Now THAT’S Gender Equality…[UPDATED]

A common trope in movies and TV that drives me nuts is when the male lead is battling a villain, gang or monster and his female love interest, spouse or companion cringes uselessly as she looks on. If the hero is beaten she is likely toast, yet such female characters nonetheless leave the fighting to the man as they do little more than hope for the best. One of feminism’s many benefits to society is the erosion of this tradition, although it has been a slow process. I now see the women in such situations at least make an effort to help out about half the time.

The first major breakthrough may have been nearly 70 years ago in “High Noon,” when Quaker and pacifist Grace Kelly twice takes violent action to assist her man in peril, outnumbered marshal Gary Cooper. Still, women have been indoctrinated with the passive female bystander tradition for a long time. Even if screen heroines are more frequently moved to attack their male protectors’ assailants, real life evidence that the cultural transition has occurred is scant.

The video above, however radiates hope. A drunken jackass ran out onto the field at Dodger Stadium during a game yesterday, and with the male security team in pursuit (and falling behind), the Dodgers ball girl, Marissa Rohan, intervened and body-slammed the guy over the wall.

Perfect. Grace Kelly would be proud.

That’s progress.

[In the original post, I asked for information regarding the ball girl’s name. Curmie got it to me, and I have edited the post accordingly. Reader JutGory made the valid point below that the Dodgers and the media were probably trying to protect the young woman’s privacy sinec she is a minor and could possibly be brought into litigation. However, if her name is now out there,there is no risk in it being published here.]

9 thoughts on “Now THAT’S Gender Equality…[UPDATED]

  1. Sure looks to me like the narrative out-scored the facts on this one. The same video is on a number of sites, and the headlines ascribe more power to the bat girl than what it looks like on the video. So far as I can tell, the guy went over the wall on his own power after the bat girl made an attempt to grab him, apparently got a hand on him, and fell down as he went over the wall.

    • Irrelevant. You can see her positioning herself to help out. She is not cringing in fear or running away. She directly confronts the guy. Whether he fell on his own or through her agency is moral luck. The point is that she did what she could, and placed herself at risk.

      • Exactly. She did not try to get out of the way. She was trying to stop him.

        I have searched for the name, which I expect is being intentionally withheld because: 1) concerns about possible liability; or 2) she is a minor.


      • I absolutely agree she made a courageous effort, but:
        “tackles fan”
        “takes down fan”
        “leveled by L.A. Dodgers Ball Girl”
        “Ball Girl tosses Him Into the Stands”
        “destroys intruding fan”
        “Sends a Streaker Into Next Week”
        “Levels Fan”
        “Crushed by Ball Girl”
        C’mon, man. A few sites said she helped tackle the guy, and that’s fine because that’s what she did. But, gross exaggeration of what she actually did does not show equality.
        Seems to me that the reporting is as relevant here as it was when Simone Biles withdrew from the team competition.

  2. Took a little bit of effort but I found 1 article listing the first time as Marissa.

    Once I got that information, I found there is a Marissa Rohan listed as a Dodgers ball girl. Not sure if that is right because she looks taller in her pictures. At least one picture in her instagram has her wearing the number 93, but I can’t see a number in any of the videos.

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