Are Joe Biden’s Media Defenders That Stupid? Do They Think The Public Is That Stupid? Is The Public That Stupid?…And Other Ethically Relevant Questions

1. Here is the cutline from the New York Times editorial this morning, as the situation in Afghanistan worsens by the minute: “The U.S. should nudge the Taliban toward inclusivity, not root for their failure.” No, I’m not kidding.

In the letters section, there is no mention of Biden’s lies, his embarrassing bluster, or Afghanistan at all. The other op-eds? Charles M. Blow thinks the most important issue this week is “The Anti-Gay Agenda.” Paul Krugman is concerned that Californians may “throw away” the Leftist paradise bestowed on them by the Democratic Party—you know, a land where shop-lifting isn’t a crime, illegals are legal, and up is down (and vice-versa). (I did not read the column.) The third op-ed is about the threat to a mother’s right to kill her unborn child.

Hey, no need in joining all of those racist/sexist conservatives on Fox News in falsely claiming that the Afghanistan exit is a multi-dimensional human and political catastrophe! One of the ways the media circulates fake news is by how it prioritizes stories and buries developments unhelpful to their favored political party.

2. Eugene Robinson, the African-American Washington Post columnist who is both a Democratic Party hack and an embarrassingly mediocre analyst, writes of the unfolding chaos,

“That is tragic. But it would be true, I believe, whenever and however the U.S. mission ended. The images we’re seeing from Kabul are shocking, heartbreaking and embarrassing. But the real stain on our national honor was in making promises to Afghans that we never had the intention or even the ability to keep. Twenty years of U.S. blood and treasure gave Afghanistan not a secular democracy but its flickering illusion. And history will see this withdrawal, painful as it is to watch, not as ignominious but as inevitable.”

See? Just mouthing a talking point that has been decided upon by the Democratic Praetorian Guard, and that everyone in its media orbit has been instructed to parrot. I’d read the Post reader comments, but that shredder is already looking inviting to my head; I don’t want to take the chance. But I will say, “I told you so!” Remember? Althouse commenter Big Mike knocks Robinson’s garbage out of the park far more effectively than Althouse (this is why she tried banning commenters), writing:

“How many times over the course of my career did I see weak and ineffectual managers try to argue that no one could have done a better job than the mistake-filled “leadership” they had provided. No one intelligent buys it. We could have and we should have coordinated with our NATO allies. We could have and we should have gotten the Afghani people who worked with us out. We could have kept Bagram open until all the American civilians were out and all the Afghans we had promised to rescue were out and only well-armed military personnel were left. Even if we couldn’t get all of the Afghans out, we could have and should have tried a lot harder. We could have destroyed any armaments we couldn’t carry out with us. How much war equipment did the Russians leave behind when they left Afghanistan?..

“Making promises that they can’t keep and don’t intend to keep us what politicians do, and American politicians are no different from most others in that respect. But don’t worry that we’ll ever again be able make promises, whether we intend to keep them or not or even can keep them or not. After Afghanistan no one sane will believe our promises, so in that respect Joe Biden through his unique mix of malice and incompetence. has tied the hands of future Presidents for at least the next forty or fifty years. This will be a part of his legacy.”

But nobody will let Mike write that in a column, nor will the Post or Times publish a letter authored by him that makes those points. Heck, if he keeps this up, Althouse may ban comments again.

Robinson, low-wattage that he is, still is more tolerable than MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” host Joy Reid, who is so unethical and obnoxious that even CNN probably wouldn’t tolerate her. On August 17, here was het whataboutism defense of the Biden: “What about the 626,000 Americans who died of COVID because of Donald Trump?” No, I told you I am NOT kidding! How brain-rotted does a viewer have to be not to laugh hysterically and turn the channel when a host utters something so moronic?

Then, leaving the silliest for last, is the risible claim by Jonathan Chait, an established denialist and purveyor of false information. (He was one of those who repeated the false history that Hillary lost in 2016 because “If you listened to the political scientists, Hillary Clinton’s defeat was relatively predictable — winning a third term for a party is pretty difficult.” No, you ignorant fool, it’s NOT.) He actually wrote in “The Intelligencer” section of New York Magazine that the news media is being harder on Biden than it was on Trump. This is like writing in Scientific American that the Moon is made of cheese: it’s not an opinion, it’s a delusion, and it shouldn’t have been published. Such an assertion is an insult to the publication’s readers….except that if they nod and say, “Mmmm, yes, the man makes a good point!,” they deserve to be insulted.

