Breaking! Joe Biden Wins The Gold Medal For Sexual Harassment Cluelessness With His Comments On Gov. Cuomo!

Biden creepy


Jeez, somebody tell him…please? Not only are the President’s comments on the findings released yesterday by New York state Attorney General Letitia James regarding NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s serial sexual harassment, including his call for Cuomo to resign, are embarrassing and inappropriate, they are also…hmmm, let’s see if I can cover them all…

  • …the babbling of an Ethics Dunce and legal ignoramus who still doesn’t know what sexual harassment is, despite having engaged in it for decades as well as having been photographed while engaging in while Vice-President….
  • …a blinding example of hypocrisy and ethics estoppel, since while it is true that Cuomo should resign, Biden, of all people, as a sexual harasser himself, is among the last people on Earth (along with Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein and a few others)  who has any business saying so…
  • …an Olympics-level achievement in ethics ignorance, as it not only pulls down gold medals in Ethics Duncery but also Unethical Quote of the Month, Incompetent Elected Official, Ethics Corrupter, and Jack Marshall Head Exploder (not to mention the blasts, perhaps fatal, also triggered in the craniums of Tara Reade, Lucy Flores, Amy Lappos, D.J. Hill, Caitlyn Caruso, Ally Call, Sofie Karasek, Vail Kohnert-Yount and others who experienced sexual harassment from Biden…

….in addition to the fact that it is an abuse of power and position for the President of the United States to inject himself into the matters of New York State, the justice system, and the fate of a duly elected official put in place by the citizens of New York.

I’ll leave the last for another day, but this Biden statement is beyond the pale:

“I’m sure there were some embraces that were totally innocent. But apparently, the attorney general decided there were things that weren’t.”

Idiot! Even after saying before being elected that he “got it” regarding sexual harassment, this proves that he not only doesn’t “get it” at all, he’s never read (or no longer can remember) any description of what sexual harassment is—he just does it. Since sexual harassment involves touching, words and conduct that the object finds unwelcome, the intent of the grabber/groper/ hugger/ feel-copper/kisser/sniffer/ flirt doesn’t matter. It is the conduct that matters, and how it is perceived, so if an embrace makes an employee feel violated, uncomfortable or conflicted, it doesn’t matter if it’s  “innocent” from the point of view of the harasser.

Biden, like too many men with power and bad habits left over from the 1950’s, still doesn’t understand this, despite being a lawyer. By saying such a stupid, stupid thing, he has also misinformed millions of Americans who, God knows why, think the President of the United States knows what he’s talking about, doing far more harm than Andrew Cuomo.

I’ve posted this before reading any progressive pundits, left-wing lawyers and #MeToo warriors on Biden’s remarks. Do let me know if any of them show a millimicron of integrity and make the point I just made.


Pointer: Other Bill

22 thoughts on “Breaking! Joe Biden Wins The Gold Medal For Sexual Harassment Cluelessness With His Comments On Gov. Cuomo!

  1. A few months ago, I read a gushing story about how Joe met Dr. Jill Biden. He and a senior aide were walking through an airport and the then young Joe spotted a poster up on the wall that featured the then model Dr. Jill advertising some product. According to the gushing story, the then tragically widowed Joe purportedly remarked to the senior aide, “That’s the kind of woman I’d like to marry.” The staffer then tracked down the ad agency and the model and set his boss up in a date with Dr. Jill and the rest is history. Knowing the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and knowing the apple, I’d bet at least a dollar that what Joe said to his aide was “That’s the kind of woman I’d like to fuck. Track her down for me.”

      • Because she likes the power and perks that come with her position and reasons that if he gets what he wants those will continue to flow? Seriously, “that’s the kind of woman I’d like to marry?” From a poster? You don’t know from a picture if you want to marry someone, unless you just want a trophy wife. I’ve never been married, but I wouldn’t decide I wanted to marry some woman just from seeing her picture, especially not a modeling picture, which was probably retouched in some way. Meet? Maybe. Marry? Nope. Maybe not even meet, because we might have nothing in common and not be on the same level educationally. Never mind the fact that we don’t know one another even casually.

        Hahahahaha, I guess you can tell I don’t have the first clue how to approach anyone looking for a relationship. That’s why I have to laugh when anyone says “you’ll find someone eventually” to me or to anyone else. You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket, you can’t make breakfast if you don’t know how to cook, you can’t sail to wherever if you have no boat, and you can’t “find someone” if you don’t know where or how to look.

