Unethical Tweet Of The Month: Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Unethical tweet Pelosi

Ah. Let us count the ways the Speaker’s tweet is unethical:

1. It is false, meaning true disinformation, not only about the power of the incompetent and untrustworthy Centers for Disease Control, but also regarding the law.

2. How is the tweet still up? Why isn’t Pelosi’s account suspended? She has not only delivered false information about the moratorium, but about limitations on government power. Twitter has been banning tweets from no-name dufusses that make erroneous assertions (or just opinions that Twitter would rather see not made), but complete misrepresentation of the system spread by a high-ranking leader is as serious as it gets. (The answer, I suspect, is that “disinformation” coming from a powerful Democrat is hunky-dory with our Big Tech Masters.)

3. Is Pelosi lying, or does she just not follow the legal news? Either way is unethical for someone in her position. The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on two weeks ago that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lacked authority for the national moratorium it imposed last year on most residential evictions as part of the effort to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. They did this knowing the Supreme Court would back them up, because in a narrow 5-4 ruling upholding the moratorium temporarily on June 29, Justice Kavanaugh, the swing vote in the decision, wrote,

“I agree with the District Court and the applicants that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention exceeded its existing statutory authority by issuing a nationwide eviction moratorium. See Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA, 573 U. S. 302, 324 (2014). Because the CDC plans to
end the moratorium in only a few weeks, on July 31, and because those few weeks will allow for additional and more orderly distribution of the congressionally appropriated rental assistance funds, I vote at this time to deny the application to vacate the District Court’s stay of its order.

So we know, and Pelosi should know, that the CDC does NOT have the power to extend the moratorium.

4. Opines one conservative pundit: “The real reveal here is how she and the people replying to her view the role of the government and the power of pandemic politics. They believe they have absolute authority to act on all matters under pandemic power grab rules. Which is exactly why they’re working so hard to make it permanent.” Well, that is certainly one possibility. As with so much involving Pelosi, Hanlon’s Razor is in play.

5. Despite Pelosi’s tweet, it is obvious, or should be, why the CDC shouldn’t “just” prevent landlords from collecting the billions they are owed in past rent even if the agency had the power. The CDC issued a national eviction ban on all residential rental properties in September to facilitate self-isolation when the pandemic was killing large numbers of people nationwide. You might not get this impression from the fear-mongering news media and Wuhan virus hysterics, but the virus isn’t killing many people now. Preventing property owners from collecting rent was a draconian step at best, arguably defensible when the pandemic was raging but no more.

20 thoughts on “Unethical Tweet Of The Month: Speaker Nancy Pelosi

  1. 1. The clumsy phrasing makes the tweet just sound dumb.

    2. If you don’t know the answer to that, then you haven’t been paying attention, and I know you have. Of course Twitter is ok with whatever nonsense Queen Nancy spouts.

    3. Probably the latter, she is no lawyer.

    4. Bullseye. The Democratic Party leadership worships power.

    5. At this point it’s no longer about self-isolation. It’s about using the eviction moratorium as a political bargaining chip. There are far more tenants than landlords, and the idea is to bring the tenants firmly into the Democratic column by making them beholden to the party for keeping their homes. At the same time they can rally them against the mean old landlords who don’t understand their situation and maybe turn housing into a right. Don’t be surprised if you’re a landlord and one day HUD shows up and tells you that you work for them now.

  2. I used to wonder if she was completely moronic or completely corrupt. It is clear, and has been, that she is both. More the latter, I suppose.

    Kavanaugh’s comment is enlightening Thanks.

  3. Hey, Kathy Griffin has lung cancer! I could say something nasty, but I’ve seen what cancer does to people, so I won’t. But boy am I tempted.

  4. This is one reason of many why (1) no one should trust Pelosi on anything of substance and (2) I don’t have Twitter and will probably soon be deleting my Facebook. I don’t want tech companies like them making money off of selling my data when these companies are so blatantly partisan. A mass exodus would change their behavior fast.

  5. “…but the virus isn’t killing many people now. ”

    Per the baseball-reference website, only four former major leaguers died in July, from all causes. That’s a pace of about 48 per year. There have been 23 deaths since April 1, a pace of 69 per year. Pre-virus, there were 98 deaths in 2018 and 100 in 2019, so not just virus deaths but aggregate deaths are way down.