17 thoughts on “Are Joe Biden’s Media Defenders That Stupid? Do They Think The Public Is That Stupid? Is The Public That Stupid?…And Other Ethically Relevant Questions

  1. He actually wrote in “The Intelligencer” section of New York Magazine that the news media is being harder on Biden than it was on Trump. This is like writing in Scientific American that the Moon is made of cheese: it’s not an opinion, it’s a delusion, and it shouldn’t have been published.

    This is the tragedy of the Left — they cannot turn away from absurd arguments and hyperbole. Shiny objects and appeals to emotion are their favorite, almost only, weapons.

    Chait could’ve argued, plausibly at least, that the media turning from cheerleader of all things Biden to critic was harder on his administration than four years of constant media carping, sniping, and lying about Trump. Trump rendered the media less potent than they normally would be by inviting their criticism and then blasting them for it, even reveling in the claim that they were “fake news.”

    Biden has no such luxury, as he was granted immunity from criticism until he made a bloody mess in Afghanistan, which makes the media criticism he has received much more potent. That’s what happens when you give a scorpion a ride. The media is loyal only to themselves, their profits and their causes, and they don’t look kindly on mistakes that force them into action to preserve whatever credibility they still possess. When Biden created a humanitarian nightmare, they had no place to hide. So in the interests of self-preservation they got out their stinger.

    This shows, perhaps like nothing else, the dangers of having the media on your side. When the tide turns and the scorpion feels threatened, you know what’s coming. That Biden was surprised by the inevitable just shows how far his age-related problems have progressed. I continue to feel for him. He was always going to be a bad leader for America even at the peak of his powers. He’s now just an empty suit long past even minimal competence, and it shows more and more with every appearance. Poor man.

    • I don’t see the media going at all hard on Joe under any circumstance, Glenn. They are all in on the progressive reformation of the United States. A few screw-ups by a single Dem president won’t get in the way of them.

      I was going to say this is a function of the country’s newsrooms now being run by and staffed by twenty and thirty somethings who’ve been corrupted by attending US colleges in their current state of disrepair, but then Gene Robinson and Paul Krugman reared their heads to shoot that idea down. And to answer Jack’s initial question, the media people are certain they can get away with telling the public anything. And in the case of their lefty reader- and viewer-ship, they are right. They’re all of them, media people and lefty media consumers, the equivalent of a four year old who’s decided to hold her breath until she gets what she wants.

  2. 1. Well, after all, the Taliban aren’t as bad as the Republicans. Republicans are gun-toting, sexist, homophobic, science-denying, ignorant religious fanatics who want to turn the country into an oppressive totalitarian theocratic patriarchy based on their dogma, unlike the Taliban. It’s the Republicans’ failure we should be rooting for, because when you get right down to it, aren’t they the real Taliban?

    Sarcasm aside, I’m now wondering if we can get change anyone’s minds about Afghanistan or Biden by pointing out that the Taliban are essentially the Muslim “alt-right”? Maybe they’ll start taking this foreign policy incompetence seriously.

    • I read somewhere in the last few days ISIS-K (I have no idea what that is. It sounds like something out of an old Bond movie.) considers the Taliban too liberal.

      • It was explained on the radio like this. ISIS-K is to ISIS like the Delta variant is to Covid.

        A upshot of the old regime. Rebranded, I suppose.

            • Per CBS news: “ISIS-K is also known for its fanaticism, and is more brutal than the Taliban.” Good thing there’s no more terrorists in Afghanistan. That was a close one! At least Al Qaida’s gone. These guys are just a spin off of the Jay-Vee!

              • It’s almost like the iron clad agreement Biden stood by from Trump was actually voided or something by the Taliban again harboring terrorists.

            • But seriously, why are we just now being told about an outfit called ISIS-K? We’re supposed to say, “Oh, this is just ISIS-K.” Are you kidding me? There’s a spin off of disaffected Taliban who are affiliated with ISIS. And our intelligence people knew about them but never told anyone they were a threat? “Al Qaida’s gone,” they can say without saying, “But there’s a whole new really nasty group of goofballs that make Al Qaida look like pikers.” Elephant? What elephant?

      • The media is portraying ISIS-k as the arch enemy of the Taliban. The Sunni an Shia are at odds too but the enemy of my enemy is my friend. When push comes to shove Sharia is what binds Al – Qaida together with the Taliban and ISIS. The media must think we are so stupid that we believe Muslim extremists would ever side with the infidels over a brother Muslim regardless of sect.