        Speaking of looking, why was the urban cowboy’s mustache all brown and scuzzy?

        He was looking for love in ALL THE WRONG PLACES! 😀

        Honk! Honk! Wocka! Wocka!

  2. Hugging is an intentional act. It’s not always appropriate, just like a lot of other things aren’t at certain times and places. As adults we’re supposed to know the difference. It’s one thing for a 4yo to hug everyone in sight, regardless of appropriateness. That’s just ignorance and impulsiveness from a child who doesn’t “get it” yet. That said, even then parents are expected to control and if necessary restrain their children, explaining to them how to behave around strangers and people they don’t know very well.

    As adults, we’re expected to “get it,” and know where and when behavior like that belongs and where and when it doesn’t. Feelings, whether they be joy, sadness, exuberance, the reaction to something considered cute, or the desire to make that physical connection with someone admired, are not excuses for being inappropriate. In the workplace, or any place or time where work is involved, isn’t appropriate. Even in situations like a co-worker announcing her engagement or marriage, a significant victory, a farewell, or a loss in a co-worker’s family, it’s better to err on the side of caution. It’s never ok for a superior to press a hug or any other touch from a subordinate. To go around helping oneself to subordinates like a kid in a candy store is sociopathic. I can count on one hand the times I’ve embraced or been embraced by a co-worker anywhere having to do with work, and two of those times were bidding farewell to soon-to-be-former co-workers. The others were a Christmas party where a co-worker had a few too many and got silly and huggy, and two involving losses of close family members, one for me when I got the news my mom was doomed due to failed cancer surgery, the other when a co-worker’s brother was killed in an accident. That’s it.

    Yes, as an Italian whose family is fairly affectionate, the idea of people being not ok with hugs is a little bit foreign to me, and it can appear snobby. Still, as an adult, I can tell the difference between a legit avoidance, like various religious folks who won’t shake hands but will say something along the lines if “I can’t shake your hand for religious reasons, but I am delighted to make your acquaintance,” and a snob, like the good-looking woman who pointedly hugs other folks in front of you but won’t touch you. If that’s the case, you just treat the snob like a snob.

    • My brother cracked me up earlier this year, saying “I’m all for this social distancing stuff. I hate hugs.” We were brought up Irish Catholic. Hugs were rare and only administered by women, mostly to women and girls. Guys shook hands.

      • My mom’s family was (mostly) Irish Catholic. Ditto. Some of these Irish women singers are huggers, BUT, looking at this soberly (not having attended a live concert since Christmas 2019 and being weaned from the foo-foo dust) I think that’s part of the act/image to make them seem more “angelic.”

        • I first encountered hugging in 1973 after graduating from college and moving to New Haven, CT while amongst some guitar mass Catholics, some of whom were gay. I was unexpectedly given a good-bye hug by one of the guys. I was so taken aback I defaulted to my high school basketball playing days and reflexively patted him on the butt. Cracks me up to this day.

    • I’m annoyed by the idea of an “Italian Pass” for grabby behavior that we just don’t accept otherwise. I’m annoyed that someone would give it to a third Generation Italian who grew up in New York and spoonfed politics from the day he was born. I just don’t believe that a member of the party that threw out Al Franken for a picture where he air honked the tits of a sleeping soldier could possibly fail to understand the standard. He just thought the standard didn’t apply to him. Because is Andrew Fuckin’ Cuomo.

      But more than that, I think reframing the accusations against Cuomo as these awkward yet explainable cheek kisses or hugs is a distraction. On top of all the kissing and hugging, we’re talking about a man who groped his aides, slapped their asses, grabbed their boobs and “tickled their spines”. We can argue circles around whether Italians get a “hug and kiss pass” (they don’t), but really… Who cares? You don’t get to grope the tits of your subordinates whether you’re the Governor of New York or a shift manager at Arby’s.

      Who is confused by this?

      • Not I, speaking as an Italian American. We know the difference between hugging and kissing everyone at a family gathering and doing it somewhere else, where it doesn’t belong. Ass slapping and boob grabbing are inappropriate anywhere, and that shouldn’t even be a thing. Al Franken was disposable, he wasn’t exactly a legislative powerhouse, he could easily be replaced by a loyal Democrat, and they had him dead to rights with a picture. Cuomo, not as disposable. There have been GOP governors in NY and a powerful bully like him is not so easily replaced. Let’s not beat around the bush, most touching is inappropriate in the workplace, whether you cast it as playful, joking, or whatever.