    Thanks to the big bulge in the first quarter, there have been 64 deaths so far this year. In 2020, there were 67 deaths through the end of July, with 48 to come in the rest of the year.

  6. Seriously, there is absolutely no incentive for Speaker Pelosi to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about anything. The left’s horde of illiberal progressive social justice followers will automatically believe whatever narrative she spouts is fact, social media will allow her lies and suppress dissent, and then they’ll smear and/or demonize all Republicans for exposing the fact that the statement was a lie to begin with. Speaker Pelosi is a purveyor of lies trying to give a government agency power that it doesn’t legally have in yet another of its efforts to expand the power of the state over the power of we the people.

    The left’s rhetoric steers towards their ideological mission of expanding the power of their preferred vision of the state and those that oppose it are “enemies of the state” is on the rise.

    “The reason the phrase “enemy of the state” is being used to describe 21st century Republicans and Conservatives, especially since President Biden has taken office, is Republicans and Conservatives are doing everything they can to try to stop the massive ideological push towards the progressives “social justice” totalitarianism in the United States. It’s really clear that progressives consider their “social justice” ideology as being the only acceptable and valid ideology and by default their ideology should be the only acceptable and valid ideology of “the state”. It seems that to progressives, their “social justice” ideology and the states ideology are inseparable as in one in the same; therefore their “social justice” ideology and the state are equivalent. Anyone that opposes the progressive “social justice” ideology is an enemy to that ideology and therefore and enemy to their perceived only acceptable “state”. To “social justice” progressives, it’s not acceptable under any circumstances to oppose their ideology. “Social justice” progressives are so bigoted against conservative Republicans, aka Conservatives, that they are irretrievably broken with the Constitution and they consider all conservatives to be wrong by default and the opinions of conservatives should not be heard in public, period, end of story – enter totalitarian censorship along with direct and indirect persecution.”

    SOURCE: Enemy of the ________!

    Also remember, it was Speaker Pelosi that stated that “the enemy is within” when talking about Republican members of Congress, she’ll say anything to promote the views of the progressive left or smear and demonize the political right.

    • I still have trouble getting over the irony of a party that claims to be the party of truth and facts being so loose with such a demonstrably false statement. They aren’t even trying anymore.

      • sooner8728 wrote, “I still have trouble getting over the irony of a party that claims to be the party of truth and facts being so loose with such a demonstrably false statement. They aren’t even trying anymore.”

        They’ve proved to themselves that their ignorant horde of illiberal progressive social justice followers will automatically believe whatever narrative they spout as fact and every time they tell the truth it doesn’t get them as much political leverage as the lies. They’ve learned from experience.

  7. I recall when the X Files movie was released people scoffed that the EMA would have such wide reaching authority. None of the plot is looking as farfetched as the plotting and grabbing for control as the Dems since March 2020.

  8. It’s almost like the point of Democratic policy is to fail, so the situation becomes more dire, and that justifies an increase in government policy.

    I mean… And I’m going through the weekend’s post in reverse chronological order, so if you’ve posted about this previously, I apologize, but this last week Los Angeles criminalized homelessness.

    I mean, under normal circumstances, that might even have made sense, it gave the police and city a tool with which to pick up people from the needle and feces littered streets downtown. But announcing that last week, after it had become obvious that the moratorium on evictions was going to lapse, seems….. poorly timed. At best, you’ve just given people who are about to be out on the street yet another thing to worry about. At worst, they might actually try to enforce it and we’re about to hear about California’s overincarceration problem.

  9. I am convinced that the eviction moratorium is part of a massive government/corporate land grab.

    It’s probably the closest I’ve ever come to believing a conspiracy theory, except everything is happening out in the open and doesn’t appear to be a “theory” in any way.

    Let’s just say thousands (millions?) of middle-class landlords and homeowners lose their properties after the moratorium on evictions inevitably expires, because either they or their tenants spent the last year not paying rents/mortgages, and can’t possibly pay off the debt they’ve accumulated…and suppose certain large companies like, say, Blackrock, companies with a lot of influence in the 2020 election and in the current administration, buy up those properties and convert them into rentals…

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