    • Comparing the Taliban to the alt-right is still hyperbole. The at right may be anti-lgbtqxxx but they don’t wantonly kill gays or throw acid on woman that work or gouge women’s eyes out, or beat them to death because they don’t like their cooking. Men and women comprising the ideology of the far right are fairly equal socially.

      If you want to compare the Taliban to Lee Boyd Malvo, the son of Sam or any number of serial psychopathic murderers then the comparison is appropriate.

      • Fair point.

        My guess is that social progressives don’t complain more about human rights abuses in other countries because then they might need to make sacrifices to do something about it. Also I suppose it would make their political opponents in their own countries look better by comparison. I suppose spreading one’s ideology to other countries isn’t as popular after the Cold War.

  3. Maybe if Michelle Obama held up a sign asking the Taliban to be nice while making a really sad face, the Taliban would get onto the right side of history and be nice. Who knows, they might even eliminate all of Afghanistan’s discriminatory zoning practices.

  4. A really good piece relevant to this discussion and the discussion in the Open Forum supra headlined “Biden is not leading America.” What mainline media outfit would ask any of these questions? Click on the link for the video.

    After wrapping up his rambling remarks about a terrorist attack that killed US Marines on Thursday, President Biden moved on to questions. He informed the American people, whom he was addressing, that he had been “instructed” as to who should get the first question.

    Who exactly was instructing the President of the United States? What other instructions does he obey? Did the American people elect a president? Or is Joe Biden just an old, sleepy eyed talking head? On Thursday, Americans got our answer.

    The last question taken by Biden, we can only assume as a result of instruction, was granted to Fox News’ Peter Doocy. Doocy asked Biden if he bears responsibility for the American lives lost in the terror attack. The President proceeded to engage in a bizarre back and forth with the reporter.
    Then Biden buried his head in his hands, he looked close to tears, completely unable to make whatever his point was. There has never been an image of an American president that projects such abject weakness.

    The United States effectively has no president. That must be distinctly understood at this point. He admitted this. Asked by Phillip Wegmann, White House correspondent for Real Clear Politics, if he had made the call to close American airbases before evacuation occurred, Biden said that it was what his military advisers told him to do.

    The only decision Biden makes these days is what flavor ice cream he wants. Maybe.
    Sen. Josh Hawley has called on Biden to resign in the wake of his administration’s Afghan withdrawal disaster. It’s a reasonable call, but also pointless. Joe Biden no more leads the nation than George Washington or Abe Lincoln do. He’s a presidential portrait painted before its time. Nothing more.

    But the country does need resignations. Not Biden’s but resignations of cabinet secretaries, the well-credentialed fools who truly authored the administration’s idiocy. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken must resign. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin must resign. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan must resign. But that’s not enough.

    Once they resign, moderate, serious minded Democrat senators must join Republicans in only confirming replacements that will reverse the horrendous foreign and national defense policies that have humiliated America on the world stage. Biden is president for three more years, Congress must act to ensure that the people instructing him are competent.
    This is an emergency, and it is one we have never experienced before. The image of Joe Biden bowing his head in quiet, sad frustration is alarming. If there is a silver lining to this sad display it is that maybe Congress will act to take back control of our foreign policy. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has called for the House to come back in session to get control of this situation. Of course, he is correct.

    The Biden presidency is over, but it never really began. Clearly his cabinet is in control. Clearly they have been in control since day one. That cabinet decided to trust the Taliban to protect Americans. They are relying on terrorists who blow themselves up to act in their own self-interest. It is a macabre comedy. Those who hold Biden’s strings must go, and they must go now.

    All of this is much bigger than Afghanistan, as big as this humiliation is. This is the national security apparatus that is responsible for policies on Iran, North Korea, China, Ukraine, Yemen, everywhere. They blatantly cannot be trusted to protect American interests. That’s not a hypothetical anymore. It’s a tragedy.
    Joe Biden, the 46th president, elected to bring back norms is irrelevant. Utterly, completely irrelevant. But we have him for three more years anyway. With loud, piercing, clarion calls we must demand the removal of his handlers, let congress replace them, and let us do better in the election of 2024. We do not have a president. We have a crumbling old man. OK. Now what?”

  5. I find it ironic that the Washington Post journalist was evacuated by British special forces. Was it was not the Washington Post that supported, whole hog, the election of this now proven inept administration. Wonder how she will report in the future? The Brits have left now, the Germans are long gone, as well as other “allies.”

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