Absurd.

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