        I also don’t think it helps that a lot of us my age, your age, and a few years younger grew up in a culture where offensive touching among kids, like flicking someone’s ear or pulling someone’s hair from behind in class, giving someone a “wedgie” after gym class, pinging a female classmate’s bra, etc., was thought of as no big deal and just something you had to grow a thick skin against, unless you got big enough that no one dared. So some carried that attitude of “it’s all in good fun” into adulthood, and continued to think that anyone who objected to these little physical harassments was just “uptight” and needed to “get over themselves.”

      • I mean… I know it’s petty, but I just Googled Joe Biden’s ethnicity, because I wondered if some of his family came from Italy, or if he was just culturally appropriating. Apparently it’s the latter, Joe is of Irish, English and French decent…

        • Nope, he’s no paisan. In fact no American of Italian descent has held the office. DeSantis, should he run and be elected, would be the first. The highest ranking Italian American government figures so far are probably Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State), Frank Carlucci (Secretary of Defense), Gen. Peter Pace (Chairman of the JCS), Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito (Supreme Court justices), Gina Raimondo (Secretary of Commerce), a handful of governors (DeSantis, Cuomo, Grasso, Florio, and Christie (Sicilian on his mom’s side) among them),a handful of senators (Alfonse D’Amato comes to mind) and NYC mayors Rudy Giuliani and Fiorello La Guardia.

            • By the way, probably my best friend, now deceased, a dyed in the wool Brooklyn based long time New Yorker lefty, found the Cuomo boys unspeakably annoying when Mario would let them tag along at public appearances. They had to be awful even as kids for my friend to slam them. Clearly, they’ve not improved with age.

  3. Although Cuomo’s comments on the case yesterday were headquarters for me, as well. Something along the lines of “my sister was sexually assaulted, so I know all about it. So I was asking inappropriate questions to help my staffers who had also been sexually assaulted. And now they and their lawyers are reading all kinds of stuff into it that I didn’t mean – they’re hearing things I didn’t say.” Not sure how groping women is supposed to help them get over being sexually harassed, but I’m known for being behind the times. Exposure therapy, perhaps?

  4. By the way, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that Sonny is going to resign or go anywhere. He’s Democratic Party royalty. Hell, he was married to a Kennedy. He’s Mario’s son. The Dems control (that’s hardly the word for it) the New York state legislature. There’s no way they are going to impeach Andrew and remove him from office. He’ll just continue to hunker down and deploy the Bill Clinton playbook. And besides, he has yet to have been accused of actually having sex with any of these women, hell, not eve a blow job. This is just all this sexual harassment BS. MeeToo and Andrew Cuomo can exist right next to each other just as Bill Clinton and the women’s movement could. Sonny didn’t do anything really gross like Weinstein or Louis CK. Schumer and Pelosi and Biden will say all the right things and then move on. Come on, these Clintons and Cuomos are today’s Kennedys and they’re entitled to all the fun they can get. And Jeeze Louise, Andrew wasn’t even getting laid! Come on. If we were in France, this wouldn’t even be a nothing burger. Blah, blah, blah.

  5. This is fascinating. Cuomo ordered coronal patients into nursing homes and, quite literally, responsible for thousands of death. Yet, his supposed undoing will groping coeds staffers. The mind simply boggles.

    If he does survive, #MeToo is toast. Finished. Over.

    I did watch part of the New York AG’s statements – the glee in her eyes, taking down the most powerful Democrat was apparent.


    • It’s a dog eat dog world in politics, John. Particularly Democratic politics. They tend to not have any other marketable skills. Leticia is someone to be feared.

  6. I find the Cuomo’s to be smug elitists but we should be demanding he be tried by the NY Legislature or the AG of NY. Calls for him to step down should be stopped until the allegations are proven. We wanted that for Kavanaugh and Trump. Due process for me and not thee is the Leftists method. It is the foundation of cancel culture. Bear in mind AG James wants to unseat Cuomo in the next Gubernatorial contest. If she is unwilling to file charges she needs to STF up. Cuomo can go down in flames for all I care but focusing on him allows the incompetence and fear mongering of the Biden administration to operate unchecked.
    Fauci has begun to plant the seeds of fear for the next variant Delta plus. People need to understand that the common cold results from a corona virus which makes it a variant as well. We cannot allow them to keep us in a perpetual state of fear by promoting ignorance regarding the danger of corona virus variants.

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